Traxxas Summit Review

Extreme 4×4 action, Traxxas Summit Review. The 1/10 scale 4×4 monster truck comes Fully assembled and Ready-To-Drive. Over 10 lbs of monster power capable of tackling any terrain. This 4×4 is ready to hit the trail with Features like the TQi 2.4GHz 4-channel radio system and waterproof electronics and painted body.

traxxas summit

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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Price: $499.99

Off-Road Versatility

When the trail gets tough, you can count on Summit to pull through. The Traxxas Summit offers versatility, durability, and off-road capability greater than any other 4WD monster truck. The engineers at Traxxas packed the Summit with high-tech innovations like the transmitter-operated high/low transmission and remote-locking front and rear differentials. Summit generates massive torque from the giant 775 Titan motor while the rugged ExoCage keeps the Summit safe on the trail. These are just some features in Summit’s off-road capability. When you drive a Summit, no stream is too big, no trail is too tough, and no hill is too tall.

T-Lock differentials – High-Low Transmissionsummit T-Lock differential

Traxxas Summit is the only RC vehicle that gives you the ability to lock the differentials and shift from low to high gear right from the transmitter. There is No need to break from the action to swap gears or install locking parts. You can tear up the trail in “high range” with a 25:1 ratio for dirt-flinging action and speed. When the terrain turns rough, drop it into “low range” for a 70:1 ratio and unreal climbing torque. When you need the ultimate in climbing traction, flip the T-Lock switch to lock the front differential. Need even more grip? Activate the rear T-Lock diff for fully-loaded 4WD power no matter which tire is gripping or slipping.

Waterproof Electronics and Titan 775 Motortraxxas titan 775 motor

The Summit gets its power from the largest motor of an electric monster truck, the Titan 775. This massive motor is equipped with a fan-cooled armature for nonstop off-road adventure, and an extra wrap of steel around the can for maximum magnetic field strength. That means more torque to handle the trail and conquer any climb. The EVX-2 features three drive profiles, thermal shutdown protection, low-voltage detection for compatibility with LiPo battery packs, and Traxxas high-current battery connectors. The Throttle control comes from an EVX-2 electronic speed control, a heavy-duty powerhouse that can handle up to 16.8 volts to give The Summit extreme trail-conquering torque. Whether that trail is wet, muddy or even covered in snow, it’s no problem. These Waterproof electronics let The Summit operate worry-free in conditions that sideline other monster trucks.

Dual Steering Servo – High Torque Systemsummit steering servo

The Summit is equipped with Dual Digital High-Torque Waterproof Steering Servos. The Waterproof digital steering servos use O-ring seals to keep the fun and excitement going when things get wet. These Twin servos are lighter and more compact than a single large servo, and together they deliver unmatched monster steering response with a full 250 oz. in. of tire-turning torque and quick .16-second transit time. The servos operate a ball-bearing-supported bell crank with an integrated servo saver for precise control and rock-conquering durability.

10-LED Lighting System

No need to head for the garage when the sun goes down. The Summit lights up the night with an integrated LED illumination system. The Summit has Four bright white LEDs blaze the trail ahead, while six red LEDs on the rear show where Summit’s been. These LED’s are integrated into the bumpers for durability and convenience, and the chassis-mounted wiring harness eliminates the possibility of tangles and hooked wires.

Low-CG Transmissionsummit low-cg transmission gearbox

The Summit’s transmission is designed and thoughtfully configured to sit low in the chassis and hold the Titan 775 motor as low as possible for the best climbing performance, even at very steep inclines. The LCG transmission also gives the Summit sure-footed handling on the trail. An oversized steel idler gear and patent-pending Torque-Control slipper clutch are built to handle the massive torque of the Summit’s power system.

Suspension System – GTR Shocks

The Traxxas Summit wears the best shocks in the business, These shocks are hard-anodized, PTFE-coated GTR dampers. With Threaded bodies and oversized spring collars make it easy to set the preload, and long-wearing, low-friction Titanium-nitride shafts provide slick shock action for superior suspension response and reliability.summit GTR shocks

The Ultra-long-travel suspension that is based on the award-winning E-Revo gives the Summit more travel and articulation than any other monster truck. All while the independent suspension and tall Canyon AT tires allow incredibly steep approach angles and sky-high ground clearance that no other monster truck can match.

Chassis Design – Futuristic

Traxxas Summit’s groundbreaking molded chassis sets a new benchmark for electric monster truck looks and performance. The chassis style delivers a lightweight, integrated, and rigid platform that maximizes strength and helps reduce weight. The Scalable battery compartments on this Truck accept a variety of battery configurations to unlock Summit’s power potential. Summit’s battery packs sit low and close to the center of the truck. This is accomplished by combining the battery compartments with the chassis design. Which also frees up valuable chassis space to accommodate the electronics for a clean layout. This allows the Summit to achieve the lowest possible center of gravity (CG), allowing for steeper climb angles, greater side-hill stability, and responsive handling at all speeds.

Critical driveline components are shielded from the elements for long life, Thanks to the smooth center skid plate that both protects and strengthens. The Summit’s smooth underside slides over rocks and other obstacles to keep you rolling when other trucks have to head for home. A cover plate underneath provides access for maintenance.

Traxxas Summit 1/10 chassis

Summit 1/10 Scale – 56076-4 Specs

Length: 22.17 inches

Weight: 11lbs w/o batteries – 12.7lbs with batteries

Front Track: 18.48 inches

Rear Track: 18.58 inches

Center Ground Clearance: 4.76 inches

Height: 12.6 inches

Wheelbase: 14.84 inches

Front Shock Length: 87mm

Rear Shock Length: 87mm

Front Tires – pre-glued: Canyon AT 7.1″ x 3.8″

Rear Tires – pre-glued: Canyon AT 7.1″ x 3.8″

Front Wheels: Chrome Geode 3.8″

Rear Wheels: Chrome Geode 3.8″

Speed Control Type: EVX-2 with Low Voltage Detection Forward/Reverse/Brake

Electric Motor: Titan 775, High-Torque Fan Cooled (10-turn)

Transmission: High-Low Two-Speed

Overall Drive Ratio: Stock Out-of-Box: 25.34 – high gear 70.18 – low gear

Differential Type: Bevel Gear, Sealed, Limited Slip

The Traxxas Summit is available on a 1/16 scale VXL brushless model with a price of $369.95 and the all-new 1/16 scale brushed model for a price of $249.95

To learn more about these great models click the links below.

==>click here for new 1/16 Summit<==

==>click here for 1/16 Summit VXL<==







2 thoughts on “Traxxas Summit Review

  1. My buddy has a traxxas summit and has let me run it. The summit is an awesome rc truck. I think it is really cool that they can change gears and activate the diffs all from the transmitter. Back when i was a kid all you could do with the transmitter was go forward and backward and turn only in reverse. lol o how the tegnology has changed. thank you for the great article and good information.


    1. Hi Lee, yes the technology used now days to design these RC vehicles is truly amazing. RC vehicles have changed a lot over the years and are gaining more in popularity recently. The Traxxas Summit is a testament to that. Thank you and have a great day.


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