Traxxas Slash with leds

Traxxas RC Cars

Traxxas has been in the RC industry and building and designing complete ready to race RC cars since 1986 and have over 25 amazing models available. “If” you’re looking for fairly inexpensive RCs, Then you should take a look at Traxxas RC Cars. Traxxas is one of the top-selling brands in radio control. These RC cars are the best for beginners and anybody who wants an RC vehicle without breaking the bank. Traxxas RC Cars and Trucks come fully assembled and ready for action.

Traxxas RC Vehicles

Traxxas Models – Personally Owned

“I” have owned several Traxxas models and have really enjoyed them all. Each of these RC cars that I have owned has been the 1/10 scale models. They are the Traxxas Bandit, the Rustler, the Stampede, the Slash 2wd, and the Slash 4×4. “I” have beat the crap out of each one. That’s just the way I run.” I” always work hard and play harder.

Wrong Vehicles – Not Meant For Style

Some of these cars just can’t handle the abuse I put them through for very long. However, they really weren’t designed to. My favorite one I think, I would have to say is the Rustler. “Even though” I broke it constantly. “I” Really do like the Rustler, it looks cool and handles great. The only reason I broke it so often is that I jump all of my RCs off 4ft ramps daily. “I” can’t just run my RCs on the street or without jumps. Off-Road is where I run. The bigger and higher the jumps are the more fun I have running my cars.

Now I am well aware that these RCs that I have mentioned are not meant for my style of running. These are the RC vehicles that I own, “I” am not ready to buy any new ones right yet. “Although” it will be happening soon I’m sure. For now, I am just going to have to keep running and beating these.Traxxas Slash

RC Cars – Can Be Upgraded

Each of these RC cars from Traxxas has a bunch of upgrades that are available, So you can upgrade the parts to make them more durable. All of my RCs are upgraded with RPM parts. Upgrading these RC Cars helps a lot to keep them from breaking. The RPM parts are very durable and they actually flex and spring back into shape when hitting bumps and other obstacles. This is completely necessary when you are running your RC cars off-road, Especially if you are jumping with them.

After Upgrades – Durable RC

With having the upgrades on these cars, “I” will say the Traxxas Slash is the most durable of the cars I own. “It” has been flown off my 4ft jumps numerous times and has only broken once or twice. That was due to improper landings and coming off the jump slightly sideways. The Slash has been run head-on into trees, Curbs, and been landed on its roof coming off the jumps and it keeps going. With only the occasional broken parts, Which that is just unavoidable when you are jumping and bashing hard all the time.Traxxas Rustler mud run


The Traxxas Rustler also has become really durable after upgrading all the suspension parts to RPM. The Rustler has been flown off my jumps and slammed into countless obstacles and holds up fairly well considering. However, the Rustler still is nowhere as durable as the Slash. Even so, The Traxxas Rustler is still my favorite.

A Good Basher RC Vehicle – Quick Basher Guide

You see, When you are planning on getting an RC vehicle to mainly bash with there are a few things you want to look for. These things will help you find the most durable option for extreme bashing.

  1. The Body should cover the whole vehicle, Including the tires. This protects the suspension.
  2. It should be a brushless system. This will have bearings and metal gears and handle more heat due to the abuse.
  3. upgrades available. You want to have upgraded parts available so when you break it, you can upgrade for durability.
  4. The Design of the RC. make sure it is meant for bashing and not just racing.

“If” you follow this guide, You will end up with a more durable RC vehicle that won’t break each time you run. Ultimately you will be happier with your RC and have a better experience with your RC hobby.

Costly Mistakes – RC HobbyTraxxas Rustler

When I started out in the RC hobby, “I” didn’t have any guides or anyone to help me make the best choices. “I” found an RC car that looked cool and had some upgrades available, So I bought it. “I” never really knew there were different ones for different styles of running. My style has always been to bash hard. The harder you bash the more fun it is. Right? There is no point in doing it, “If” you can’t run them the way you like to run.

Well, that is all fine if you know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, it will just cost you a whole lot of money that you don’t need to spend. The First RC car I bought was a Traxxas and was meant for racing not bashing. The car was fast, which I liked. However, I spent more time and money fixing it then I did running it. By the time I bought a new RC car, “I” had spent more money on parts fixing my first car then it cost me to buy my next RC car.

Having The Right Type – RC Car

When you are looking to purchase an RC vehicle, “It” is important to know how you are planning to run it. “If” you want to mainly bash, Then you want an RC that is designed for bashing. For racing and running on the street and pavement mainly, You will want to find one that is designed for that style of running.

Even if you have an RC vehicle that is designed for street and racing it is okay to bash with it a little. At least with most vehicles. They can handle a little bashing here and there. You just don’t want to be bashing hard and a lot with a vehicle that is not meant for it. “As” that will only break it and wear it out rather quickly.

My Own Experience – Traxxas Cars

Now take my 2wd Traxxas Slash. That thing has been bashed hard for over a year. “It” is an LCG chassis brushless set-up and geared for high speed. “It” does 60mph on the street and 48mph off-road. “I” have been jumping it constantly and bashing like crazy.

This RC handles it really well, Which is kind of surprising due to the fact it sits so low to the ground. When I jump with it the chassis hits the ground on almost every landing. However, it is not really meant for this much abuse. “It” is set-up for high-speed street racing.

The Slash now sits due to the fact that it is worn out and needs a complete rebuild. To make matters worse, “I” just put that Vehicle together at the beginning of the year with all new upgraded parts. Lesson Learned?

“As” for my Traxxas Rustler, “It” has been run very hard. This RC has been run down steps, flown off jumps, performed back flips and so much more. Really a fun RC car. Unfortunately this RC also Only lasted a year. Here is a short video of it running down my outdoor steps and hitting one of my jumps.


That is just a mild clip of what I put this car through. The picture below is what the Rustler looks like now. Yup, it is done. Waded up the chassis and broke the steering servo and a few other parts.

Traxxas Rustler waded up

Know Your Style – Have Fun Running

So do yourself a favor and don’t just jump in and buy an RC car just because you like the looks of it or because it is really fast and you think fast is awesome. Just take a few seconds and think of how you will be mainly running your car or truck. Then look at those ones that are designed for that style of running. Then always make sure there are upgraded parts available to purchase for your chosen vehicle. This will bring you the most joy in running your Traxxas RC Cars and allow them to last for a long time.

Has reading this article helped you in any way? Please leave me a comment below. “I” would really like to hear your thoughts and comments. “As” always if you have any questions, You can leave them in the comment section and I will do my best to answer them In a timely fashion.

2 thoughts on “Traxxas RC Cars

  1. Hello, Great article. I am sorry for the misfortune you had with your RCs. This article is really helpful in how to choose the right RC vehicle. I have had a few cars here and there through out my life. And i never realized there were ones that are better for certain types for running. i thought you just swapped out parts to make them do what you wanted. thank you for the great info here.


    1. Hello Chuck, You are welcome. “I” am glad you found this helpful. You can change parts to upgrade the RCs to make them more durable, however there are no parts that can make an RC that is meant for racing be a bashing RC. “If” you want to bash off-road you would have to get an off-road basher. Thank you, i hope you have a great weekend.


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