Losi LST 3XL E

Losi LST 3XL-E Review – 4wd Monster Truck

Just when you think you can’t get More speed, more power and extreme durability in a stock monster truck, The Losi LST 3XL E takes the monster truck to the next level. Hit all types of terrain at speeds of up to 50+ MPH on 6S power.

Whether you’re on dirt or pavement, this basher will not disappoint. “If” you love bashing hard then, You will be amazed at the 3XL-E. “I” usually say, Go big or go home. However, with this monster, it’s Go Huge! Are you ready for the amazing Ready-To-Run 1/8 scale Losi LST 3XL E 4WD Brushless Monster Truck? Well, You better be sure if you are going to run this monster. Let’s break down the features on this truck.

Have Freedom Of Full Throttle – Thanks To AVCLosi LST 3XL E

When you are ready to feel the full power of the brushless motor, don’t hold back. The receiver’s built-in AVC (Active Vehicle Control) system will work to help control this powerful truck.

The AVC makes hundreds of throttle and steering adjustments per second while you are running, so more of the motor’s power is translated into intense speed and acceleration instead of just flying dirt. An AVC adjustment knob on the included DX2e Active transmitter lets you adjust the amount of traction control the system provides. You can even turn it off completely if you don’t want to use it.

The Spektrum Active Radio System With AVC

The Spektrum DX2e Active radio system offers features and performance never before available in a Ready-To-Run radio system. The LST 3XL-E monster truck comes with advanced features like (Active Vehicle Control) AVC adjustability, a 3-position throttle limiting switch, For a Low, Medium and High setting and travel adjust along with steering trim adjustment.

It also has an expansion port that lets you add the Spektrum Speedometer or a Bluetooth module and phone mount for the Spektrum Dashboard app. You also get the benefit of comfortable ergonomics and race inspired DSMR 2.4GHz technology that delivers lightning fast response rates and superior interference protection, especially in busy 2.4GHz environments.

Tough LSD Center DifferentialLost LST Limited slip center differential

The Losi LST 3XL uses a limited slip center differential that effortlessly provides power to all 4-wheels. This center differential ensures a completely smooth delivery of power to all parts of the vehicle, regardless of the conditions. The LSD lets the truck accelerate and stay balanced on any terrain. Just punch the throttle and the LSD locks up, to provide full power to all 4 wheels for extreme acceleration.

Losi LST Updated From Previous Versions:

Center Drive Shafts – A spring retaining coupler helps keep the drive pin in place.

New Chassis And Side Rails – the New low center of gravity molded chassis lowers the batteries to provide increased durability, stability, and performance.

Large Scale Servo – The Spektrum S904 1/6 Scale WP Digital Servo is a larger, stronger servo for worry-free steering performance.

New Servo Saver – The newly adjustable servo saver is designed to work with large-scale servos.

Flip Top Body Mount – Removable flip top body mount provides easy access for battery changes and maintenance with only 2 body clips to worry about.

Updated Shocks – Larger diameter 5mm shock shafts provide increased durability and better shock dampening.

Losi LST 3XL ESCWaterproof Electronic Components

All components of the Losi LST are waterproof so you can run the vehicle in wet conditions such as mud, snow, shallow streams and river beds. For details on waterproof standards, please refer to the product instruction manuals. All RC Vehicle that is waterproof, Are Not Meant To Be Submerged Like a Submarine.

Dynamite Fuze ElectronicsLosi LST 3XL Brushless Motor

The Dynamite Fuze 150A Brushless ESC and Fuze 1/8 Brushless 2200Kv Motor run on 4S or 6S power, providing speeds of up to 50+ MPH. The Newly integrated motor cooling fins provide cooler temps for longer run times and enhanced performance throughout the entire bash session.

Losi LST Monster Truck – Features:

  1. Molded Bulletproof, Low CG chassis with hard Anodized Aluminum inserts.
  2. Based on proven LST XL platform.
  3. Spektrum 1/6 scale digital Servo with adjustable servo saver.
  4. Dynamite Fuze 4-pole 2200KV Brushless motor with integrated cooling fins and motor mounts.
  5. Spektrum DX2E Active radio system with AVC Technology.
  6. Dynamite Fuze 150A 6s Brushless ESC with a dual EC5 connector.
  7. Waterproof ESC, Servo, and Receiver
  8. Complete ball bearings throughout the truck.
  9. Rugged 4×4 Drivetrain.
  10. Anodized Aluminum Threaded, oil-filled, oversized shocks with new, Larger 5mm shock shafts.
  11. Sealed front, rear, and center limited slip differentials.
  12. Custom blue-chrome finished wheels.
  13. Aggressive monster truck tires for superior grip.
  14. Optional wheelie bar included.

