Traxxas Rustler review – how good is it?


We are going to discuss the high and low points of this stadium truck. The main point of this Traxxas Rustler Review is to give you all the information and details on the Rustler to help you make an informed decision if it is a good or bad RC vehicle.

Traxxas Rustler – overview and Features

The Traxxas Rustler is a rugged, dependable fun, stadium RC truck. The Rustler brings RC fun to a whole new level with faster speeds, top technology, and hobby-grade durability. It has a top speed of 35+mph out of the box. Rustler rips off-road rooster tails with its powerful Titan 12-turn modified 550 motor and XL-5 Electronic Speed Control.

Traxxas waterproof electronics allow Rustler to blast through puddles, mud, and snow for all-weather fun. The XL-5 electronic speed control and the mini receiver are sealed against the elements, which opens up a whole new level of adventure and fun.


  • Traxxas TQ 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Traxxas #6519 TQ 3-channel micro receiver
  • Waterproof electronics permit driving in water, mud, and snow
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • High-torque Waterproof Traxxas #2056 steering servo
  • Powerful Titan® 12T 550 modified motors with an internal cooling fan.
  • Rustler reaches speeds in excess of 35mph using the included optional 28-tooth pinion gear*
  • High-performance waterproof XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control:
    • Innovative water sealed design
    • Three Drive Profiles
      • Sport Mode – Forward / Brake / Reverse
      • Race Mode – Forward / Brake
      • Training Mode™ – 50% Forward / Brake / 50% Reverse (patent pending) 12-Turn motor limit for 550 size motors Integrated on/off switch Traxxas EZ-Set® one-button setup LiPo, NiCad, and NiMH compatible with two-stage low-voltage detection large heat sink High-efficiency MOSFET transistors
  • Large axle carriers with 5x11mm o lite bushings
  • Efficient Magnum 272™ three-gear transmission with ball bearings
  • Sealed gearbox protects the transmission with a beefed up motor guard for extra protection
  • Revo®-spec Torque-Control™ slipper clutch system
  • External gear covered with easy slipper access
  • Reliable planetary gear differential
  • Telescoping U-joint driveshafts
  • Fiber-composite monologue chassis
  • Gray chassis components offer a fresh look
  • Speed control and waterproof receiver box are securely fastened to chassis
  • Easy access battery compartment
  • Fully adjustable Ultra Shocks™ with X-ring technology
  • White powder coated shock springs feature a new responsive spring rate
  • Durable solid camber links eliminate the need for adjustment
  • Captured rod ends won’t pop off for superior durability
  • Alias™ step-pin rear tires and front Alias ribbed front tires offer superior off-road traction
  • Rustler’s tires include performance foam inserts and they come pre-glued on mirror-chrome 2.8″ All-Star™ wheels
  • The wing is securely attached to the body with precision hex hardware
  • Rustler is backed by unparalleled Traxxas support and parts availability

17.5″ (445mm)

Front Track: 12.25″ (311mm)

Rear Track: 12.25″ (311mm)

Weight: 59.6oz (1.69 kg)

Height (overall): 7″ (178mm)

Wheelbase: 11.375″ (289mm)

Electronic Speed Control: XL-5™ Electronic Speed Control

Motor (electric): Titan® 12T 550 (12-turn 550)

Steering Servo: TRA2056 High Torque Waterproof

Steering: Bell crank
Transmitter: TQ 2.4GHz Radio

Receiver: TRA6519 TQ 3-Channel Micro

Gear Ratio (internal): 2.72 (final drive: 10.17)

Gear Pitch: 48-Pitch

Transmission: Magnum 272™

Chassis Type: Modified Tub

Chassis Material: Composite Nylon

Battery Tray Dimensions: 139×47.5x28mm (Battery expansion kit available – TRA3725X)

*Top-Speed: 35+mph (With included 7-cell battery and optional 28-tooth pinion gear)

Skill Level: 1

100% Assembled and Ready for your Battery and Charger

The Rustler comes out of the box Ready-To-Run with the TQ 2.4GHz 2-channel radio system, waterproof XL-5 Electronic Speed Control, and Titan 12T motor. Rustler is fun to drive and easy to handle, with dependable durability, low-maintenance design, and unmatched parts support from thousands of hobby stores worldwide.

Traxxas has been in the RC industry for over 30 years, Traxxas goes the extra length to ensure that your RC experience is easy and fun. Whether you run On-road or off-road, in the backyard, or on the track, the Rustler is the ultimate stadium truck. There’s no better time to buy get your today.

The Traxxas Rustler is available in xl-5 model brushed motor, vxl brushless motor, and Nitro gas engine.

MODEL 37054-4: Fully assembled, waterproof Electronics, Ready-To-Run, with TQ 2.4GHz radio system,
XL-5 Electronic Speed Control and ProGraphix painted body.

