Losi RC – Why I Run Losi

So, Today I want to talk with you about why I run Losi RC. ”I,” thought this would be important to share for those who are into hardcore bashing or Even for anyone that is thinking of bashing hard. Hopefully, you will find some value from this article.

Losi RC Trucks are extreme basher RCS.

Switched – From What?Traxxas Rustler vxl

Ever since the beginning of my RC hobby, “I” have always been a big fan of Traxxas. Over the years I have owned several models and enjoyed them all. They really do make some great RC Vehicles. Like with other manufacturers, Some RCs of which are tougher than others and some that are faster than others.

The RC Vehicles that I have owned, Have varied in type. Some have been stadium trucks, Short course trucks, and off-road buggies. I have taken each of these and have set them up for high-speed street running of 60+ mph and for off-road bashing, doing high jumps. The short course trucks I have run everywhere, On-road and off-road, dirt track, through grass, mud, snow, 3 1/2 ft high jumps and even gravel pit.Traxxas RC Vehicles

So Why Did I Switch?

Well, I switched over to Running Losi RC for the durability. Team Losi Racing (TLR) is widely known for their racing RCs and actually not many know they make RC vehicles for bashing as well. Losi makes some really great, powerful, tough off-road RC trucks, That are designed for bashing.

Losi has built and designed some of the toughest RC bashing trucks. They have an extensive racing background, So they know the importance of durability. They offer some of their Trucks standard with metal (Aluminum) chassis and suspension components out of the box on their 1/10 and 1/8 scale RC Trucks. That alone adds to the durability of these Losi RC trucks.

The strength and durability alone is the main reason that I switched to Losi RC for bashing. Losi trucks take a real beating and keep on ticking, They just keep going and wanting more. I have a 1/10 scale Losi Baja Rey and a 1/8 scale Losi LST 3xl-e and I have beat the living heck out of them both. The Baja Rey has had only minor issues, such as the front bumper, front sway bar, and the front differential case. The LST, on the other hand, has had no issues what so ever, This is one truly amazing off-road RC Truck.

From One RC To The OtherLosi Baja Rey

Don’t get me wrong, I love my Traxxas RCs. However, they do break quite often. “I” have broken them many times and honestly have broken some of them more than once in a single run. Still, I have a couple Traxxas cars that I keep and run every so often. (mainly for speed).

Now, As for my Losi RCs, “I” run them constantly. They have not broken on me other than the few minor things on the Baja Rey. The main one I run is the LST. That thing is crazy powerful and fast right out of the box. “It” is a big vehicle though and heavy, Weighing a total of 15.5 pounds.

The LST handles absolutely amazing and jumps very well. “I” can lunch this truck in the air a good 8 feet high and land it on all 4 wheels and keeps going. My LST body is a bit banged up, other than that the truck is has been great. The handling on these Vehicles is way better than the others I have owned.

Was It The Best Decision?Losi LST 3XL-E

Yes! This was the very best decision I could have made, However it May not be for everyone. “If” you like to bash hard you should definitely think of checking out Team Losi. These Losi RC vehicles have been so awesome and have been able to go through just about anything.

Before I switched, “I” was spending a lot of money on parts. Almost every time I would run, “I” would end up with something broken on my RCs. They were great RCs, Just can’t handle the hardcore bashing that I put them through on a regular basis.

Now, After I have switched to Losi, Things have not been breaking and I have run these RC trucks for a while. “I” have been Bashing them just as hard as ever and I really can’t stress enough how pleased I am with them. The LST is completely amazing.

Would I Recommend Losi?

“I” would recommend Losi RCs to anyone that is serious about bashing hard. The Baja Rey is a great 1/10 scale off-road truck for anyone in the hobby. The LST 3xl-e is an amazing RC machine, However, it is not recommended for anyone under the age of 14. This is due to the power and speeds this heavy monster has. For the more experienced this truck really can’t be beaten. “It” was designed for extreme bashing. Truly a wonderful truck.

Any thoughts or questions you have left them in the comment section and I will be sure to answer them for you.

6 thoughts on “Losi RC – Why I Run Losi

  1. Ahh RC cars, I always wanted to have one when I was a child and one day I actually had one, although not very reliable. I wish I could have one to get 60+ mph, that would be a dream 😀

    So you are recommending Loxxi to everyone who is serious about it, but what about beginners? Maybe some tips for cars that are easy to maintain or any other beginner friendly ones?


    1. Hi Eugen,
      I recommend Losi to any one that wants to bash hard. I previously published a post on rc cars for beginners.If you would like you can check it out.
      Thank you


  2. I think you have a good website and the content is good, I hope I can do as well as you are doing, keep up the good work.



    1. Donna,
      Yes durability is very important. I have had several RC’s that we’re great but would break constantly. Now that I have been running Losi broken parts are far and few in between.


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