Losi Baja Rey Figure shelf

DIY Brushless ESC – Losi Baja Rey ESC

Here is my DIY Brushless ESC guide. In this article, I explain and show how to change the Losi Baja Rey ESCElectronic Speed Control on the Losi Baja Rey. This guide will help you to repair your own Baja Rey so you can get back up and running in no time at all. The sooner you get back to running your RC, The sooner the fun can continue.

Who Can Repair The Baja Rey?

Well, “I” believe that anyone who owns one can make their own repairs. Making repairs to the Baja Rey really is not all that hard to do. “It” does require a few extra steps, Still it is easy enough to do. Due to the set-up of this truck, the body and cage cover everything so you can’t see any of the internals. This makes the repairs to the Baja Rey seem a bit overwhelming, “I” know. However, it is fairly easy to work on. So let’s get it to it.

The Break Down – Getting To The ESC

1. The first thing you need to do is remove the middle section of the body. To do this you need to remove the 12 body screws, 4 on top and 4 on each side. Lift the midsection off the truck.Losi Baja Rey









2. Take out the 4 top roll cage screws, 2 on each side. Then lift up the back side of the top roll cage and move it forward towards the front of the truck.Baja Rey top roll cage








3. Now you need to take the 2 screws out that is holding the rear fan panel. 1 screw on each side of the panel and pull off. Be careful not to knock off the switch.Baja Rey cooling fan panel








4. Next, you need to remove the screws holding down the figure shelf. There are 2 screws on each side, Remove the screws and then you can lift the shelf up and out. Remove one side at a time by pushing out on the top of the roll cage and twisting and turning the shelf. Once the shelf is out, The ESC is right there in the center.Losi Baja Rey Figure shelf








5. Remove the 2 screws holding the battery connector in place and slide the connector up.

Losi ESC battery connector









6. Remove the 2 screws holding the ESC in place, 1 screw on each side of ESC.

Losi Baja Rey ESC









7. Unplug the connector in the receiver and remove the ESC.

Baja Rey ESC connector



Putting Back Together – Reverse Procedure

Set the ESC in place and install the 2 mounting screws, Put the battery connector in place and baja rey repairinstall the 2 mounting screws, Connect the ESC plug into the receiver.








Reinstall the figure shelf, Make sure it is in place and install the 4 mounting screws.

baja rey figures









Put the fan panel back in place at the back side of figure shelf and install the 2 screws securing it.

baja rey coling fan panel









Push the roll cage backward and down in place. Then install the 4 securing screws.

baja rey top roll cage









Now you can set the body midsection back on and install the 12 body screws.

Losi Baja Rey


After The Repair – The Next StepLosi Baja Rey

Now you have just completed a DIY Brushless ESC replacement. The Losi Baja Rey is all back together and there is still time left to test it out. Make sure all the screws are in snug and everything is properly in place. OK now, Let’s grab a battery and the transmitter and take it out for a test run.

Completing The Repair – Final Thought

So now you just completed a diy brushless ESC repair on your Losi Baja Rey. How does this make you feel? How long did it take you to do this? That was not all that bad to do, Actually pretty easy wasn’t it? For more information on the Losi Baja Rey, checks out my previous article.

Hopefully, after reading this article and following the steps, You have a good understanding of how to work on and repair your Baja Rey. The benefits of performing your on RC repairs are Much quicker repair time, Less Downtime. Also, gives you a better understanding of how your RC is designed and works.

Leave me a comment about the questions above. “I” would like to hear your answers and feedback. “If” you have any questions or comments, Please leave them below in the comments section. “I” will reply right back to you.


4 thoughts on “DIY Brushless ESC – Losi Baja Rey ESC

  1. Wow, you make it look very easy to diy. I can definitely see the advantages of doing it yourself. Awesome step-by-step instructions, thank you!


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