MODEL 37076-4: Fully assembled with Traxxas Stability Management, with TQi 2.4GH

the radio system, Velineon Brushless Power System, and ProGraphix painted body

MODEL 44094-1: Fully assembled, Ready-To-Race, with TQ 2.4GH

the radio system, 2-amp DC peak detecting fast charger and TRX 2.5 Nitro Racing Engine.

Rustler Stadium Truck – Running on-Road

The Rustler does a great job running on pavement. It was designed for running on flat surfaces, road or dirt track. I have run my Rustler on the road for a while and it does great. You can run the rustler on the pavement right out of the box, without having to change or upgrade any parts. Running on pavement, however, will eat up the stock tires, “as” they are meant for dirt.

“I” highly recommend getting street tires if you plan on running on pavement.
On Road racing, if you’re thinking of racing on road then you want to do some upgrades so the Rustler will handle well at high speeds. I would widen the suspension and lower the car a little if I was going to race on pavement.

Some good upgrades would be, Proline Pro-Trac suspension kit makes it wider so it can handle corners better and makes it more stable at higher speeds. STRC shock tower, to lay shocks back, this provides better ride height (lower) and center of gravity(lower). Then the shocks need fairly heavy spring in the rear with a little lighter spring I the front and RPM 2 stage pistons on all four shocks.

That should make your Rustler handle pretty well racing on pavement. Depending on the speed your Rustler is running, “If” you’re running at speeds of 55+mph you will need to put some weight on the front end to keep it down on the ground.

Rustler RC Car – off-Road

Want to take the Rustler off-road? well, go off-road! The Traxxas Rustler handles well off-road. You can take it to a dirt track and race it, you’ll be surprised at how fast it is and how well it handles on a dirt track. “If” you have a BMX or Motocross track near you that you can have access to, the Rustler will amaze you with its performance and durability.

On a flat dirt track, the Rustler can race around at speeds of 40mph and still handle very well. “I” have also used my Rustler in mud races. You want to have some fun. My Rustler was completely covered with mud that I couldn’t tell what color it was. That was such a good time I didn’t realize that I was covered with mud also, the mud was flying everywhere.

Rustler Backyard bashing – Durability

When it comes to bashing the rustler does OK for a little while. The Rustler stock lacks the durability needed for bashing. There are some hop up (upgrades) that you can do to it, that will make the Rustler very durable and be able to handle bashing a ton better. The issue the Rustler has with it’s bashing ability is the fact that the wheels and tires stick out fully exposed, leaving them vulnerable to breakage.

One of my previous posts I explained the Rustler upgrades that should be done for bashing with it, so I’m not gonna get into that here. “Once” you do the upgrades the rustler will then be a really decent bashing machine. “If” you need information on the upgrades to check out my previous post.

Final Thought – Is The Rustler good or Bad?

There you have it, The Traxxas Rustler Review. We covered the Rustler’s features and options, “as” well as the different power(motor) systems available. We talked about all the different types of terrain, surfaces that the Rustler can run on and handle.

All in all, it can run on just about any surface imaginable and handle fairly well. The one area the Rustler falls short in is Bashing. Other than bashing the rustler does a really good job at living up to Traxxas standards. “I’d” have to say this one is definitely a good RC Car. Thumbs up Traxxas. Any thoughts or comments, please leave them below in comments section. I will reply to you.





10 thoughts on “Traxxas Rustler review – how good is it?

  1. Love this rustler vxl brushed the Titan has lots of torque and will do wheelie with the stock out of box setting of 100%motor100%broke100%reverse is nice with the stock 3000 Batts. Upgrade to the 5000 holds a pump charge long time but JEZZZUM IVE SEEN MY RUSTLER TUMBLE ROLL N FLIP EVERY RUN I bent a shock n beat it back with a hammer….I’m running it now!!!!! Awesome basher n yes it does mud n off-road pretty good just be able to control a constant drift cause the back will not stop spinning around corner true stadium truck… mine


    1. Casper,
      Glad to hear you are having a good time with your Rustler. I run the brushless system with 7200mah 75c on mine and it is absolutely amazing.


  2. Pingback: Max
  3. Pingback: Nick
    1. Hello Nick,
      Yes, the suspension on the Rustler is a bit weak when comes to bashing. If you upgrade the suspension to RPM parts it will be more durable and won’t break parts anymore.


  4. Pingback: Fred
    1. Hi Fred,
      Thank you, The Traxxas Rustler is a great car. The stock suspension is a little on the weak side if you are bashing. Otherwise a solid rc vehicle.
      Thank you,


  5. That’s what I want to get my husband, something that can be run anywhere! What would need to be done to it so he could run in the mud like your picture?


    1. Hi Christine, You don’t need to do anything for the Rustler to handle running through mud! It comes with waterproof electronics! However it’s not recommended to completely submurge it! So do so with caution and your own risk of damage! Thank you for checking out my site! Have a great day!


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