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Losi RC – Leader In Radio Control

“If” you are looking for a great and high-quality RC vehicle, Then you should be looking at Losi RC. RC cars from Team Losi Racing are great for Racing enthusiasts and Bashers a like. There is a wide variety of Losi RC cars, Team Losi offers a wide range of high-quality RC cars and parts that are ideal for both adults and children. Losi carries some of the top Race grade RC’s and Bashers that are ready-to-run trucks that will provide hours of fun. Every Losi RC car comes with superior engineering and design, made to create a lasting experience.

Losi 1/10 tenacity 4wd sct brushless

Team Losi RC – Leading Brand

Team Losi is one of the leading brands of RC vehicles in the industry. Team Losi RC cars may look small, but with massive power and speed deliver big results. Many Losi cars come ready to use out of the box. The leaders in RC car and truck innovation and design. Those looking for a great quality RC, Losi will surely have something that will fill your desire.

Most of Losi vehicles come race ready and great for the serious racers. Team Losi also designs Truggys and buggies as well as SCT, Desert Trucks and Rock Crawlers. Losi RC cars can be found in nitro and electric for you to choose and whether you’re bashing or racing Team Losi has you covered.

Losi Racing – Losi Race Center

Team Losi is race enthusiasts too. Losi Racing has some of the best drivers in the industry behind the wheel of Team Losi Racing cars and trucks. The Race Center is our home for the inside information straight from the Team. “At” the race center you’ll be able to know where they’re racing when they’re racing, and how many trophies they’ll be adding to the collection and will have the race results and events.

Team Losi Racing has some of the most knowledgeable, friendly and approachable drivers in its lineup. They’re bringing this experience online with extensive Team Losi Racing Driver’s biographies and journals. You can also find the latest and hottest chassis setups here as well as all the latest Team Losi Racing chassis that the team has developed and refined.

Team Losi XXX-SCT brushless

TLR – Over 30 years In The Industry

Team Losi Racing has been designing quality R/C racing products for over 30 years and their mission is to provide racers with all the highest quality competition products. Throughout the world, Team Losi Racing is recognized for innovative design and engineering excellence resulting in championship-winning vehicles.

Beginning in 1980, Team Losi has developed its roots in southern California. Team Losi quickly became recognized for legendary releases like the 1/10-scale JRX-2, XX and XXX platforms. Then In 2000, Team Losi become part of the Horizon Hobby family with top industry-leading brands like the Spektrum, Blade, Elite, Pro Boat, and Hangar 9 and then moved to its current location in Ontario, California in early 2002.

Team Losi Racing – High-Quality Products

Losi is committed to designing, engineering and building the most competitive, advanced and capable radio control vehicles for RC enthusiasts across the world. Team Losi don’t just make great performing vehicles, they make vehicles that are manufactured using the highest quality materials and workmanship so that every time you drive, touch or see a Losi RC vehicle, you immediately know why Losi is the best brand in the business.

Everything they do is with a performance at heart. Their team of engineers, product developers and support team have over 100 years of combined experience and bring a level of passion and knowledge to the industry that is simply unrivaled. Losi understands who we are because they are one of us. Team Losi is truly Performance Driven with us in mind.

Team Losi 8IGHT-E 4.0 4WD Electric Buggy Kit

Team Losi – 1/8 Scale RC

Team Losi Racing joined the 1/8-scale off-road racing class in 2006 with the release of the revolutionary 8IGHT buggy and soon began winning major championships all over the world. In 2009, TLR entered another category of competitive products with the release of the innovative 1/10-scale Competition Rock Crawler followed in 2010 by the 1/18-scale Mini Rock Crawler Pro which has claimed two consecutive national class championships.

Then In 2011, Team Losi Racing will enter into a new era with the introduction of the TLR 1/10-scale 22 platforms. Losi Responded to the feedback from enthusiasts, While at the same time they recognized a legacy originally developed throughout 30 years of innovation, the 22 will be offered in kit form. TLR is racing toward the future utilizing a dynamic partnership of the world’s best R/C drivers, engineers, and product developers.

Team Losi 1/10 Rock Rey 4WD RTR with AVC, Blue

Losi RC Vehicles – 1/10 Scale RC

Team Losi offers a large array of 1/10 RC vehicles. These 1/10 scale vehicles, you can find in Truggy, crawler, SCT and Desert Trucks. Not only does Losi offer 1/10 and 1/8 scale but also 1/4 scale, 1/5 scale, and even 1/6 scale. “As” you can tell they have something for everyone. Some of these Losi RC vehicles come set up for racing, While others are set up for your backyard bashing.

These RC, s being set up for bashing is great for anyone that wants to run through their backyard and bash without the worry of damage being done the RC.

Losi Rc – Summary

One strong point for Losi is top of the line racing heritage performance. Losi, of course, makes bashers but they make everything durable, fast, reliable and high quality. Another strong point with Losi is, They use many aluminum parts right out of the box. So damage from crashes is not as common as a more plastic RC brand.

The only downside is they are expensive when compared to other brands. However, you get what you pay for. “If’ you want an RC for a cheap price, you will get a cheap RC. This is not to say they are not good RC vehicles. They just won’t handle and hold up as a Losi RC will.

Team Losi vehicles are all equipped with high-quality features including high-performance motors, and firm tires on short course wheels. Team Losi RC cars, trucks and buggies all share the same high-quality firm body and dependable vehicle control. Fast, sturdy and ready to ride, Team Losi is one of the best brands for RC vehicles.

What do you feel after reading this article? What experiences do you have with Team Losi? I would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions. Please Leave a comment below.




2 thoughts on “Losi RC – Leader In Radio Control

  1. Hello, I think this is a great article on Losi. I have always liked the looks of the Losi vehicles. However been skeptical about getting one, as I don’t know anyone that has one or even ever tried one. Seems it would be a expensive gamble.


    1. Hello Aaron, Losi RC’s are great and they are a little expensive. However they are worth the money. I felt the same way when I was looking at my first Losi RC. If you decide to get one, you will be happy with it they are durable.


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