Traxxas Slash Upgrades – Extreme Durability

Today I am going to share with you some, Traxxas slash upgrades to make your RC extremely durable.

“As” you probably already know the Traxxas Slash is one decently durable short course RC truck, however in this article, I’m going to guide you through the process of making the slash the ultimate RC Short course truck for extreme durability.

After this upgrade, You can put this RC truck through the ringer and it will come back for more. First I will lay out the parts that will be needed to accomplish this upgrade, Then I will guide you through the process of performing the upgrade.

Upgrade Parts – List

First, we are going to need to get our parts. The Traxxas Slash can be upgraded one part at a time if you don’t have the funds to get all the parts at once. You Can start with just shocks, Then A-arms and so on. “I” am just giving everything you need to do the whole suspension.

This is for the 2wd slash. The 4wd slash can be done also just the parts are different.

Big Bore shocks – TRA5862

Rpm A-arms front – 80242/Rear-80592

RPM caster blocks – 80712

Adjustable toe links – TRA3745

Adjustable Camber links – TRA3644

Heavy duty rear axles – MIP 10130

Rear stub axle carriers – RPM 80382

Traxxas Slash Upgrades – The First Step

The first thing you want to do is remove the 4 wheels. Now remove the shocks from all 4 corners (2 screws on shock towers and 2 screws on lower A-arms). I find it best to do one side at a time.

On the front of vehicle Remove the camber link from the top of caster block, Then remove the screw holding the caster block to the A-arm and remove caster block with stub axle.

Now you can remove the long screw holding the stub axle to the caster block and remove the caster block.

Take the new Rpm caster block and stub axle and attach with the same long screw previously removed.

Take the long screw holding the A-arm to the bulkhead out and remove the arm. Install New RPM arm reusing long screw if possible and tighten. Fit caster block on the new arm and attach with the screw originally removed.

Then remove camber link from shock tower and install the new camber link (may need new screws to fit with new link), once you have camber link attached to shock tower you can then attach the other end to the caster block.

Install new shock to the shock tower and then to A-arm. (Note there are 3 holes for the shock to go in the A-arm) that is to adjust the height and ride of the RC vehicle, you want both front shocks to be in same hole location. Otherwise, the RC won’t sit level!

Now you are done with the one side! Repeat all steps for opposite side. Front of the vehicle is complete, good job!

The next step – Slash Rear Suspension

OK, this is similar to what you did in the front just some slight differences.

Pop off the hex nut that the wheel fits on to and slide the pin out. Be careful not to lose the axle pin. Remove the screw holding the camber link to the stub axle.

Take the screw holding the stub axle to the A-arm out and remove stub axle, slide the axle out of stub axle. Ok now remove the long screw holding the arm to the bulkhead and take the arm off.

There is a set screw (Allen wrench) holding the axle to the transmission, remove that set screw and remove the axle.

Grab the new axle (put it together if needed) and install it on the transmission. Put the new Rpm A-arm on to the bulkhead and install the long screw.

Then take the stub axle and slide the axle through and attach the stub axle to the A-arm securing it with the screw through the arm as it was removed. Remove the camber link from shock tower and install new camber link on to shock tower, And then on to stub axle.

Take the pin and slide it back through the axle and snap the wheel nut back into place, make sure to A-line the slit with the pin. Push until you hear/feel it snap in.

Take a new shock and install it on to the shock tower, Next on to the A-arm.

Remember to notice which hole position you put the shock into on the arm, “As” you need to have it in the same position on both sides. You need to repeat all these steps to the opposite side of the vehicle.


The suspension has now been upgraded to be more durable and handle just about anything. Take and reinstall your tires.

The stock slash tires are fine for off-road use, so it is optional if you want to change them to something different. There are plenty of tire options you can choose from.

For aggressive off-road traction, you could get something like the Pro-line trenchers. “As” I have mentioned in a previous post, I like to have a different set for each surface. Off-road, street, mud and even snow. But that’s up to you.

Traxxas Slash Upgrades – The End

This is your guide to upgrading the Traxxas slash to be even more durable than it already was. Now you have a stronger, more heavy-duty suspension to let you bash harder and jump higher. Ultimately providing you with more excitement and fun with your RC Truck.

be sure to check out my Traxxas slash review

“If” you’re not already. “I” do recommend you get a 2s lipo battery and lipo charger. This will certainly increase your truck’s power and runtime for some truly exciting times.

Want even more power and speed? Grab yourself a 3s lipo and you will have more than enough power and speed.

“It” is recommended not to run a 3s lipo off-road due to heat issues, However, I will say you should be fine if you watch your temps closely and don’t let your motor get above 160 degrees for VXL brushless system.

The XL-5 brushed system, I would not recommend 3s lipo at all. A 2s lipo on XL-5 is the most you want to go and still watch your temps.

“If” you have any thoughts you would like to share any comments, Please be sure to leave them in comments and I will reply shortly. Thank you for reading my article and I hope you have a great day! 





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