What’s comes included in the box:

  • 1) Losi LST 3XL-E
  • (1) Spektrum™ DX2E ACTIVE 2.4GHz Transmitter with AVC
  • (1) Spektrum 6-Channel DSMR AVC Surface Receiver
  • (1) Spektrum 1/6th Scale Waterproof Digital Servo
  • (1) Dynamite Fuze 150A Sensorless Brushless Waterproof 3S-6S ESC
  • (1) Dynamite Fuze 1/8 4P Brushless Motor 2200Kv
  • (4) AA Batteries
  • (1) User Manual
  • (1) Wheelie bar

You will need to purchase a set of 2s or 3s batteries for the truck. This truck runs on dual (2) batteries and does not come with the truck.


Losi LST – Offered Options

Optional Spektrum FPV Mount – By adding the optional Spektrum FPV mounts, This lets you easily attach an All-In-One Spektrum FPV system for a true first-person view experience.

Speedometer Option – You can add the optional Spektrum speedometer to the Spektrum DX2e Active Radio allows you to instantly see you are vehicle’s speed in real time. You can set it to display your speed in MPH or KPH. You can also record top speed and features a brightly lit LED screen with an integrated sunshade that provides excellent visibility in all lighting conditions. All you have to do is attach the speedometer to the DX2e Active Radio expansion port and equip your vehicle with a Spektrum RPM sensor and the TM1500 telemetry module or a DSMR telemetry receiver. Sold separately.

Spektrum Dashboard Mobile App – The Spektrum Dashboard Mobile application allows you to view everything from speed, motor or engine temperature, battery voltage and more. Simply snap in the mobile device mount and attached the Spektrum Bluetooth module and view real-time telemetry data like never before using you are own smartphone as the monitor.

True Monster Power – The ExtremeLosi LST 3XL

As you can see, The Losi LST 3XL E is truly a huge truck. This 1/8 scale monster truck weighs in at 15.5 lbs, Not one you want to be carrying around. Grab your transmitter, Batteries, and truck, Throw it in your car and drive over to your favorite running place.

The Losi LST is fast and very powerful. This big truck will do backflips from a standstill. From a dead stop, Punch the throttle and the truck will perform a backflip without delay. It will wheelie like no other and even back endows. Just punch the throttle to go in reverse and the truck will wheelie backward.

When you are running this truck in high setting, Be sure to have plenty of room to run it. The speed and power are just crazy. You need to be careful when you go fast and put the brakes on, As the truck will flip over (front flip) the brakes on the Losi are insane.

My Thoughts – Extremely Fun

I recommend the Losi LST 3XL to anyone that has experience with fast and powerful RCs. This thing is truly an insanely fun monster truck. It really does fly and jumps very well. Losi built this truck extremely durable as well. I have cart-wheeled this truck more times than I can count.Losi LST 3XL

One time I was running on high setting and turned a corner and hit the brakes at the same time, The truck’s rear end came up and over the front end and just cart-wheeled 13 times that I could count before it came to a rest. I was certain that something had to be broken. When I walked up to the truck and I looked it all over, To my surprise the truck was fine. Not a single broken part. This has happened to me several times now since I have owned this truck and I have yet to have anything break. For more information and price check out my off-road RC page.

What do you think about the Losi LST 3XL-E? Can you handle the power this monster unleashes? Leave a comment below and let me know you are thoughts or questions and I will reply to you in 24hrs or sooner.






4 thoughts on “Losi LST 3XL-E Review – 4wd Monster Truck

  1. Wow RC have come a long way since I first started using them. I got all excited watching the video and told my wife this is what I want for Christmas. Great post I’ll keep coming back for updates. Thank you so much.


  2. Hi, these look like so much fun. I got all excited and checked out the price on your off-road RC page but this will be too expensive for my kids (I have twin boys – they LOVE this stuff). We’ve bought them monster trucks before but they haven’t lasted very long so I thought this seemed great because they seem really tough. Would you recommend anything for me that might be a little less pricey but still really cool? Thanks


    1. Hi Melissa,
      Yes these are great fun. If your looking for something a little cheaper, maybe the red-cat Racing volcano EPX or the Traxxas slash 2wd. Both are under $200 and are durable trucks.


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