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Radio Controlled Cars – Brushless RC

Brushless is the way to go for all your Radio Controlled Cars. Whether you are an enthusiast or relatively new to the hobby, The Brushless RC Cars bring a whole new level of excitement. These RCs are designed to be more durable with faster speeds and brute power. “If” you like fast and powerful cars and toys then you should continue reading this post. “I” am going to share with you the things I do and the ways I have fun with my RC Cars.

My RC Cars – The Set-upTraxxas Rustler VXL

The radio-controlled cars I run are the Traxxas Rustler VXL models. My son and I both have the Rustler and they are both set-up the exact same. These RC cars have the suspensions upgraded and gearing changed. The suspensions are upgraded to Rpm parts and the shocks are Aluminum big bore shocks.

“I” have changed the gearing to 28/83 to get some more speed. This allows us to get speeds of 45-48mph off-road and 50-53mph on-road. Just for kicks, “I” changed my RC gearing to 28/76 and did a street speed run. My Traxxas Rustler got up to 62mph with this set-up, However, it got hot kinda quickly. So I changed it back to the 28/83 gears.

Home-made Jumps – RC JumpingTraxxas Rustler jumping

We have RC jumps in our backyard that we made and jump all our radio control cars off of. The Traxxas Rustler flies up these jumps and gets big air. The landings are not always so great and we have a lot of crashes. “As” the jumps are too high and the rustler can be a challenge to control in the air when coming off these jumps. This makes it difficult sometimes to be able to level the RC out to land properly.

Even though we have a lot of crashes and a lot of broken parts due to these crashes, “It” is a lot of fun getting these radio-controlled cars to jump so high and see how far we can jump them. The Rpm parts help a lot to keep from having broken parts.Traxxas Rustler homemade jump

When we first built our jumps, The RC cars were all stock. We started jumping them before we did any upgrades to them. Almost every time we jumped something broke. The first thing that broke was the steering block, then the caster block and control arms (A-arms) and so on. That was why we upgraded all the suspension parts to rpm. The RPM parts actually flex as you hit bumps and yes jumps. With the upgrades done there are very little broken parts now.

Dirt Strip – Messing around

There is a dirt strip just next door to me that is used for tractor pulls occasionally in the summer When it is not being used my son and I use it to run our RC’s on. Running on dirt is awesome. We race each other up and down the strip and just general bashing in the dirt.

The best part is dirt is not as rough on the RC’S as running in the grass can be. You can leave your buddies in your dust as you slide through the corner and head down the straight way to the finish.

These cars just throw some nice rooster tails of dirt in the air. The Rustler can slide around the corners great. “At” almost full speed I can fling my Rustler into the corner and it is like it just floats around it. The dirt is where this RC car does great at. The acceleration, speed, and handling are absolutely amazing.

Mud Running – Radio Controlled Cars

“If,” you thought RC mud runs was only for 4×4 RC trucks, Think again. My Traxxas Rustler VXL did a great job at running through the mud. The dirt strip that we usually race and run on was full of water after a day of heavy rain. “When” the water finally soaked in My son was itching to take the RC cars out.

The dirt strip was still very wet but full of thick mud. “We” did not care though. We decided to give it a try. My son was willing to get in the mud to get the RC’s if we got stuck. To both our surprise we did not get stuck, The Rustler’s barreled through it fling mud everywhere.Traxxas Rustler covered in mud

That was a really fun time. Watching the mud flying high as it is coming off the tires made it hard to see the RC car. “It” just looked like something was under the mud spitting it up all the way down the strip. The RC Cars were completely covered in mud when we got home that you could not even tell what color the cars are.

Radio Controlled Cars – My Thoughts

The Traxxas Rustler is a really great RC car. We put these cars through the test on all levels and surface types. We have run it through the grass, mud, dirt, street, and even big jumps. The Rustler is not designed for the jumps we have, However with upgrades done it can handle it a little.Traxxas Rustlers Dirty after run

Jumping big jumps like this even with it upgraded it will still break, Just not as often. “It” also wears the Rustler out very quickly. Running it through the grass also put a bit of strain on the Rustler. The Rustler does decent in the grass, but it tends to run a bit warmer and you definitely need to make sure to do maintenance to it. Blow the car off after your done running in grass. Grease the bearings and so on.

The Dirt and street are where the Traxxas Rustler is the best. Whether it is dirt or street that you plan to run, “I’m” sure you will have an exciting time. The Rustler handles great in those areas and can get some pretty good speed at the same time.

Do you have any experience with the Rustler? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.





2 thoughts on “Radio Controlled Cars – Brushless RC

  1. Hello,
    This article is awesome, i like it because it describes how the rc car Rustler can handle in dirt and mud and that.


    1. Hello Austin, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am glad you like the article. I try to get as much detail in the articles as I can to give the most accurate information. Thanks again.


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