Traxxas Slash Review – Features and Review

Today I’m going to share my Traxxas Slash Review. The Slash short course RC truck is it good for kids or grown-ups? Where can you run with this truck? Does it come as a kit or is it complete?

Hopefully, this review will answer any and all questions you have about this RC truck. We will be Describing the features and usability along with the high points and the low points. “I” will describe the slash detailing its features and usability. Here is my Traxxas Slash Review.

Traxxas Slash – Short Course RC Truck

The Traxxas Slash is a high-performance RC truck designed for off-road use and racing on dirt tracks. The Slash is able to absorb the impact of bumps of off-road thanks to its full, long travel, 4 wheels independent suspension, and oil filled shocks.

The suspension also makes it great at handling jumps. This makes the slash Equipped to tackle all your off-road driving needs. The Slash is fully waterproof, so it can drive through water or in the snow.

Even though the slash has a higher center of gravity which makes it less stable off-road than most other RC trucks, The chassis is a unique design that lets the slash go off-road more efficiently with less chance of getting stuck or snagged on obstacles. This also gives it a surprisingly high ground clearance. The Traxxas Slash is a great durable off-road RC truck and this design also makes it one of the most fun RC vehicles to drive.

The tires fitted on the Slash use advanced tread design and high-end rubber compounds that provide incredible grip for off-road and also perform well on hard packed surfaces and concrete. The fenders of the body cover the 2.2-inch tires so you can rub and bang against your buddies vehicles without getting hung up and left broken.

The Slash comes with a 7-cell NIMH power cell battery that is optimized for free-flowing power and maximum punch with silicone covered flexible and heavy-duty 12 gauge wire. Accessory battery hold downs are available for use with large capacity LiPo battery packs that can extend speed and run time.

Compare the durability and features to others and you’ll see that only Traxxas makes them truly brushless ready.

The battery compartment makes it easy to install batteries and the clever design makes it quickly adaptable for either 6 or 7-cell batteries. “It” comes ready to run right out of the box. Just charge the battery and you’re off and running using a TQ 2.4GHz transmitter.

Highs and Lows – Slash the Good and Bad

The high points = It has Simple controls, durable RC, easy one button setup esc with three programmable drive modes including a training mode make this RC car an incredible RC Short Course Truck.

The low points = The high center of gravity chassis makes handling this truck a little more difficult on the racetrack and high speed off-road.

“If” you’re racing through the backyard the slash will flip and run fairly easy if you don’t slow down to almost a stop when turning.

OPINION It is a durable, rugged RC truck for kids and adults of all ages. The features and Traxxas support make it one of the best RC short course trucks available.

“If” you’re looking to have some fun and excitement, The Slash is one of the best RC trucks you can get with Its durability, and upgradeable.

Slash Power – Power System and Electronics

Traxxas shocked everyone in the hobby with the release of their sealed, watertight electronics, that provided the freedom to drive where you want to drive. Whether it is through mud, snow, water or other wet conditions that wouldn’t have been possible before.

The XL-5 electronic speed control and the mini receiver are sealed against the weather elements giving you the freedom to go places you never thought were possible.

The Slash has been equipped with the Titan 12T 550 brushed motor that puts out some really impressive power with a basically maintenance-free operation, which gives you long-lasting performance.

The Titan features an integrated cooling fan that pulls cool air through vent tunnels molded into the motor plate to keep temperatures down.

A cooler running motor produces faster speeds, longer runtime, extended motor life, and extended fun time.

Brushless – Traxxas Slash Brushless Ready

Traxxas has built the slash ready for extreme brushless power. All you need to do is purchase the brushless system and bolt it in. With the stock 7-cell battery, the speed jumps to 40+mph. “If” you put in a 3s lipo battery you have the potential to double your speed.

You can have More power and longer run time with little to no effort. The slash comes with the included steel transmission gears, full wheel hub ball bearings, factory-installed planetary differential, that is built with hardened steel gears that never need adjusting, and high-quality metal turnbuckle links make this setup durable and ready for the brushless system.

Perfectly designed to last for years of fun. You should get yours today before they’re gone. Traxxas Slash

Final Thought – My Two Cents

Traxxas Slash Review, “I” would give this RC truck 4.5-star rating for durability. The Traxxas Slash is great for flying off jumps or just off-road running, even Backyard Bashing and it’s still able to handle the track quite well.

The different modes of their RC male it great for all types for running. The race mode is great for the track, And the training mode also makes this truck great for kids and adults of all ages, who are new to the hobby and just starting out. Training mode limits the throttle to 50 percent to help keep you out of trouble.

The Slash is a great hobby grade RC that is designed to last for years of fun.

In this Traxxas slash review, I pointed out the pros and cons, the features and power system of the slash. Hopefully, that gives you a better understanding of the durability and value of the slash.

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Thanks for reading my review. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts or questions.






2 thoughts on “Traxxas Slash Review – Features and Review

  1. I was thinking of buying a Traxxas Slash last summer, I build 1/16 rc tanks which are not something I can bash around the backyard, one their two slow and two they take me 3-4 months to build.
    Is the Traxxas really tough? I mean will I have to spend hours fixing it after every charge?
    Where do you recommend buying from, I don’t see a link in the review?
    Thanks for the in-depth review 🙂



    1. Hi Jay, build tanks that’s awesome. With The Traxxas slash you will not have to spend much time fixing! The slash is tough,and can take a good beating. Even if it does break it’s not hard to fix so you can be back up and running in no time. I have no links as I’m just starting to build up my site but links will be coming soon, so be sure to check back. Thank you!


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