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RC Parts – RPM RC Car Parts

When it comes to your RC Car Parts, you want to make sure they are of good quality and durable parts to hold up to your driving conditions. Driving off-road, As we all know the ground is never really flat and even. As your RC runs across the uneven ground it causes the RC to flex, twist and bounce around. For this reason, your RC parts should be able to do the same, to absorb the shock and abuse that comes with off-roading.

The Best RC Car Parts – RPM ProductsRPM RC Control Arm

RPM Products are the best option for your RC. Whether you are changing a broken part or just want to upgrade, There is nothing better than RPM. RPM Products are the best, toughest and most durable parts for your RC Vehicle.

Rpm was established in 1974 as a plastic mold making and injection molding facility. They started by making precision molded parts for commercial and medical industries, where accuracy is critical. In the mid-1980s RPM began designing and making parts for the RC industry.

Since RPM’s inception, they have expanded their mold making capacity by purchasing some of the best machine tools available. RPM has a complete injection molding facility in-house. Every product molded is conceived, designed, built and manufactured in RPM’s facility in Chino, California.

The ability to design, manufacture and produce all their own products is the reason they have the best quality parts in the industry. Very few companies have this ability to manufacture they own parts, Which in turn gives them the advantage for quality control and to produce the very best possible parts.

RPM RC Products – Replacement PartsRPM Clipless body mounts

“If” your looking to do some upgrades to your RC, The best parts to use is the RPM Products. These parts are the most durable and inexpensive out there, Making your RC a very durable machine. RPM parts are also great replacement parts. “If you do not want to upgrade everything at once, you can just replace what breaks, as it breaks. This is a great option to get your RC upgraded over time and not be a huge hit on your pockets.

RPM Rear Axle Carriers

Even “I” have done it this way myself, one part at a time. Although I prefer to upgrade my RC all at once, This is not always achievable due to lack of funds. “If” you decided to upgrade your RC one part at a time, The good thing about this is the lower A-arms come in sets. This is nice because this way you can upgrade both the a-arms. Not just one a-arm and have two different a-arms on your RC. “If” you wait till when one breaks, then you just replace both and that way both your A-arms are upgraded at the same time.

Stock vs RPM – A-Arms Comparison

RPM offers many parts for a wide range of RC vehicles. Some of these vehicles include Traxxas, HPI, Losi, Associated, etc. The RPM parts you can find available: Steering, Suspension, Chassis, Bumpers, wheels, shocks, etc.

The stock A-ARM from Traxxas RC vehicle is very stiff and hard plastic. You can see the thick hard plastic in the picture below.

Traxxas Rustler Rear Control Arm

The RPM A-ARM for the same Traxxas RC vehicle is made of a very durable flexible plastic, you can see the difference from the stock one in this picture below.

RPM Rear Control arm

Most Broken – Stock RC Car Parts

The most common parts that break on Off-Road RC Cars and on-Road racing (when you crash) is the A-arms, the caster blocks, the front shock tower, and the rear axles. Personally, I have broken all these parts and more. In my experience, the first thing I usually break is the lower A-arms. The second is the caster blocks.

When you run off-road these stock parts just can’t handle the abuse for very long. They are made of hard plastic, which does not allow any flex and ends in broken parts. The best parts will have flex in them. This allows the part to flex as needed by driving conditions such as uneven terrain and jumping.

When you take the stock parts, for instance, the A-arm and try to bend/flex it with your hands. You’ll notice you can’t bend it and if it does, It’s broken. Take the same A-arm but from RPM and try to bend it. The RPM A-ARMS will bend/flex in your hands, and that is a good thing. That is how your parts should be for a greatly durable RC car.

First Upgrades – Upgrades In Steps

When you are ready to upgrade your RC Car, there are parts that are more important than others that should be upgraded first, If you’re running off-road especially. They go as follows, The first thing you want to upgrade is the A-ARMS. They are the most common to break. You want to upgrade all 4 of them, If you have to do little at a time then do the front A-arms first.RPM RC Control Arm

After your A-arms are done, The next thing you want to upgrade is your front caster blocks. They are the second most common part to break. Once caster blocks are changed out, you’ll want to do the steering blocks and stub axles carriers.


Then I would upgrade the shocks. The stock shocks blow the tops off and the oil leaks all over. “I” like the big bore all aluminum shocks or even the piggyback shocks. They seem to hold up good and are adjustable, so you can adjust ride Height and stiffness.


After these upgrades get some heavy-duty adjustable camber and toe links. That gives your RC a completely upgraded suspension system making it very durable.

The shock towers and front bulkhead are also a good idea to upgrade, that helps protect the vehicle if you have a head-on collision.RPM Front Bulkhead

RPM Availability – Where To Get RPM Parts

These parts are available worldwide. Your local hobby shop should have RPM products in stock. They can also be purchased online through many retailers. These are probably the easiest parts to get because of the availability. RPM products really never go on back order. They are always available because of the many retailers that offer these parts, so you will never be without the parts you need.Rpm green gearbox case RC car

The availability of these parts is another reason RPM Products are so highly recommended, aside from the durability factor. Don’t let your RC suffer from weak parts. Do yourself a favor and upgrade to RPM Parts. RPM offers there parts in a variety of colors to choose from for a completely customized look. The colors offered are black, red, blue, green and some orange.Rpm RC Red control arms

RC Parts – Summary

“I” strongly recommend RPM Products to anyone that runs off-road and bashes. Hopefully, this article gives you a better understanding of how to properly Upgrade your RC in order to help avoid the disappointment of broken RC car parts and unnecessary money spent.


My own RC Cars have been upgraded to RPM Parts, all suspension parts, and steering parts. “I” have spent a lot of downtime in a broken car when running on stock parts. When I upgraded to RPM parts, There was more time spent running and less time is broken. Mainly I now go through tires like crazy.

This is due to my setup, “I” am I running 2wd slash lcg vxl on 3s 5200mah 50c lipo with 31/76 gearing 60mph on street and 48-50mph off-road. Now when I buy an RC vehicle I just upgrade to RPM parts as soon as I can to avoid having a broken RC.

With the current setup, I have on my RC car, “I” do not recommend running off-road with it. Unless you have telemetry and link app setup on your RC as well. My RC has telemetry with the Traxxas link app, which allows me to monitor the RCs voltage, temperatures, and speed in real time with accuracy.

Running this setup makes the RC run hot quickly, So you must keep a close eye on your temps. You can also get yourself a temperature infered laser and monitor your temps that way. “I” prefer the telemetry setup, “It” cost more but is easier and a lot nicer.

What do you feel after reading this article? What are your thoughts on these upgrades? All your thoughts and opinions are welcome, just Leave a comment below.






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  1. I feel like I know more now about how to and what should be upgraded to RPM parts. I have used aluminum parts before but have not used RPM parts. Thank you for the info.


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