Traxxas Slash 2wd – Great RC Truck

After owning several Traxxas RC vehicles, My favorite one is the Traxxas Slash 2wd. I have been running this one daily for the last year and found it to be very durable and fun. The Slash 2wd can handle just about any terrain you put in front of it.Traxxas Slash 2wd XL-5

Stock Setup – Traxxas Slash

The Slash is pretty durable and fun right out of the box. When I got this RC, “It” was the Traxxas slash 2wd xl-5 model. Bashing with the slash is OK. “It” tends to flip over a lot and likes to break the A-arms and caster blocks. Other than those few issues this RC does well off-road.

Running the Slash on-road, Really is not that good. The xl-5 model is not very fast and when you turn a corner, The truck just flips over. A lot of time it flips over and lands back on its wheels, Which is kinda cool. “It” is not something you really want to happen when you’re running through.

Upgraded Parts – Slash RPM Parts

After a short while, I upgraded the a-arms and caster blocks to RPM parts. Seeing as the a-arms and caster blocks keep breaking, “I” decided to upgrade them to rpm parts. This made it so much more durable. Now the slash can bash pretty hard and not break all the time. Running it off-road and jumping it quite fun and I’m not having to fix it all the time.Traxxas Slash 2wd Brushed

Now the only thing to deal with is the flipping over all the time. Like I said before, “It” flips over a lot and usually lands back on its wheels. “I” don’t want it to do this though, “As” it is a pain when you’re running. Especially if you’re running with a buddy and trying to race or just beat them to a certain place.

Traxxas Slash 2wd – Addressing Flip Overs

Well, Now I am tired of dealing with the constant flip overs. To fix this issue I purchased a Traxxas slash lcg chassis conversion kit from

The conversion is fairly easy to do. All your current parts fit and bolt right on to this lcg chassis. Just take all the front end parts and install them on the new chassis, The rear end and electronics all bolt right on with no issues. “It” takes a total of about an hour to do. Give or take a little, depending on your experience and mechanical background.

Traxxas Slash – Converted To Slash LCGTaxxas Slash 2wd LCG

Now that I have got my lcg chassis installed, “It” is time to test it out. The look of the Traxxas slash stock and this lcg conversion is a lot different. That’s not a bad thing though. The first test I did was to take it to the street and see how it performs.

After running a while on-road, “I” have come to the conclusion that this was a great conversion and made a lot of difference. The Traxxas Slash 2wd lcg handles way better with about 95% less flip overs. The other 5% is due to off-road tires that just grip the pavement on cornering.

“I” through on a set of street tires and went back out to the street. Now We’re Talking. This thing corners great. Handles great and can corner with no flips. Very pleased with the outcome.

Converting To Brushless – Slash 2wdTraxxas Slash 2wd brushless

Now that my Slash handles great, “It” is time to get some more speed out of it. Instead of just changing gearing, “I” decided to purchase the Traxxas Velineon vxl 3s system. When I put that brushless system on, “I” also decided to change my gearing to 28/76.

Wow, This thing is amazingly quick. “It” is hitting speeds of 50mph. Now it seems like a totally different RC Truck. “I” have a lot of fun with this thing now. After about a month of running it brushless, “I” wanted a little more speed. So I put 31/76 gears in it. This setup is OK but not what it should be. With the way I have it set up the RC should be hitting 70-75mph. “It” will only hit 59mph. That’s without the body on.

When you run the slash at high speed above 50mph, You need to take the body off or use a different body that is not so wide and high off the chassis. The air just comes in under the body and lifts the truck off the ground and throws it upside down.

Somethings Not Right – Worn Out Slash

Well, this past Thursday evening my son and I decided to go out and run our RC’s. We ran a little while in the yard, then decided to go race each other on the street. That’s when things started to go downhill quickly. At least with my RC, What do I mean? Let me explain.

The Last Run – For My SlashTraxxas Slash 2wd LCG

While we were running in the yard and all seemed OK. When we took to the street, At first all was good. We were racing around for a little, maybe 10-15 minutes at 60mph. Then all of a sudden my slash just started shaking uncontrollably. The front end and rear end were swaying back and forth as if I were cranking the steering side to side, Of course, I was not. “I” was actually running straight ahead.

At 60mph there’s not a lot you can do when you get an uncontrollable shake, except let up on the throttle. Well now as I let up on the throttle the car just gripped the pavement (or I assume) and through it into a death roll. When it came to rest I walked over to it and to my surprise, It is still in one piece. “It” looks like nothing is broken!

We did a look over and checked the steering and driveline, All appears OK. So back to it we go. This time at 52mph it suddenly has the uncontrollable shake, Again ends in a death roll. “I,” noticed this time that the right caster block has a lot of play in it. So I changed the caster block and the pin, as it was bent.

Third times A Charm – Or Is It

Well, we got the caster all changed out and checked everything else over. Noticed the left rear axle bearings were shot, so I changed them. “As” we Couldn’t see anything else wrong we had another go at it.traxxas slash

OK, “I” got the car up to 38mph and it starts the shake (bad wobble) in the front end. “I” pushed up to 42mph and at that speed, the rear started to shake and looked like it was hopping up and down a little. “It” was getting hard to control now at 45mph.

At this point I am getting kinda annoyed, So I thought well it gonna break or straighten out. So I punched the throttle and I have never seen an RC car do this before.

The rear end jumped up (not squat down like normal) and then quickly slammed down. That through the Car into a wheelie and over on to its roof. “It” skidded to the side of the road and flipped back to its wheels, I hit the throttle it made a grinding noise and then took off. Now I am lucky to hit 30mph with it. The slash is now put up for a while, As it needs a complete rebuild.

The End Of The Slash – For NowTraxxas Slash LCG 2wd

So, My slash is put up for the season. “I” am I going to rebuild it over the winter and think I want to build it into a speed demon. “I” will use it only for street and build it to see if I can reach 100mph with it. For off-road I have another truck that I am using only off-road, So building this one to run only on street is good for me. “I” have always wanted to build my own RC capable of hitting 100mph. Now is my chance.

Traxxas Slash 2wd lcg


Learn more about Traxxas slash here.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is a good idea to use the slash for 100mph? leave a comment below.




2 thoughts on “Traxxas Slash 2wd – Great RC Truck

  1. I like what you have done to the traxxas slash. The parts you upgraded and making it lcg is cool. Yes, i think it will be a very good reason to use the slash for a speed demon and I think this is a Great Article!!.


    1. Hello, thank you for the comment. I also I thought it would be good idea to use the slash as speed car. When I get it rebuilt, I will do another post to give an update as to how it’s going. Thank you again.


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