Short Course RC Bodies

Short Course RC Bodies

I know You may be wondering if you could find Short Course RC Bodies other than the one that came with your RC. The truth is there are all sorts of RC Bodies that you could use. Whether your current body is beaten up and needing replacement, Or you just want a different look. You can transform the look of your RC with some great aftermarket Bodies.

Short Course RC Bodies1 10 Short Course Body – 1 10 RC Bodies

1 10 RC Bodies is a great and cheap way to transform the look of your RC truck. “If” your body is beaten up or you are getting tired of the current boring look of your RC Truck, Then you should maybe consider new Short Course RC Bodies. The best way to enhance the look and style of your RC Truck is with a new body. Give your truck a fresh new look that will make your friends jealous of your truck.

Pro-Line RC Bodies

The Pro Line RC Bodies bring you excellent quality and awesome designs for your RC Vehicle. Let’s take a look at some of these great Pro line RC bodies that are available.

Pre-Cut Monster Fuzion Body: This RC body is designed for the Traxxas Slash short course RC. “If” you love running your slash with 2.8″ wheels and tires than this is the body for you. The Monster Fuzion Body has big fender flares that are designed to fit on the slash with the 2.8″ stampede wheels without any rubbing And features large vents to help prevent blow overs at high speed. Easily convert you slash into a monster slash with this proline RC body. This body is made of genuine Lexan, pre-cut, NOT painted, window mask included and decal sheet included.

Monster Fusion Body

2017 Pro-Line Ford Raptor Desert Body: The 2017 Raptor body is a highly detailed yet functional replica that has real trophy truck styling. This body has a bold and tough body style that is cutting edge. Completely transform your short course truck into a scale racer. This ford raptor body is designed to fit the Slash, Slash 4×4, Associated sc5m, Losi 22SCT. This body comes ready to paint, So you can customize the looks to suit your fancy. Features Amazing licensed scale look, genuine Lexan, decal sheet, window mask.

 Pro-Line Ford Raptor Desert Body

Pro-Line Toyota Tundra TRD Pro True Scale Body: This Toyota Tundra Body accurately replicates the real Toyota truck. The Toyota Tundra short course RC truck body completely transforms the looks of your Rc Truck. You can make your friends and family members jealous of the new-look of your RC truck. The amazing licensed scale body gives your RC a tough lifted truck look. Made from genuine Lexan, included decal sheet, and window mask, UN painted.

Toyota Tundra TRD Pro True Scale Body

Pro-Line Chevy Silverado Touring SC Body: The low profile Chevy Silverado body is designed for slammed street truck racing. Do you love speed? “If” you do then you will love the Chevy Silverado, with the slammed design it cuts through the wind helping you reach top speeds. Features incredible scale details. This short course truck body is proportioned to cover the tires of your truck fully. This awesome body comes with grill, headlight, and taillight detail for an ultimate styling look. Not-Painted, Slammed truck style, genuine Lexan, window mask and decal sheet.

Pro-Line Chevy Silverado Touring SC Body

2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Pro-Line Body: Are you a fan of the Ram truck? “If” so you’re in luck. Pro-Line 2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Short Course RC Truck Body gives you the option to convert your Slash into a Ram 1500 Lifted Truck. The Ram 1500 Body will give your truck a completely different look. With this body you can show up to meet your friends at the bash spot with a completely different looking truck than all your buddies have, Yours will sure be the one to stand out. Recreate the looks of a full size lifted truck. Features licensed 2013 Ram 1550 scale look, Unpainted, includes window mask, decal sheet.

2013 Ram 1500 True Scale Pro-Line Body

Lexan RC Bodies

The Short Course RC Bodies are typically made of Lexan. This allows them the durability and flexibility they need to withstand the abuse from crashes and everyday running conditions. When you are looking for new replacement RC bodies, you have lots of options. You can buy factory bodies that will come painted and ready to use. Aftermarket Bodies come both painted and UN-painted. Unpainted bodies you can usually find for cheaper than the already painted bodies.

Lexan RC Bodies

When you get a UN-painted body, you can paint it however you want. This gives you a total custom look. Paint can be picked up at your local hobby shop. For cheaper paint option you can find paint at the local hardware store.

Make sure that when you are looking to get paint for your RC Body you get the right paint. “If” it’s not specific for RC Bodies, you need to be sure it will work for Lexan and or plastic. That will ensure that when your body flexes the paint will not crack and flake off. As your RC is running the body moves around and flexes with bumps and crashes, So the paint you use needs to be able to do the same. There are several types and brands of paint that will work for you.

RC Truck Bodies PaintedPainted RC Truck Bodies

When it comes to RC Truck Bodies painted you can find some great options online or from the manufacturer. Getting an RC Body that is already painted is a great option if you don’t want to paint one yourself, Or if you want to be able to just put it on and go run without any work. The downfall to getting an already painted body is that you are limited to the paint and look of your RC. Eighter way you decide to go, painted or not painted is fine. Both options are up to you and you are sure to find the right RC Truck Bodies painted or UN-painted for you.

Short Course RC Bodies – Final Thought

I have told you about some of the RC Bodies available. The benefits of getting new RC Bodies and some of the different types of Bodies. Also, mentioned a little about the type of paint needed to paint your RC Bodies. Now you should have a good understanding of what bodies are available and the options you can find. Whether you’re looking for a complete custom look or something to just throw on and go.

In My opinion, the JConcept bodies and the Pro-Line Bodies are great quality and a better choice than that of the factory style bodies. They give you more style options to completely change the look and feel of your RC Truck.

Check the 1956 Ford Truck Body here.

Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. What bodies have you used? what bodies don’t you like? “I” would love to hear from you, leave your comments below. Thanks

Short Course RC Body

5 thoughts on “Short Course RC Bodies

    1. Hi Rodger, you are welcome. I hope this helps you, and when you are ready to buy one if you have any questions please feel free to let me know. I will help in any way I can. In the mean time you can check out my other articles to get a better idea of what type of vehicle you may want.thank you


  1. hi, i have been thinking of getting a new body but didnt know much about what bodies are availible. i like the fuzion body you talked about, that will make my rc look great. thank you very much.


    1. Hello, the fusion body will definitely give your RC a fresh new look. That body comes un-painted so don’t forget to pick up some paint. Paint it the way you like for a truly custom look. Thank you. Hope you have a great day.


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