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Traxxas E-Revo Review

We all are familiar with the Traxxas E-Revo or at least have seen and heard about it. The first generation E-Revo was Traxxas’ toughest monster truck Before the X-Maxx arrived. E-Revo had a body style similar to that of the Rustler. The wheels stick from the body, which gives it a sleek look. Also, the E-Revo ran on a 6s power system that provided it with some really impressive power. Personally, I think the original E-Revo was a really powerful and durable RC Monster Truck. Let’s check out the Traxxas E-Revo Review.

Traxxas E-Revo – The Beast

Traxxas is at it again. With the release of the all-new E-Revo VXL Brushless RC Truck. “It” was formerly known as the Brushless Edition before this complete makeover. The first generation E-Revo has now been discontinued and Traxxas has done a complete re-design and really spared no expense with the new E-Revo.

E-Revo first generation video.

The Second Generation E-Revo comes With only a handful of parts from the previous edition, This monster truck has been redesigned almost entirely of new parts and has dozens of upgrades. Traxxas wanted to go thicker/tougher/stronger with the new E-Revo. This new E-Revo released Early 2018 is built ultimately for going fast, bashing hard, high jumping and the ability to keep coming back for more. There truly is no other monster truck like this one.

All the new parts Traxxas installed into this bad boy is paired with all new stunning technology and innovation. You still get all the original benefits, on top of these all new features, which create one intense monster with brute strength and insane speed.

The new E-Revo provides extreme monster power from its Velineon VXL-6s system, which produces some impressive speeds of 70+mph. The extreme power of this monster truck is manageable with the help of the Traxxas Stability Management system.

The first generation E-Revo suspension has long travel that comes with GTR shocks to make it able to handle high jumping and hard-hitting action with its rocker-actuated suspension, that drastically multiplies the suspension travel for huge articulation and what feels like a bottomless well of plush damping.

Other benefits of this second generation E-Revo include built-in progressive spring rate thanks to the rocker geometry and the ability to independently change adjustments, such as ride height without affecting the damping and spring rate

The new E-Revo has a cost of $589.99 very close to its original price tag, “At” only costing $20 more than the older model. For that price, you are getting much more truck.

E-Revo – Monster Features

  • Revolutionary waterproof 25+ volt power output, Velineon VXL-6s ESC and 2200kV brushless motor for 70+mph speed
  • Traxxas Stability Management (TSM) Manages power without sacrificing fun.
  • Traxxas’ exclusive Self Righting gets you back on 4 wheels in seconds
  • TQi 2.4GHz Radio System can be outfitted with the Wireless Module to provide real-time speed, temperature, and voltage telemetry from the ESC
  • 4WD Maxx-Duty drive train features: huge steel driveshaft’s, 8mm axles, slipper-less Cush Drive, Torque-Biasing Center Drive, Mod-1 gears, and massive body reinforcements
  • Advanced suspension design delivers huge travel and plush ride while keeping the aluminum GTR shocks low and centered for better weight distribution
  • Batteries and charger sold separately
  • Length 23.05 inches
  • Width 18.32 inches
  • Ground Clearance 2.9 inches
  • Weight 11.2lb
  • Height 8.7 inches
  • Wheelbase 14.94 inches
  • Tires pre-glued 6.4 x 3.5 inches
  • Wheels 3.8 inches

Self Righting – E-Revo

E-Revo’s overly extreme power can sometimes land you upside down. Traxxas’ exclusive Self-Righting system keeps the fun going with minimal interruption. Simply press a button on the transmitter and, in most circumstances, The first generation E-Revo will rock itself back upright and be back on its wheels in just seconds.

Drive-train – E-Revo

New E-Revo is built to Maxx-Spec. Taking inspiration from its big brother the X-Maxx, The first generation E-Revo’s drive system has been designed to meet today’s demands for extreme power, Higher Jumping, and harder bashing than the first generation E-Revo. E-Revo comes out of the box ready for action.

This E-Revo comes Armed with a heavy-duty, durable drive train, The VXL-6s power system now pounds out more tire-scorching power than ever before, all the way to 70+ mph. Advanced design and sophisticated microprocessor control make this the most punchy and reliable high-voltage VXL power system ever. Traxxas Extreme Power is the new normal and E-Revo comes ready for any challenge.

Wheels And Tires – E-Revo

The new E-Revo has a fresh set of tire and wheels. New larger and meatier all terrain Talon EXT tires provide extreme off-road traction and performance. These tires have tougher rubber compound and aggressive tread to handle the power of the 6s system. New 6 spoke black wheels that are designed tougher for maximum strength.

E-Revo Body

The new E-Revo still has the E-Revo style body we are all used to, It features an X – Maxx style skeleton and quick release system. This means there are no body clips to mess with and lose. The top of the body has a reinforced type cage to protect it from roll-overs.

Traxxas E-Revo Review – Summary

This review of the New Traxxas E-Revo has talked about the new design of the RC Monster Truck and the 6s power system used in the truck. We talked a little about the new body Traxxas designed to hold up to the abuse. Mentioned the drive train that was put in the E-Revo that was originally designed for the X-Maxx. Even talked about the all-new self-righting system and some main features and specs of the E-Revo.

With the experience, I have had with the first generation E-Revo which was a great RC Monster Truck, Which is now discontinued. This second generation E-Revo is designed to be tougher and pack more power to make it the most durable and insane monster truck available.

This really appeals to me, “AS” I run all my RC Vehicles hard and have broken them all at one point or another. “If” it can be broken, “I” am sure I will break it. Do you like running your RC off-road? Does Extreme off-road power and torque sound interesting to you? Then maybe this Monster Truck is the right one for you. They can be pre-ordered.

Local Hobby Shop: $589.99

The Cheapest place to order:

What are your experiences? what questions or thoughts on this? leave me a comment below.






4 thoughts on “Traxxas E-Revo Review

  1. Great information! the E-Revo seems like a really great off road rc truck. I didnt know they redesigned it and used the X-maxx drive train. I currently have the E-maxx and it is awesome! after reading your article, i think my next rc will be the E-Revo. thanks for the great info.


    1. Hi Chris, you are welcome. Yes the E-REVO is totally re-designed and built to be tougher to withstand higher jumps and harder bashing. Thank you.


  2. Hey,
    Geat Article
    I Like when i watched the videeo and it sayd 4S Lipo and that shoud have some power in them things plus i like the Wheelies. That shows they rare very Durable.


    1. Hi Austin, I am so glad you liked it. The wheelies actually show how much torque they have, the 4s lipos do definitely have some power. Thanks for reading my article. Enjoy your weekend.


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