Traxxas Telemetry

Traxxas telemetry lets you monitor your RC vehicle’s live data, Such as speed, temperature, and voltage So you know how your RC is performing at all times. Telemetry Adds some really cool features to your RC.

The telemetry setup allows you to monitor your RC’s speed, motor temperature, battery voltage and more. With telemetry installed and set up, you can make adjustments and fine-tune the RC vehicle within the Traxxas Link app, all without having to physically touch the RC.

What Is Needed To Add Telemetry?

To add telemetry to your RC there are some things you are going to need.

1. First, you will need the tqi transmitter and Receiver. “If” you have a newer Brushless RC then you should already have Tqi.

2. Next thing you need is the Bluetooth wireless module. This lets you connect the transmitter to the tqi receiver on the RC Vehicle.

3. Then you will need the voltage/temp sensor. This is a two in one sensor. The volt sensor reads the battery voltage and temp sensor fits on the motor to give you the motor temperature.

4. Mobile device with Traxxas Link App, to use as a monitor.

5. Lastly, you need a phone dock/mount of some sort. This will give you the basic telemetry set up.

“If” you are looking to monitor the speed of your RC when you will also need to get an RPM sensor.

There is, I guess you could say a more advanced setup that will allow you to use a GPS module and you will be able to add up to six (6) additional sensors.


Traxxas Telemetry Expander For a more advanced setup, you can add the telemetry expander. This allows you to add up to six more sensors and a GPS module. The GPS module is used for RC vehicle speed monitoring.

I use the GPS module instead of the RPM sensor. I have found that the GPS module is more accurate than the RPM sensor seems to be. This is because the RPM sensor uses a magnet attached to the spur gear and uses the rpm from the motor to calculate the vehicle speed. So whether the tires are spinning or not it does not matter.

An example would be: If you are running down a big hill and the RC is going fast but you let up on the throttle, your speed will decrease even if the vehicle picks up a little more speed.

With the GPS module that does not happen. Whether you are on the throttle or not, If the RC Vehicle is moving it is reading your RC’s actual speed.

Adding sensors:

Traxxas Auto-Dectectible Temperature Sensor You can add up to six additional sensors with the telemetry expander. Temperature sensors or voltage sensors, this allows you to monitor all aspects of the RC. I personally use one voltage sensor for my battery and three temp sensors. One I use on my motor, one on my ESC and one on my battery.

This way I can keep an eye on all my electronics temperatures, so I can make sure my RC temps always stay down. The cooler your Electronics is the better performance you will get from your RC vehicle.

Aside from adding temperature sensors to your electronics, you can also add a temperature sensor to monitor the ambient air temperature. This can be done by running the sensor to the front of the RC and attaching it to the inside of the front bumper, So as you are driving the air can get to it and give you an air temp reading.

What Do You Need To Use GPS Module?

OK, So if you want to use the GPS Module then, Here is everything that you will need to do it.

1. TQI transmitter and receiver,

2. Wireless Bluetooth module,

3. Telemetry Expander w/mount

4. GPS Module,

5. Volt/Temp sensor,

6. Phone dock/mount

7. Mobile device with Traxxas Link App

That is all you need, You can, of course, add more sensors if you want to monitor more aspects of your RC. The sensors you would need are the smart sensor, Also called Auto-Detectible sensors.

Can I Really Do This Myself?

“If” you want to add telemetry to your RC but are not sure you can do it yourself, Let me just say, Yes you can. Adding Traxxas Telemetry to your RC is not hard at all to do. It is pretty much just a matter of mounting the modules and then just plug n play wiring. Plus the telemetry expander comes with an installation guide and a pattern sheet so you know exactly where to put the mounting screws.

Once you have everything installed and up and running, You will then be able to see your actual RC speed, motor temperature, and battery voltage. Plus you can use the features in the link app to fine-tune your RC vehicle.

My Thoughts On Telemetry

When it comes to running my RC vehicles, I prefer to have the telemetry setup on them. I have had a few RC’s that burnt up cause they got too hot and I had no way to know what the temperature was at. Since I have added the telemetry, It is so easy to tell if the temperatures are getting too hot. I can tell how fast my RC goes and having the speed also gives me the ability to know if something it is not right by watching the speed and temps.

The best part I think, Is to be able to tune my RC while running. The fun does not have to stop while you tune your RC. This really comes in handy if are racing or you run on different types of terrain. You can adjust the RC for each different type of terrain.Traxxas TQI Reciever

Traxxas makes a phone dock that attaches to the transmitter and your mobile device sits on the dock. This is kinda cool, it gets plugged into the transmitter and it will charge your mobile device as well.

I went the cheap route. I bought a universal cell phone holder that clips to the air vents in your car, I got it from the dollar store. “I” took the feet that would hold it to the vents and bent them out straight and glued it to the base of my transmitter. Works like a charm!

What do you think of this article? What are your thoughts on Traxxas Telemetry? Leave me a comment below, I would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions.




12 thoughts on “Traxxas Telemetry

  1. I have installed gps, heat/voltage sensor, and rpm sensor using expander. What I seem not to be able to do is get the speed from the gps. It will only pickup the speed from the rpm sensor. Any fix you know of?


    1. Make sure you have the latest update from the Traxxas app. The GPS is very dependent on clear skies, overcast, and such will make it hard to connect. In the app, you should see an icon for the GPS. When it is connected, it should turn green. If not green, then it is not getting a connection with statelite.


      1. When I run the car outside I make sure I have a solid green light on the gps unit. Still all I get is speed from rpm sensor.
        Now Trazxas tells me to disconnect the rpm sensor run the car making the gps unit register the speed then reconnect the rpm sensor back on. After connecting the rpm sensor the speed comes from the sensor. I do have the latest version of the app on my phone.
        Guess I will just have to settle for what I have.
        Thanks for getting back to me.


      2. I am sorry it is not working well for you, If all the icons in the Traxxas app are green, then it should be working. Maybe the rpm senor needs to be unistalled for the GPS speed to work properly, I am not sure as I have never tried running the rpm sensor and gps installed together. Just a thought!


  2. Hello Tim, this was very interesting. I was unaware of telemetry before I have read your article, as it is used to monitor all of the aspects of your RC. It is best to equip the telemetry in order to keep an eye on your RC’s speed and temperature. I will have to keep this in mind if I ever purchase another RC. Thanks again for the info, keep up the good work!!!


    1. Hello Ahmad,
      It is a good idea to have telemetry on your RC especially if you are bashing, as it will let you know if your RC is getting to hot or developing any issues.
      Thank you


    1. Hi Joseph,
      Adding telemetry to the RC doesn’t make much difference in wieght. Even if you add the telemetry expander and GPS module, it adds very little weight as they are designed for lightweight. When you are using a Brushless RC they are powerful, so as for speed there is no noticable difference.


  3. The first thing I thought of when I read your post is the heat sensor ability of Telemetry. Nothing worse than your RC burning out, so this is a really good tool to use to prevent that. Good info, thank you.


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