Traxxas Bandit Review

Do you like fast cars? Do you think being faster is more fun? Well if so you’re in luck, because the Traxxas bandit is a fast RC Buggy not only offered in the XL-5 brushed system but also in the VXL Brushless system which produces a lot more power and speed not to mention way more fun.

in this article, I’m going to write a Traxxas Bandit Review. I’ll Take a look at some of its features, the types of terrain and what it is good at and not so good at. I hope this review gives you some great information, and is very helpful to you, that it leaves you knowing a little more about the Traxxas Bandit.

Traxxas Bandit – Buggy

The Bandit’s performance is provided from a system of components that are designed to work together for efficient operation and high-output performance.

The Bandit XL-5 uses the Titan 12T 550 motors that are designed for some serious power with basically maintenance-free operation and performance. The Bandit’s Motor is designed to help keep it running cool by the built-in cooling fan, which sucks air in and through the motor and is routed through cooling passages molded into the motor plate.

A cooler running motor provides faster speeds, longer runtime, and extended motor life, ultimately giving more time of fun. It also features sealed, waterproof electronics to handle all-weather driving no matter if its water, mud or snow.

Bandit VXL – Brushless

The Brushless Bandit comes with the velineon 3500 brushless motor and VXL-3s Esc. Which provides the Bandit with some really impressive power and speed, making it a really great and fun RC Buggy.

The Bandit VXL comes to standard with and (TSM) Traxxas Stability Management System which help keep the Bandit from spinouts while cornering and straight on hard accelerations. The Bandit VXL does some really big wheelies on hard, fast take-offs. I Recommend putting a wheelie bar on it.

It also features sealed, waterproof electronics to handle all-weather driving no matter if its water, mud or snow. Now is the perfect time to get yours click the model of your choice below.


Bandit XL-5– Features and                                        VXL Brushless

  • Fast, Affordable Fun TQ 2.4GHz Radio            Fast, Affordable Fun TQI 2.4GHz Radio System
  • Waterproof Electronics for All-Weather         Compatible with TQI Traxxas link wireless module
  • The excitement in Water, Mud, and Snow.             Traxxas Stability Management System
  • 35+mph Top Speed.                                                Reaches Speeds of up to 70+mph
  • Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor                   Traxxas Velineon Brushless Power System
  • XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control            Digital high torque steering servo

Off-Road – Traxxas Bandit

The Traxxas Bandit is a great hobby grade RC car that is fun to run off run with some pretty fast speed, and durability. The Bandit’s chassis keeps the weight down low for some really sharp handling and serious speed.

The powerful Motor and Electronic Speed Control produce extremely fast acceleration and incredible speed of 35+mph with the XL-5 brushed and speeds of 70+mph with the VXL brushless. Hammer down and The Bandit throws some awesome rooster tails, Rips over jumps, with incredible power for some real serious excitement. It also features sealed, waterproof electronics to make it handle all-weather driving no matter if its water, mud or snow.

Bashing – Bandit

When it comes to backyard bashing, this is the area where the bandit is not so well at. The bandit has the chassis and suspension setup much like the rustler, which makes the wheel and tires stand out away from the rest of the body and chassis. That leaves the bandit vulnerable to damage caused by bashing.

Think of it this way, you fly over a jump and you get a little off course just before hitting the jump and the car leaves the ramp a little sideways, you don’t have time to correct it to land properly and end up landing on one of the front wheels first. ouch! you have no protection around that wheel and it just broke the control arm or caster block. I’ve been there more than once.

Although the Bandit has the same chassis setup as the rustler, it does seem to be a little more durable mainly due to its weight. “As” it is a bit lighter than the rustler. However, this does make it a larger task to handle when bashing or just flying around the backyard.

It gets bounced around quite a bit leaving it a challenge to steer at higher speeds.

Pavement – Traxxas Bandit

Another area the Bandit handles and does great. Running on pavement or concrete the bandit can hit some great speeds and it sits low to the ground. This makes the Bandit able to corner at higher speeds with ease.

The tires that come stock on the bandit are for dirt and off-road use, so I would recommend swapping them out with a set of street tires. I have run on the stock tires and wore them out after running just one battery. A set of street tires will make it handle a bit better on road as well.

My Thoughts – Summary

If you’re thinking of buying a Bandit, I would definitely recommend the vxl brushless model.

There are many benefits in getting the brushless vxl bandit, The only downside with buying the VXL from the start is the fact that you’ll spend more money for a VXL model than buying an XL-5 model up front, but it is worth the money.

Trust me when I tell you to save yourself a headache and buy the VXL model because once you get the upgrade itch, your XL-5 will turn into a VXL in no time anyway.

“So if” you can afford it you’ll be better off just going brushless right from the start. That will be one less upgrade to worry about later on down the road. And there are plenty of upgrades that can be done to it.

Thanks for reading my article. I hope you enjoyed it. Please, if you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comments below, I will answer any questions you may have.





10 thoughts on “Traxxas Bandit Review

  1. Great review. This seems like a really great and fun RC car, I am a little worried about the car breaking easy. Is this car strong or is it one that you would constantly have to replace parts. Thank you for the information.


    1. Hello Jon,
      The Traxxas Bandit is a great RC car! It is a durable RC, If you are bashing off road or high speed all the time you will want to do some upgrades to it. When you crash at high speeds and hard bashing crashes can break some parts, due to the wheels standing out from the body. That leaves the wheels and suspension vunerable. Upgrade the suspension with RPM Products and you will have no worries.
      Thank you,


  2. Really detailed review…considering this is not something I knew loads about before reading the article, I feel you have provided a lot of really important and useful information that would help If I was looking to purchase.


  3. I appreciate you coming right out and recommending the VXL model and even though it will cost more money initially, we will save more money in the long run.
    I have never had a great RC car but how long will you be able to race it before it has to be recharged?


    1. Hi Rick, the stock battery is nimh and can last about 20-25mins.If you use a lipo then your run time will increase. I run a 2s 5200mah lipo and get 45mins of run time. You can change your run time by changing your battery. Hope that answers your questions and concerns. Have a great day!


      1. I just got my hands on a nephews rustler vxl 4×4 and now I really want one. Will I be disappointed going with a bandit instead of the rustler 4×4 to save some money or should I splurge and get the one that I tried out.


      2. Daniel, Both are fun cars to have. I would go with the one you really want, you will be happier with it rather then getting the one you not sure on. I have the rustler 4×4 and it is a great car.


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