Traxxas Rc Vehicles – Durable Rc Cars and Trucks

”If” in the market for an RC vehicle, Traxxas RC Vehicles surely has something that will peak your interest, whether it’s off-road, streetcar, water running or even taking to the sky.

Traxxas RC vehicles are great vehicles with some pretty cool upgrade features and options. Take the off-road vehicles, for instance, the upgrades that can be done to these vehicles are many, from adding GPS speedometer and temperature sensors that can be monitored through Traxxas link app to the body, suspension, and even motor/ESC combos.

The RC world is definitely a fun and exciting hobby to get in to. In today’s RC vehicles there is an abundance of different types of vehicles and options for you to choose from, no matter what your RC background is your sure to find something that you will enjoy.Traxxas RC Vehicles

Traxxas Vehicles – What to expect

Traxxas has been building RC vehicles since 1986 and has grown to become the number one name in ‘ready to race’ nitro and electric RC vehicles. These vehicles do come fully assembled and ready for action. Traxxas RC vehicles are packed with powerful performance and durability to keep you running the whole day long, and have many upgrade options as well.

They are built and designed to be fun and easy for anyone, even if you are just starting out in the RC hobby. ”If” are looking for an award-winning radio-controlled experience with a vehicle that is designed to last for years of fun, Traxxas should be on top of your list for RC brands.

Traxxas RC Vehicles – Types of Vehicles

Traxxas offers a complete array of vehicles and for all types of terrain. From your street car to your off-road vehicles, not to mention their boats and drones.

Off-road vehicles =

Traxxas off-road vehicles can handle just about any terrain in its path. they are excellent vehicles for beginners and long-time enthusiasts alike. If you like off-road racing or just backyard bashing, hitting big jumps and getting big air they will surely fulfill your needs.

On road/stadium vehicles =

The street vehicles are great for cruising around the neighborhood or drifting and even street/pavement racing. They can reach high speeds and still able to handle great, with one Traxxas model able to reach speeds of 100mph out of the box. now that’s impressive.

On Water RC boats =

Currently, Traxxas offers three RC boats for anyone beginners or advanced to choose from. These boats are fun to run on the lake, creek or even your backyard pond. They handle great and are stable with speeds capable of over 50+ mph, that’s moving when you are on the water.
RC Drones = There are currently three drones available from Traxxas. The Alton, Alton plus and La Trax Alias. These drones are built for durability and stability while keeping them fun and easy to fly. Traxxas packed in the features as with the Alton these features include air brakes, GPS, Ariel photography, six-axis stabilization, and push-button tricks. Definitely a one of a kind versatile flying machine.

Traxxas Radio – Different Radio Controllers Available

There are different radio controllers offered by Traxxas depending on the vehicle. What RC vehicle you have or buy determines the radio controller available for that model. The radios operate on a 2.4GHz frequency which allows for farther running distance and the ability to run several vehicles at a time without interfering with each other.

Traxxas has radios that are 2 channels, 3 channels, and 4 channels. Although most the Traxxas RC vehicles come standard with the 2 channel radio, there are few that come with the 3 or 4 channels. ”Which” most case you don’t need anything more than 2 channels. The 3 and 4 channel radios come in two play when your start adding upgrade features to your RC vehicle.

Traxxas off-road vehicles – Where the fun is

Traxxas offers a good selection of off-road RC vehicles That range in size and Performance. All these vehicles will give you some real excitement outdoors off-roading. ”If” into rock climbing/ crawling or hitting big jumps or just backyard bashing these vehicles can handle it all. From the very biggest to the very smallest vehicle, they will have you truly amazed by the performance and durability of these vehicles.

The power systems you can find on these vehicles include a brushed titan 550 12T motors, a brushless vxl-3S Velineon 3500 motor or the Velineon MXL-6S brushless. All these vehicles available today include a waterproof ESC and Motor systems to handle all types of terrain and climate conditions and increase your RC fun.

I personally have had and own several Traxxas RC vehicles, and loved each one. They all had their own unique qualities about them. Here are my thoughts on a few of these RC cars that I have owned.

Traxxas Bandit xl-5 =Traxxas Bandit XL-5

a fun little car that really moves right out of the box. Great little car for high-speed flat dirt track or pavement racing. When Backyard bashing this thing does OK, however, it does tend to roll over quite a bit and can be hard to steer at higher speeds as it bounces around a lot, mainly due to its size which makes fairly lite. Overall a fun RC car.

Traxxas Rustler xl-5 =Traxxas Rustler XL-5

A Great car for beginners and experienced. This car moves pretty well out of the box, fast enough for beginners to have some real fun starting out. As you gain experience and want to move up to something better and faster, this car has a ton of upgrades that you can do to it without having to worry about buying an entirely new vehicle.

The Rustler handles backyard bashing, off-road dirt racing, and pavement racing pretty well. ”If”’ like hitting jumps the rustler can jump pretty well. I built two 4ft high by 8ft wide jumps in my backyard so my son and I could race around the yard and hit big jumps. A few times I hit the jump so fast the car was in the air a good 6-7ft than hit the ground and kept going. The Rustler, in my opinion, is a really great RC stadium vehicle.

Talk about a fun RC vehicle. With my current setup, this car does 40mph and is great on all types of Terrain. Dirt track, pavement, hill climbs. It handles everything quite well. The slash is and has been the most durable and stable Traxxas RC vehicle I have owned. The slash is definitely one that I would recommend for any age. Recommend younger beginners maybe stay with the xl-5 to get started but the upgrades for this vehicle will keep you entertained for years.

RC Vehicles from Traxxas – Overview

We just gave you the basic break down of what you can find and what to expect from Traxxas RC vehicles. Whether you are starting out in the RC world, or an experienced enthusiast, there are RC vehicles out there for literally everyone. Whatever the case maybe you should definitely check out Traxxas RC vehicles for your next choice.

“If” your interested in one of these vehicles be sure to check out my individual reviews on each vehicle. That’s where you will find individual Traxxas vehicle reviews. Don’t forget you can always leave a comment in the comments section and I will be happy to answer your questions.

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