RC Short Course Truck Tires

The more you run your RC vehicle the more your RC tires will wear down. It’s just like your real car, as you drive tires to wear out. Everyone in the RC hobby sooner or later needs to replace their tires. In this RC Short Course Truck Tires article, I am going to write a list of some different brands and types of RC tires you can get, to help you understand what tires are available to you.

RC Off-Road Tires – Duratrax Lockup C2

The Duratrax 1/10 short course 2.8″ Lockup C2 is an ideal tire for off-road use. It has a tread design that makes it great for running in loose dirt or even wet surfaces. The RC Off-Road Tires by Duratrax C2 has color-coded sidewalls for easy tread identification and features soft compound for extreme gripping power. These tires are good for use with Traxxas Jato, stampede 2wd, rustler, and slash 2wd.

Specs: 41mm wide, 108mm Diameter, 56mm outer and 76mm inner bead.
Front / Rear of the shortest course 1/10 RC Trucks. Mounted on Black 5-Spoke Wheels.

Four Short Course Lockup Tires with Wheels and Foam Inserts, these are not pre-glued.

The best place to buy: Duratrax 1/10 SC Mounted Front / Rear Lockup C2 Tire / Wheel Set (4)

Pro-Line Trencher Tires – Off-Road

The Pro-Line Trencher tires are a great off-road short course RC tire. They are designed to give you maximum traction and grip on almost any type of surface. The tread on these tires has a realistic design which provides durability and traction across many terrain surfaces. Trencher SC 2.2″/3.0″ M2 tires are ideal for use on the rear of slash 2wd, front and rear slash 4×4, SCRT10. These Trenchers come mounted on Black Renegade wheels.


weight: .55lb

height: 111mm

width: 47mm

wheel hex: 12mm

A set of two trenchers cost $55 a local hobby shop

the cheapest place to buy: Get Pro-Line Trenchers


Dirt Racing Tires – K force Racing

The K-Force Racing 1/10 short course off-road tire is ideal for dirt track and loose surfaces. These Dirt Racing Tires From K force racing work well on the front and rear of most short course trucks. The soft rubber compound is designed for superior grip and handling.

They do not come glued, so you will have to glue them before use.

Diameter: 107mm
Width: 40mm

off-set: 6mm

Wheel hex: 12mm

Model: 29003/29503

the cheapest place to buy: 4 PCS RC 1:10 Short Course Truck Tires Set Tire Wheel Rim For TRAXXAS SLASH HPI HSP

RC Road Tires – On-Road Street Tires

These 1/10 Short Course RC Street Tires are great for racing on the streets. The rubber compound of these tires is designed soft for extreme grip, which lets your RC truck corner without spinouts. These RC Road Tires work as front or rear tires on most 1/10 short course RC trucks.

Wheel Hex: 12mm

Tire Height: 106mm

Tire Width: 42mm

get your RC today. Apex RC Products 1/10 Short Course Wheels + On-Road Street Tires – Slash #6216

Pro-Line RC Paddle Tires – Pro-Line Sand Paws

The Pro-Line sand paws are great for running through the sand dunes or running through the snow in winter. The Pro Line RC Paddle Tires are designed with a firm XTM compound to handle hot outside weather conditions. Feature a large split paddle tread for ultimate traction in the snow and ice. Comes mounted on DuPont nylon, satin black finish wheel. The Pro-Line sand paw 2.8″ rear truck rears mounted with foam inserts. Great for use on Traxxas rustler, stampede, and slash.


Diameter: 133mm

Width: 69mm

Hex Size: 12mm

Great place to buy: Pro-Line 1186-15 Sand Paw 2.8″ All Terrain Tires / Wheels Mounted (2) with foam

Outcome – RC Tires

Most of these tires listed here in this article, I have personally owned and ran on my RC vehicles. These are some of the best RC truck tires for street running and off-road use.

This is my quick guide to some really great RC short course truck tires available. Depending on what RC vehicle you own and what type of terrain you want to run on will determine the best type of tire for your RC needs.

Thanks for reading my article, If you have any questions or comments be sure to leave them and I will answer any and all as soon as possible. “If”, I don’t have something that you would like to see added to the list let me know in the comments below. I will do my best to get it added timely.





2 thoughts on “RC Short Course Truck Tires

  1. Thank you for the wonderful article on the RC cars, Last year I bought a used Exceed RC Infinitive 1/10 Nitro and of late I have realized the tires are becoming smoother and smoother and was wondering about buying new tires until I stumbled upon your website. Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Mercy, you are very welcome. There are lots of options for RC tires. For great traction off road you can’t go wrong with pro line trenchers or duratrax lockup. Thank you and hope you have a great day.


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