ESC Brushless Motor Combo

When it comes to the RC Brushless Motor ESC Combo there are a lot of options available. Which motor combo is right for you will depend on the RC car and type of driving you to want to do. Some of these combos are better for street or pavement use and some are for 1/10 scale RC cars, While others are more for 1/8 scale.60amp esc brushless motor combo
Before you buy your Brushless Motor Combo make sure you know your RC car and how you will be running it, What kV rating, wattage, amperage and with what battery do you want to use. These are all things you need to know.

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Brushless Motor Combo

Things you need to know about getting a brushless motor combo for your RC car. You need to know the kV rating, wattage, amperage and the dimensions of your models motor. The KV rating means the motor has one or the other high torque/low rpm or low torque/high rpm. The higher the KV rating means higher top speed but lower torque. When you have lower the KV rating means higher torque but lower top speed. “If” your street racing you would want to go with a higher KV, While for off-road a lower KV will be better. On a 1/10 scale, RC Car that is used for some on road and some off-road just playing around a 3500kv motor would work great.

Esc Brushless Motor Combo – Matching The ESC120amp esc brushless motor combo

How to match an Esc to your RC Vehicles Motor? You need to start by knowing your Vehicles Motor KV rating and dimension, As well as the wattage. You can find this information in the instruction manual for your model or on vehicle packaging

The next thing you want to know is the motor amperage. “If” you don’t know the amperage you can just multiply the watts by the battery volts. Say your motor wattage is 500 and your battery is a 3 cell lipo 11.1 volts, then your amps would be 45.1 amps. In this case, you will want to get an ESC that has an amp rating of at least 45amps.

The higher the ESC amps the better, so higher amps than both the battery and motor rating is great, You never want to go less amps than the motor is rated for, This can cause overheating issues and not get the full performance from your motor.

This is also true for your battery. The battery pack amps should be higher than the motor amps. “If” your ESC and battery both have higher amp rating than your motor, Then your motor will be able to have the energy it needs to run at its full capacity at 100% of the time.

There is a method you can use to find out what amperage your battery is If you don’t already know the amperage. To Find the amperage of your battery take the milliamps (mah) and the C rating of the battery and multiply them and then divide by 1000. This gives you the amperage that can safely be pulled from the battery.

Here’s an example: a 5200mah 50c battery. 5200×50=260,000/1000=260. That battery has an amperage rating of 260 amps. Just remember the bigger the battery the heavier the battery will be. The heavier the battery is, the less top speed your car will have due to weight. That is why it is best to find a battery that is higher than but close to your motor amp rating, This will give you the lightest option for your battery.

Brushless Motor Combo – What The RC Car Can Accomplish4 pole 4000 kv brushless esc motor combo

When looking at a brushless motor combo keep in mind what you want your RC to be able to accomplish. High top speed or high low-end torque. Maybe you want something in the middle, Then you should be looking for kV rating of around 3300-3500kv. Having an RC vehicle that goes higher top speed is great, However, you will lose some low-end torque which effects the takeoff acceleration.

Esc Brushless Motor Combo – Don’t Be Fooled

One thing you should be aware of when getting a brushless motor ESC combo. There is a lot of misleading information on getting more power out of your RC Car with using a bigger battery. Well, the only way a bigger battery will give your car more power, “Is” if it wasn’t big enough for your motor to begin with. “If” The battery amps are lower than the motor amp rating, then a bigger battery would give you more power.

The battery you’re using should have amps higher than the motor rating. Therefore if you are using the right size battery, then switching to a bigger battery will NOT give you more power. The motor will only pull and use as much energy as it is intended to use. Even if you have more power available then the motor is rated for, the motor still will only use what it needs and is able to use, no more. You also need to make sure your ESC will handle the amperage from the battery, So bad things don’t happen.

Using a battery that does not have enough power amps for your Esc brushless motor combo will hold the motor and ESC back, Not letting them operate at there fullest. Which can result in overheating and or burned up ESC? Ultimately could cost you a lot of unnecessary money. Get the right brushless motor ESC combo and battery from the beginning and you’ll be happier and cost way less in the long run.

RC Motor Combo – Getting The System4370kv brushless motor combo

Now once you have all these figures, you are ready to find the perfect ESC brushless motor combo for your RC Vehicle. The information you need to find the perfect brushless set up is, Motor that is suited for your RC (as recommended by manufacturer), Know the amperage draw of the motor running at 100%, Find an ESC that has higher amp rating than the motor, Find battery with higher amp rating then motor.

“I” know it sounds like a lot to have to know. “It” is actually quite simple, Once you do the math you see how simple it really is. “Truthfully” after you do get this information and find your brushless motor combo, You will be glad you took the time to do it the right way. This will save you money and time by avoiding broken or fried parts due to trial and error.

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Please let me know your thoughts and opinions. “I” appreciate your comments and will answer to them. Thank you.





2 thoughts on “ESC Brushless Motor Combo

  1. Great information here. I recently fried my esc on my short course truck. I been looking for a good motor esc combo to put in it rather than just switch the esc. I did not know what to get or even how to find out what motor and esc would work. Now after reading this article, I feel confident that I can get a great motor esc combo for my RC. Thank you so much.


    1. Hi Steve, you are welcome. I’m glad to know my article has been able to help you out. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, I will be glad to help.


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