RC Batteries – Key To Your Car

The key to your RC car is the battery. The battery you choose plays a big role in the performance of the RC. There are many types of RC batteries that will work well, from 8.4v 7cell NIMH to 4s 14.8v LIPO. Each battery has its own advantages.

NIMH RC Batteries – Best Beginner Battery

The Nickel-Metal Hydride battery abbreviated to NiMH battery is a great battery for those that are just starting out in the RC hobby. These can have two or three times the capacity NiCd batteries and the energy can be the same as that of lithium-ion battery. NIMH batteries come included with most of the brushed version RC Vehicles. Taking is of properly NIMH batteries can last for years.

The disadvantage of using these batteries:

1)They do not provide the power of that of a LiPo Battery.

2)They will actually start discharging themselves shortly after being charged.

3) you constantly have to maintain the charge state of this type of battery.

4) After a run, you need to wait for the battery to cool down before charging.

Advantages of NiMH batteries:

1) They come included with most of the brushed RC vehicle.

2) They can last a long time if taken care of properly.

The best NIMH battery, in my opinion, is the Traxxas power cell, 7cell, 8.4volt, 3000mah hump pack

RC Lipo Batteries – Best Experience

Lithium-ion polymer batteries also known for abbreviation LiPo, LIP, Li-poly are using lithium-ion technology. LiPo batteries have a higher specific energy than any other lithium battery types and are being used in applications such as tablets, cellular phones, and Radio-controlled (RC) vehicles.

The LiPo battery is the number one chosen popular choice for experienced RC enthusiast. These batteries can be found in any size and capacity. When looking to purchase a LiPo battery is it important to know the aspects of the lipo.

Lets use 2s lipo, the 2s means it is a 2 cell, 3000mah is the milliamp hour capacity run time of the battery, 25c is the power the battery puts out to the vehicle, the higher the S number = the higher the cell count/higher volts, the higher the mah = the higher the capacity/more run time, And the higher the c rating = the higher the power the battery puts out. Take a 2s 5200mah 25c and a 2s 3000mah 50c, the 3000mah 50c battery would have more power delivered to the vehicle, which in turn would make the vehicle more power and torque. For the less experienced I would recommend a 2s 5200mah 35c LiPo, it provides great power output and good run time.

The Advantages of LiPo batteries:

1) Higher power and speed

2) longer run time

3) Can charge right after running, can take out of the car and put right on the charger.

4) A wide variety of power and capacity options

5) Availability

Disadvantages of LiPo Batteries:

1) Higher cost than that of other battery types.

RC Battery Connectors

There are many RC battery connectors available, So it can be a challenge to choose the right ones if you don’t know much about them or just starting out. They are a convenient way to hook the battery to the ESC to provide power to your RC power system.

Not having the correct battery connector could cause an overheating issue. The connectors have to be able to handle enough current flow to meet the maximum current demand of the RC model. Overheating only happens when an overcurrent condition is present for a sustained period of time.

The first thing you need to know about choosing the right connectors is the amount of current flow. Your RC model and or the motor/esc system will indicate the maximum current rating. If your model current rating is 50amp, the connectors you want will be a continuous 50amp rating or higher.

Another thing you need to be aware of is the connector size as well as the wire size. Look at your ESC wires and notice if the wires are large in diameter. The larger the wire, the more current that can pass through it. The same goes for the connector, the bigger the surface of the terminal area the more current it can let pass through. “So if” your esc wire are large you typically want to match the connector size.

“I” highly recommend researching several brands and types of connectors once you know your current rating and size. Personally, I have several connectors of the same brand in different ratings that I use. I find it much easier and less expensive to stay with the same brand connector. That way having the same connectors you don’t need to buy a bunch of different adapters for hooking up to your charger, they all use the same plug.

Cheap LiPo Batteries – Save Money

As I have previously said there are many brands and types of batteries you can get for your RC car. The local hobby shop will have many of them in stock, usually for a kinda steeper price than you can find online.

Some cheap LiPo batteries include Blue lipo, Turnigy, Lectron, Gens Ace, and Floureon. These batteries are cheaper in price, Not in quality. Turnigy LiPo batteries are well-known and widely used in RC cars, trucks, and drones.

Gens Ace and Lectron Lipo batteries are the two battery brands I personally recommend. They are cheap to buy, However great quality and have high power. “If” taken care of properly these batteries can last for years with no problem.

Good Cheap LiPo – My Thoughts

“I” have been running the same battery in my RC Truck for the last two years and it is still going strong. My RC Truck gets put through the ringer, “I” beat the truck senseless. With that my battery has held up for 2 years with only one little thing happen. The battery case got a small hairline crack in the corner, A little super glue over the crack so water can’t get in and it still charges great and performs like new. The battery I am running is a Lectron 2s 7600mah 75c LiPo.

Now I have talked about the NiMH battery advantages and disadvantages. As well as the LiPo battery aspects, advantages, and disadvantages. Mentioned battery connectors and some of the things you need to know to choose the correct connector for your RC vehicle. The last thing I talked about was the cheap batteries that are available to save yourself some money.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of some of the different batteries available and things to be aware of when buying a battery and battery connectors.

To see recommended RC Batteries click here.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions or any questions you have to be sure to leave them in the comments below.





2 thoughts on “RC Batteries – Key To Your Car

  1. Not too different from my airsoft gun batteries actually. Not sure if my gun is Lipo ready, but a lot of people love these kinds of batteries. Seems to give them faster bursts of power and makes their electronics work longer.

    I have been an enthusiast of rc cars, aircraft and models for a while now. These lipo batteries are amazing for every electronic hobby I have come across so far! Thanks.


    1. Hi Jacob, the lipo batteries definitely have higher power and longer working/operating time. Honestly they are the best batteries to use, due to the fact they can be charged right after your done using them without waiting for them to cool and settle like the others. Thank you for your comments.


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