Losi LST 3XL-E

Losi Monster Truck XL – On Pavement

The well-known Losi Monster Truck XL is a great off-road basher! Whether it’s off-road racing, jumping, mud running or any other type of off-road, These RCs can handle it all. The Losi Monster Truck XL is built and designed tough and extremely powerful for bashing. So, What about the road, can you run the Losi on the pavement?

Losi Monster Trucks XL
Losi LST 3XL-E

On-Road Driving – Monster RC Truck

Can these trucks run on pavement? Simply put, Yes they can. The Losi XL is amazing running on pavement. “It” is fast and a powerhouse, Which makes it fun to run on pavement. Although this truck is extremely fun, The brute power of this monster truck is really intense and on road is not the best place this truck should be run.

Use With Caution – Running On Pavement

“If” you’re going to run it on the pavement you should do so with caution! “I” strongly recommend running this truck on wide open space (such as empty parking lot) till you get a feel for it and become used to running the monster. When you’re running at high speed and you flip over due to cornering too fast or anything in that nature, The truck can end up in a barrel roll.

This can have not only a negative impact on the RC but can harm yourself or other property as well. The Losi monster truck XL is a big and heavy monster truck, “It” is a 1/8 scale that weighs 15.5lbs.

The Losi XL comes with 3 throttle settings, Low, Medium and High. Each setting changes the speed and power output. Low setting provides the least amount of speed and power. The High setting provides the maximum speed and power output. This monster truck on medium setting can perform backflips on demand, While on high setting it can perform back flips and front flips on demand. Pretty impressive for a 15+ pound RC truck, Right?

Why Use Caution On Road?Losi Monster Truck XL

Well, “I,” say use caution when you’re running this RC on road for good reason! When I first got my Losi monster truck XL, “I” ran it on the road. No, I did not run it with caution! “I” ran it hard and fast, Just the same as I would with any other of my RCs. Yes, I paid the price for not respecting this Monster Truck.

Thankfully, No one except myself got hurt. “I” was running in an empty parking lot, Of course, I had to see what this truck could do. “I” mean who wouldn’t, right?

So, what happened? Well, There I was racing around the parking lot. “I” was racing around the edge of the parking lot. In a circle track formation. All was good, racing around from first to second and then to third throttle setting. Let me just say there is a noticeable difference with each setting.

Anyway, In the third set and flying around. “I” come around the corner towards myself and all of a sudden the truck loses traction. The rear end slides out and I tried to counter steer to bring in back in but the truck just slid back and out the other way. Then the tires gripped and the truck flipped over and just started a barrel roll towards me. Before I could get out of the way the truck smashed into my ankle and took me to the ground.

Don’t know how, But I did not break my ankle or anything, However, My ankle and foot were bruised and swollen for days. Let me just say, A 15lb RC is not something you want coming at you.

On The Bright Side – Street Running

Now, If you use caution and respect the Losi monster truck XL, Running on the street and any other pavement area can be extremely exciting. The backflip and front flips this truck can do on demand are truly amazing and fun. The truck can climb up over curbs and even rock piles if you have access to them. Like a rock, the quarry is a great place to run this Losi monster truck.

Parking Lot Run – Running My Losi Monster Truck XL

My son and I went out to the parking lot to just mess around a little with the Losi XL. We just had a little time to waste, So we figured we would go out to the parking lot and mess around with the Losi. Maybe we will do some backflips and such, Nothing real major. Here is a video below of some of our runtime we had.


To learn more about the Losi Monster Truck Click here.

Final Thoughts – Pavement Running

This extreme basher is to please no matter where you run. High-speed pavement running is exciting, But the brute power of this big monster is nothing short of amazing. The Losi monster truck will keep you entertained on the pavement with the speed and power this truck delivers. Maybe you want to run at the local skate park! The Losi monster truck can perform well there too. The possibilities really are endless.

What are your thoughts on the Losi monster truck XL?

Do you have any experiences with this big monster truck?

Leave a comment below, I’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions!



4 thoughts on “Losi Monster Truck XL – On Pavement

  1. Hello once again Tim, another great truck review. I haven’t had a monster truck in years, and I am still a big kid at heart lls. I would to give this baby a try, but I will be careful not to hurt myself. I would practice in the parking lot like you mentioned before, just to get the feel of it, and then take it to the streets!!! I am looking forward to reading more of your articles soon!!!


  2. thats a pretty awesome RC truck I run rcs with my father who has a huge collection and ive been considering getting one for to run so im definitely gonna look into getting this truck thanks for sharing and have a good night.


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