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This past weekend My son and I decided to go out and run our Radio Controlled Trucks. So we just Traxxas Slash with baja beetle bodywent out to the backyard where we have our homemade jumps. My son is running his Traxxas Slash 2wd truck with a clear Baja Beetle body on it and I am running my Losi Baja Rey 4×4. Both of our trucks are 1/10 scale Brushless short course RC trucks.

RC Trucks – Brief Background

My son’s Slash has been upgraded with RPM parts and aluminum big bore shocks. We upgraded the complete suspension on his car. Using RPM control arms, caster blocks, axle carriers, shock towers and heavy-duty toe links and Camber links. “It” is also geared for 60mph street running. Let me tell you, flying down the road at 60mph with Radio Controlled Trucks is pretty cool. The Slash only goes 43-45mph off-road, However, that is decently fast for off-road bashing.

Losi Baja Rey 4x4

The Losi is completely stock, except for the front differential case. I upgraded it to an aluminum case. Other than I have not done anything to the Losi. Stock the Losi does 50mph on the street, And 48mph off-road. Which that is great for a stock set-up.

Our Day Of Bashing – Radio Control

We started out jumping off our ramps. After a few minutes, my son decided he wants to race each other on the dirt strip for a while. So we moved to the dirt strip and raced only for minute or two, Then we just started messing around for a while. The dirt was really hard, so it really wasn’t all that fun racing on it. Both of our trucks just flipped over each time we would hit the corners. The dirt was too hard to let the trucks slide around the corners, so that made it not much fun.

Then we went and started jumping the gravel and dirt pile for a while. That is always fun. The ground is really rough around the piles so, There is a lot of flipping over and crashing. Not to mention the Losi likes to flip over when you turn to fast. The Losi just likes to grip, Which makes it tough to slide around corners in the grass or any hard surface for that matter and ends up usually upside down.

Once our batteries died, We went back to our ramps and just bashed and jumped pretty hard for the remainder of the day. We had a really good day of bashing, Considering the abuse we put these trucks through we only had a few minors broken parts.Losi jumping 6+ feet high

“At” one point we tried to see how high we could launch the trucks off the ramps. The Slash jumped fairly well got decent air, considering the truck really is not made for this kind of abuse and jumping. We got the Slash to about 5 1/2 to 6 feet in the air. That was the highest it wanted to get.

“As” for the Losi, I was really impressed. I lunched that truck a good 8 feet high and it lands hard on its wheels. I did that a couple of times reaching 8+ feet in the air. Yes, “I” did crash-land a few times. One jump I dropped it straight on its front end from about 8 feet. Another time was just as high in the air and crashed on its side.

Jumping The Slash – Had Some Issues

We were jumping our 3 1/2 foot high jumps and launching these trucks really high. The Traxxas slash did fairly well although, “It” took a lot of crashes. My son ended up blowing both rear tires apart. He had to put two stampede wheels on it Because we did not have any more of the Slash wheels and tires. The Slash actually looks pretty tough with stampede wheels and tires on the rear. Check out the short video clip below of the Slash jumping lightly.

The only issue he had with using the Stampede wheels on the Slash is jumping with it. These wheels make the truck bounce when it lands on the ground, That makes it a little hard to control.” If”you’re just running across the ground it handles pretty good and will do wheelies like its nothing.

Traxxas Slash comming off jump

After several big crashes, The ESC wires split and the Slash lost power and shut down. The split ran from the connector down the wire towards the ESC. About an inch long. A little solder and electrical tape and he were able to keep running. Now if the Slash flips over or crashes it shuts off. “I” guess it’s time to put it up for some repairs.

The Losi – Jumping, and Bashing

When I had my Slash running, “It” seemed like every or every other time I ran it something broke. Don’t get me wrong, “I” do like my Slash. “It” was a great truck and is very durable. The truck just can’t handle the way I run. “I” run and bash extremely hard and put all my RC’s to the test. So far the Losi comes out on top.

Bashing the Losi like that and the big hard crashes it took, The only thing that happened to it is the left front sway bar link popped off. “I” snapped it back on in to place and it is good to go. The Losi is one tough machine. “It” has been beaten on like this for about three weeks now and the only thing that has broken is the front bumper. That has been replaced with an RPM bumper.

The ESC on the Losi crapped out and I had to replace it. This was not due to bashing, just a defect in the ESC itself. The ESC acted up from the first day I got the Truck. Losi swapped me for a new one. After I put the new ESC in it has been fine since.

Here’s a short clip of the Losi Hitting the jumps while my son was running it his first time with the Losi.

My Final Thoughts – Bashing RC TrucksLosi jumping in the sunset

These radio-controlled trucks are pretty awesome. From my experience with these RC trucks, I really have to say for extreme bashing the Losi is the way to go. The Losi Baja Rey is faster out of the box than any of my Traxxas models. “It” is also more durable than any of the other RC’s I own.

The Losi can be purchased for the same price as the Slash ultimate 4×4 as well, Which is great. “If” you are in the market for a new RC And you are planning on bashing hard, “I” definitely recommend you go with the Losi. “It” is designed to handle bashing a little better, As it comes with an aluminum chassis.

What are your thoughts or experience with these RC Trucks? leave me a comment below.

4 thoughts on “Radio Controlled Trucks – Bashing 110 RC Trucks

  1. Hi! My name is Tom. I’m a fan of RC tech for almost 15 years. Being a professional engineer, I like the radio controlled trucks and helping people to choose the best RC gadgets from the thousands on the market.


    1. Hi Babyish Care,
      I have been in to the RCs for several years and really enjoy them. I have had a lot of ups and downs with my RC vehicles, which led to lots of money spent. I started this blog to help others avoid the mistakes I made and choose the right products for their needs.
      Thank you,


  2. Hello,
    I really liked this article because it shows that you can jump with the Losi and the slash and it also describes how durable they really are. As i read your article i thought maybe i should think about getting a Losi Baja Rey.


    1. Hello, I am glad you liked the article. You can jump with both these RC trucks, And both are real durable. “In” my own experience i have found that for extremely hard bashing and high jumping the Losi Baja Rey is the one to have. Losi is designed for bashing more so then the Slash is. If you are looking for a new RC to do some real bashing,I will say get yourself a Losi. Thank you and hope you have some bashing fun.


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