traxxas bandit

Off-Road RC Buggy

The Traxxas Bandit RC Buggy has been a fun RC vehicle. My son and I have run this Off-Road RC Buggy for a while now. We have run it everywhere, On-Road, Off-Road, dirt track. This buggy has held up pretty well for what it is. The Traxxas Bandit is a great inexpensive RC Buggy for anyone that wants a decent off-road RC for an affordable rc buggy

Traxxas Bandit – Affordable Off-Road RC Buggy

The Bandit is a 1/10 scale off-road RC buggy, that comes completely ready to run right out of the box. This RC is available in brushed and Brushless versions. “I” do recommend getting the Brushless version right from the start. You will be much happier with this RC.

The Traxxas Bandit can be purchased starting at $149.99 for the cheapest version and at a price of $279.99 for the very latest feature-rich release.

Fun with The Bandit – Bashing

My son and I were out running, “I” had the bandit and he had his Stampede. We were racing around the yard and hitting jumps that we had made. The bandit had no problem beating the Stampede racing through the yard. However, the Stampede would just dominate on the jumps. The bandit just sits to low to be good at jumping. All other aspects the bandit is decent.

On-Road Racing – Bandit vs Stampede

The Bandit is really fun racing on the street. This buggy has a low center of gravity due to the buggy sitting so low, That it can take corners nicely. Whereas the stampede will have to slow way down to take a corner, otherwise it will flip over. The buggy, on the other hand, can corner almost full speed. “If” you have some good street racing tires this buggy does great racing on the street.

traxxas bandit

Time To Change – Buggy Conversion

Well, after running this off-road buggy for a while on and off road, “I” decided it was time for a different RC vehicle. We wanted something that looked cool but could still run on and off road and handle jumps well. “I” really didn’t want to buy another RC car. After thinking about it for a bit, My son decided he wanted to take the bandit and the stampede and make one off-road vehicle out of the two. He wanted to convert the bandit into low center gravity stampede.

He took the suspension and body mounts off the Stampede and put them on the bandit chassis. Now it basically is a bandit with stampede suspension, wheels, and body on it. This actually works and runs well. The suspension made the Buggy have a wider stance, which makes it more stable running off-road. To be honest, this setup is really the same as a rustler. Low to the ground and wide stance.

Final thought – Off-Road RC Buggy

Throughout this article, I gave you some insight on the Traxxas Bandit and my personal experience with it. All in all the bandit is a good RC car. This is one of the cheapest off-road buggies for RC hobbyist. “If” your thinking of getting into the hobby and don’t want to spend a lot of money on an RC car, Then the bandit is the perfect one to start with.

For more information on the Traxxas Bandit click here.

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2 thoughts on “Off-Road RC Buggy

  1. Wow, great article. I have the Traxxas bandit myself. And for me it is great fun. I could never imagine converting it into a stampede. Was that really benefitial? Anyways it looks pretty cool.


    1. Hello Trevor,
      Yes the Traxxas Bandit is a great RC car. It really depends on how you are running your RC’S if it is beneficial. For me, yes it was. “As” I run extremely hard and the bandit just can’t handle that style of running. The Stampede was on it’s roof more than it wheels. So I made one RC out of the two and that worked great for me.


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