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RC Battery Chargers – Best RC Battery Chargers

Looking to find great RC Battery Chargers? Venom power has a wide range of chargers for all your RC battery needs. Venom started in 2001 with a single product in a garage. They have grown to become a leader in rechargeable batteries and battery charging technology used in RC Vehicles.

Venom Battery Charger products provide solid, dependable, quality batteries and portable power charging systems. In 2002 Venom began manufacturing NiCd and NiMH batteries, And in 2005 we’re one of the first companies to produce Lithium Polymer batteries. Today Venom has a wide range of batteries and battery chargers available.

Here is a list of just some of the Venom RC battery chargers and balance that are available today.

Venom LiPo and NiMh sport balance charger.

This charger is a peak detection charger. “It” can charge your LiPo, LiHv, LiFe, NiMH and NiCd batteries quickly and safely. This charger allows you the ability to charge 4 cells up to 8 cell NiMh and NiCd, As well as balance charge 2s, 3s, and 4s Lipo, LiHV and Life battery packs with selectable charge rate up to 3 amps. This little guy has a price of just $34.99


Venom pro Quad micro 1s 4 channel ac/dc LiPo and LiHv battery charger.

Sleek case design with rubberized texture. This charger is a little powerHouse that features an integrated power supply and 4 charge circuits for simultaneously changing up to 4 1s LiPo Batteries. An LED status indicator for each charging port and has 4 of most popular connector plugs. You can find this charger for a price of $46.99

Venom Pro Charger 2 LiPo and NiMh battery charger.

This Venom Pro Ac/Dc powered multi-chemistry charger is fan cooled and can charge Lipo batteries up to 6s and NiMH packs up to 5 cells and Lead Acid batteries up to 10 cells. This charger has integrated power supply and an on-board balance block, which supports charge rates up to 6 amps. Features multiple discharge rates, internal resistance testing, and a recallable memory. This charger can be purchased together with a 4s 3200mah lipo battery for a price of $112.48

Venom Pro 3 charger 7 amp RC Lipo and NiMH battery charger.

Ac/Dc powered multi-chemistry balance charger, fan cooled with a microprocessor. This charger allows you to Charge Lipo batteries up to 6s and NiMH packs up to 5 cells and Lead Acid batteries up to 10 cells. On-board balance block that charges up to 7 amps. You can find this charger available with a 4s 1300mah lipo battery for $99.88 or with a 4s 4000mah lipo battery for $109.78

Venom Pro DJI Phantom 3 Quad Battery Chargers.

The Venom p3 battery charger lets you charge, cycle, and storage charge up to 4 DJI Phantom 3 batteries at the same time. The 4 port design, this charger saves valuable bench space by providing four complete charging circuits. This Venom p3 charger has four integrated power supplies, which means all four channels are able to receive 100W of power, to ensure you are not losing your amp rate when charging a second, third or fourth battery pack. The Venom Professional charger will work with batteries for all models of the Phantom 3 family. This amazing charger has a price tag of $199.99

Venom Pro Touch Screen HD 45A RC LiPo/LiHV/NiMH Battery Chargers.

Venom Loaded this charger with features, the Pro Touch uses a 1350W charge circuit allowing for charge rates up to 45 amps. “It” is Capable of advanced functionality like charging eight cell Lithium batteries as well as being LiHV compatible, the Venom Pro Touch charger is perfect for those hobbyists as well as industrial and commercial drone pilots and RC car enthusiasts that need impressive charge rates to match their high capacity lithium packs. This touch screen charger is priced at $259.99

Venom 50W Dual Output AC/DC 6 amp 3S X2 LiPo and LiFe RC Battery Balance Chargers.

This one is an excellent solution for entry-level to intermediate RC Hobby enthusiasts who use mainly 3S batteries. The dual output charger comes equipped with two 3 cell charge ports capable of charging two 3S batteries at the same time. All you need to do is, Just connect the battery balance wire to one of the two ports on the front of the charger and the device will automatically begin charging at an adjustable selected charge rate. This charger is priced at $59.99 and is also available with 2 x 3s 2200mah lipo batteries for a price of $83.27

Venom Pro Touch HD LiPo and NiMH 1350w DC Battery Chargers.

