Losi baja rey 4x4 rc truck

Losi Baja Rey Review

The newest addition to my RC Vehicles is the Losi Baja Rey. This is a Brushless 4×4 off-road RC Truck and is meant for off-road bashing, And that’s just what I plan to do with it. “I” picked this truck up at my local hobby shop a week ago after I noticed my other RC truck needed to be completely rebuilt.

Losi Baja Rey – The DecisionLosi Baja Rey

“I” Went to the local hobby shop and asked them to show me the Losi Tenacity 4×4 off-road truck and Baja Rey 4×4 off-road truck. “I” liked the tenacity, However, I run my RC’s extremely hard. Therefore I need something very durable. The Losi Baja 4×4 off-road basher was the stoutest looking truck on a 1/10 scale.

The looks of the tenacity were more appealing to me than the looks of the Baja Rey. Although the Losi Baja has the metal chassis and really thick rear swing arms and a heavier truck. So I decided to go with the Losi Baja Rey.

My Choice – Good or Not

Got my new truck home and UNboxed it. Checked everything over to make sure all is intact. The truck somehow looks a lot nicer sitting on my table at home then it did in the hobby shop. Maybe it’s just me? My son is eager for me to take it out and give it a try

We took my new Losi and his RC Truck out to the yard. We both were very surprised with the Losi. Now my son’s Truck its set up to run 60mph on the street with off-road tires. The Losi stock right out of the box leaves his truck in the dirt running through the yard. The Losi just pulls away from my son’s like its nothing.losi baja rey

Then we decided to take it to the street and see what it would do. This Losi got to 47.52mph. Before I got to full throttle I had to let up, due to the rear end squatted and rear tires ballooned to the point they were hitting the rear fenders. “I” tried a couple times taking longer to reach higher throttle but each time, it did the same thing at the same exact speed and throttle position. For now, I am not sure what the top speed actually is on the Losi. “I” would guess that it would be very near 50mph stock.

With that, we took it back to the yard so I could see what the speed actually is off-road. Again I was surprised to see this Losi runs 30mph off-road through my yard, stock. My other RC I had to upgrade to reach 30mph on the street.

Losi Baja Rey

Air Born – Losi Off-road Jumping

We took the Losi out back to the ramps that we built, so we could see what it will do. The Losi had no problem at all going up and getting air born. “I” could launch this truck well over my head and that is running a bit easy to get a feel for it.

“It” was a lot different handling than my other RC’s and because of that the first day with it I took it easy. The second day out with it, “I” ran it a little harder. The Losi flew off that ramp like it was nothing more than a speed bump. “I” think my son could have stood on my shoulders and the truck still would have been higher in the air.

Flinging Dirt Everywhere – Losi Dirt Strip

The Losi really is an awesome off-road RC truck. We took it to the dirt strip and raced around the strip. Flying around the corners my son’s truck would spin out into a 360, While my Losi just sticks to the track around the corners.

The rear end will slide out a bit but halfway through the corner just countersteer a little bit and it would straighten right out and keep going. This truck is UNbelievable, “I” can run full speed up and down the strip and crank the steering side to side and the Losi with just fishtail the whole length. This truck just sticks to the ground and follows your commands.

My poor son though. As I am fishtailing up and back down the strip, “I” past in front of where he was standing. The truck through a huge cloud of dirt and dust. For a moment I couldn’t see him, Then the dust settled and he was just glaring at me. His face was all brown with dust. “I” had to laugh but he wasn’t amused.

Losi Baja Rey Specs:

Model: RTR
Age: 14+
Drivetrain: 4wd
Drive Type: Shaft
Power: Electric                                                                                                                                    Differential: Locked rear, gear diff front & center
Slipper Clutch: No
Driveshafts: Plastic rear center, front metal universals
Final Drive Ratio: 10.99:1                                                                                                                Waterproof: Yes
Scale: 1/10
Length: 21.6″
Width: 11.6″
Wheelbase: 14.6″
Weight: 6.1 lb
Motor: Brushless 550 3800kV
Speed Controller: Dynamite Fuze 130 amp sensorless
Low Voltage Cut-off: Yes
Radio: Spektrum DX2E with AVC                                                                                                                        Stability Control: AVC
Shocks: Oil-filled, threaded bodies, metal caps
Servo Saver: In the rack
Screws: Metric/hex
Bearings: Yes
Tires: Losi scale tread                                                                                                                                            Front Suspension Travel: 2″                                                                                                                                Rear Suspension Travel: 3.2″

What’s Needed To Complete:

The Losi Baja Rey comes fully pre-built and RTR. While the Baja Rey does come with four AA cells for the transmitter, you will need to pick up a battery pack with an EC3 connector and a charger to get started bashing.

Thoughts – Losi Baja Rey

“I” have to admit, I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the Losi. Been running Traxxas for so long and never really ran a Losi. Now that I have this one, “I” have been running every day for the last 5 days. Beating on it and running hard. What can I say? That’s how I run. This thing has held up great so far. “It” handles great and jumps really well.

The battery is so much easier to change on the Losi then the other RC’s I own. No more need to remove the body every time you need a fresh battery. No more removing or reaching in under the body to find the button to turn the RC on. The battery compartment is in the back underside of the truck, just open the door slide the battery in, close the door and slide the latch and plug it in. The on/off switch is on top just inside the back window that is open, The truck has no windows.

There are No body clips to lose. The Baja Rey’s body is bolted on and really does not need to come off unless you have some sort of issue with the truck. The battery can be put in and out, the on/off switch can be reached and it has a cover on the bottom of the chassis to access the motor all without the need for body removal.

All in all, I am very pleased with my decision to go with this truck. We will see how well it does after the week is out, for now, I’M happy with it.

For more info click here.

Losi baja rey

What are your thoughts on the Losi Baja Rey? I would like to hear your thoughts and/or opinions on this. Leave a comment below.





4 thoughts on “Losi Baja Rey Review

  1. thank you for answering my question on the picture. The Losi baja rey sounds like it would be a great off road truck and looks like it is heavy. i would think that would make for a good off road truck.


    1. Hi Joe, the Losi is a heavy truck, heavier than the other RC’s I have. The weight does make a difference for sure. It helps to keep the truck on the ground and not bounce off the ground over rough Terrain and end up losing traction.You are very welcome. I will answer any questions so don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you


  2. Hello, I like the looks of the Losi. It looks good in the pictures any. What is the yellow things on the back of the truck in the top picture? I have never used Losi RC’s so it was nice reading this. It seems like your decision to get the Losi was indeed a good one. Thanks for the insight.


    1. Hello Joe, The yellow things in that picture is cable ties. I use them to strap my GPS on the truck. Thank you for your input. I also believe I have made the right decision. Thank you, hope you have a great day.


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