Snow skis and paddle tires on Slash

Winter Driving Video – Tips For Winter RC Driving

Bashing your RC in the winter can be a lot of fun. However, there are some precautions you need to take to keep your RC in good condition. I am going to share with you a short winter driving video, And some tips for winter RC driving to help make the most of your winter RC driving.

Setting Up Your RC For Winter

Winter RC driving can be fun. You want to set your car up to go through the snow. There are a few things you can do to help your RC run through the snow. “If” you are running a 4wd RC, You may want to get a set of paddle tires for the front and rear. These tires are great for pulling the RC through the snow and ice. For 2wd RC, Put paddle tires on the rear and a set of skis on the front. This is Real cool!

When you are running your RC in the cold winter temperatures, You need to be aware of the fact that, The plastic parts of the RC will become very brittle. Which means they will break very easily and quickly. Actually, the metal parts will as well, Such as the suspension pins and shock shafts. Run carefully to avoid crashing into any obstacles. Just the slightest crash can break your RC parts.

Keep your electronics safe and dry. Today’s RC’S come with waterproof Electronics, however, there are still many out there that are not. You want to make sure your RC’s Electronics stay dry, to avoid any unwanted damage.

As the snow melts, it turns to water and water can find it’s way into the seams of the cases of the electronics. To avoid this you can use some paper towel to wrap around the electronics. “If” necessary use some tape keep the paper towel in place. Then you can put them inside a balloon. The balloons will keep water out, but if moisture gets in the paper towel will absorb any that gets to the electronics.

Traxxas Slash 2wd Winter RunningTraxxas slash 2wd winter skis

The Traxxas slash 2wd with the stock tires in the winter does not do so well. “It” sinks in the snow and just spins. When you put the paddle tires and skis on it, The RC is a lot better. This allows it to actually move through the snow some. Still, not easy through any type of deep snow. An inch or two of snow or ice is plenty for this truck.

Slash 2wd Winter Driving Video


Winter RC Maintenance

Maintaining your RC when driving it in the winter time is extremely important to keep it in good operating condition.Traxxas slash chassis covered in snow

After each run, clean off the RC. Be sure to get all the snow and ice and dirt off of the car.

When you are done running and your RC is all clean, You need to make sure to dry off your RC as completely as possible. Use hot air while drying off your RC, Use a hairdryer or a hot air heat gun.

After the RC is dried off, Spray a mist of moisture inhibitor like wd-40 on all the suspension parts. Such as suspension pins, wheel hub bearings, steering links, pivot points, and shock shafts. Basically, spray all metal parts and any moving pivoting parts. This will keep them from rusting and allow the RC to last for a long time. Traxxas chassis cover

“I” put the chassis dirt cover on after my electronics got covered with snow. The dirt cover helps keep the snow off the Electronics.

Use a paintbrush to wipe away any excess wd-40. Then you can use the brush to wipe around the case seams on the electronics with the excess wd-40. these get rid of any moisture before it can seep through the seams.

Make sure to store your RC in a well-ventilated area. Now your RC is ready for the next time out.

Winter OptionsTraxxas slash snow skis and paddle tires

When it comes to running RCs in the winter, There are different options to make this more fun and exciting. Like mentioned earlier, You can get skis and paddle tires. There is also another great option and it works the best, However, it is a little more expensive. The RC tracks set up. You can get a track setup that replaces the wheels and tires of your RC and gives you snowmobile style tracks. On 4wd RCs you can put them on all 4 axles. For the 2wd RCs, you can put them on the rear and put skis on the front. This setup is the best option to use for winter running, And these track setups work wonderfully.

my thoughts On Winter Running

Now I personally do not like the cold. I do, however, Love to run my RCs in the winter. I would recommend getting a 4wd RC for use with winter running. They just work a lot better in the snow and ice. The 2wd can still be a lot of fun, Just the 4wd RCs are more fun, as they will go through a lot more snow than the 2wd.Traxxas Slash winter running

“I” run the Traxxas Slash 2wd with rear paddle tires and front skis. This slash is pretty fun to run in the snow, Even though it does not do very well in deep snow. In a parking lot that is covered with snow but is plowed not salted, This RC is really fun. “It” can fly around like crazy and through some nice roosts from the deep paddles of the rear tires.

“If” you’re interested in getting the Traxxas Slash you can get it here.

What are your thoughts on RC vehicle tips for winter driving? Leave a comment and I will reply to you within 24hrs.






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