The Venom Pro Touch HD is Venoms most powerful charger to date. Venom loaded the Pro Touch with features. “It” uses a 1350W charge circuit allowing for charge rates up to 45 amps and is Capable of charging eight cell Lithium batteries as well as being LiHV compatible. The charger has a user-friendly, backlit LCD touchscreen display that allows you to effortlessly navigate the easy to use menu system with the included stylus. You can View graphs for charge and discharge, measure internal resistance, and store battery configurations all quickly and easily through the touchscreen interface. The pro touch charger can be purchased from Amazon for a price of $259.99

Multi-Chemistry including LiPo, LiIon, LiFe, LiHV, NiMH, NiCD, and Pb, with advanced features for NiCD and NiMH like cycling and forming.

Venom Pro Duo 80W X2 Dual AC/DC Charger

Venom Pro Duo 80w x2 dual RC Battery Balance Charger. The monolithic vertical stance saves valuable space by providing two complete charging circuits. Integrated 80w power supply for each of the two charge circuits, this allows both channels to receive 80w of power. This compact design is equal to that of most single charge stations. You can Charge two of the same or two different batteries at the same time, so you can keep one battery ready at all times. LCD screen and easy menu settings allow you to store your battery type and charge rate for quick and convenient charging. You can find this charger paired with a 3s 4000mah lipo battery for just $127.78

Venom Pro Quad 100w x4 AC/DC Charger

Venom Pro Quad 100w 7amp 4 port AC/DC LiPo, LiHv and NiMH battery balance charger. This battery charger is the ideal candidate for hobbyists or anyone looking to be able to charge multiple battery packs at one time. Save bench space with this vertical stance charger. The quad pro has four complete charging circuits, each with their own 100w integrated power supply. Having four separate circuits allow you to charge up to 4 battery packs at the same time so you can always have a battery ready to run. The design of this charger is smaller than most single charge units. Easy to see LCD screen allows you to view charge state and quickly scroll through the charger settings and functions. Program and store your favorite batteries in the charger so you can quickly just plug your battery in and charge, without having to set up the charger for your battery every time you need to charge. This charger can be purchased from Amazon for a price of $219.90

Venom Rc Battery Chargers – My Thoughts

There are so many brands and types of battery chargers that would work for your RC batteries. One of the best Brands of RC battery chargers available is Venom. They are well-known and widely used in the RC world. “I,” think one of the many advantages with using The Venom battery charger is the portability. You can use them as stationary chargers or even use them out at the track or the yard, with a DC plug you can simply use your own Car to power your RC battery charger.

This article gives you a list of just some of the Venoms chargers and only just some of the features like the wide battery options these chargers will cover. Great quality products you can expect from Venom.

The Venom Pro Quad 100w 7amp 4 port AC/DC LiPo, LiHv and NiMH battery balance charger is the battery charger that I personally own and use. Been using it almost daily, several times a day when I run and it has been great. A real time saver with the battery program feature.

See me recommended battery chargers.

What Do You Think Of Venom Battery Chargers? Have You Used Them? Any thoughts or comments, I would love to hear them. Please leave a comment below.










4 thoughts on “RC Battery Chargers – Best RC Battery Chargers

  1. I purchased the venom dual 3 little white charger to use to charger my lipo 2s 6500mah 100c battery. The charger took two hours to charge my battery and it only charged it to half way to 3500mah and tells me the battery is fully charged. Why won’t it charge it fully.


    1. Hello Tom, That charger is only rated to charge at 3amps. The battery you have has a charge rate of 6.5amps and that is why the charger is not fully charging. You need a different charger or battery. If you looking to have a dual battery charger check out my Recommended lipo chargers.


  2. I have only used the venom pro dou charger. And I absolutely love it as it is very easy to use. Having the ability to keep two batteries charged all the time is great. Good information here.


    1. Hi Mark, thank you for sharing your experience. I myself currently use the pro quad 100w charger and it is absolutely amazing. Thanks again


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