About Tim

A little about myself. Hello and Welcome to getrevinrc.com Here I make my best effort to keep all content complete and informative.

When it comes to your RC hobby, Revving RCs brings you the information you need to keep you enjoying your hobby time with the least amount of down time.

Tim’s Story

When I was growing up, all I wanted to do was be able to fix things. Well lets face it, I was a boy! I loved tinkering with things, Didn’t matter what it was I would take things apart just to see how they worked. Then I became an auto mechanic, and instead of taking things apart I fix them!

I have always had a passion for RC cars. Growing up I didn’t have a RC shop around me for parts or even for support if something broke, so I had to figure it out my self or throw it out and get a new one and I didn’t have money back than (or even now for that matter).

Well I spent a lot of time working on my RC cars probably more time working on them than actually running them! But now over the years I have learned a thing or two. I love the time I get to spend running my RC cars with my son and the very little amount of down time I have fixing them.


When I started out I didn’t know really anything about the workings of RC cars, all I knew is you buy one you liked and you were good to go. I spent a lot of time and money in my RC hobby and have been very disappointed in the end. I have purchased many cars and trucks, only to have them broken and destroyed in months.

You see whether you get in the RC hobby to go fast or to hit big jumps, the vehicle you get and the step up you have is the key to all the fun. I believe that anyone getting into the RC hobby should have someone, someplace they can turn to and relay on to find what they need to truly enjoy their RC experience.

I am doing the best to provide complete and accurate information anyone may need, especially for those who don’t have the local shop/support to turn to.

My goal is to help others that are like me when I started out, and to help avoid any big disappointing down times they may encounter. I will help get you the information and products you need to keep your RCs going for years to come. Let’s enjoy the RC hobby together.


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