Electric RC Vehicles – Addictive Hobby

“If” you have ever had or driven an RC then you probably know how fun and addictive they can be. Today’s Electric RC Vehicles are probably more addictive than they were year’s ago, As their is so much that you can do to and with them to enhance your RC Fun.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what kind of RC vehicle or into. There are so many types of vehicles and upgrades, that everyone looking at getting into or continuing the RC hobby will find something that interests them.

RC Drift cars – Drifting Competitions

Most of you probably know what drifting is, but for those of you who do not, Car Drifting is a form of driving. Drifting is done using a car that has a lot of horsepower and a highly skilled driver. Drifting isn’t about who crosses the finish line first really, it’s a driving style, precision, and consistency.

Drift competitions are usually judged events, each driver/drifter gets points based on their driving skills, they also have the chance to get judged for body detail. There are three types of a drift car,

50/50 class, which is where power is delivered 50% to the front wheels and 50% to the rear wheels. countersteer, which is a method to over spin the rear end to enhance drifting, and rear wheel drive, which makes the drifting look more realistic and provides more lock.

Whats Lock? ”where” the front wheels are turned fully in the direction of the drift. Drifting is usually done on hard surfaces, such as indoor/outdoor carpet or smooth concrete.

Drift Competitions are usually held at hobby shops that support drifting and racing.

RC Street Car Racing

Do you like the idea of “Really Fast” cars? Well maybe RC street vehicles would be more for you. If you’re into street racing or drag racing, you can certainly find some really cool cars that would peak your interest. The world of RC Racing is filled with choices.

RC on-road vehicles and RC Stadium vehicles are great for this type of RC Driving. As you gain experience and confidence you can get upgrades to these vehicles for better handling and more speed.

Let’s take a look at some questions you should ask your self before you decide to get one, Do you want to stick to running on flat paved or carpeted surfaces only? What about 2WD or 4WD? Do you want something that can slice and dice around corners while going maximum speed? These are some questions you should think about before getting an RC vehicle.

RC Off Road  

Does Off-Road RC interest you? Have you ever been interested in motocross? ”If” so then you are truly going to have fun with these awesome RC vehicles. There is no shortage of off-road RC vehicles for you to choose from.

The off-road vehicles will handle just about any kind of Terrain you put in front of them. They are great for dirt track racing, motocross, and Bmx tracks or just backyard bashing. The options and upgrades for these Electric RC vehicles are endless.

These vehicles come ready to run (RTR) and able to drive 35-65mph. With durable and robust frame designs, and come with powerful engines that deliver tons of consistent torque, reliable suspension, and superior wheel grip for exceptional on and off-road ability.

The Addictive Hobby

After reading the above article, I hope you have a little more insight as to some features and vehicle options you have in the RC world. No matter what RC vehicle you have or that you are interested in, once you get out and start driving around with your RC you will have a hard time putting that controller down. The more you drive your RC the more you will want to keep driving your RC, it really is like an addiction! Get your RC Today.

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