RC LED Lights

Customize your RC Vehicles with some amazing RC LED Lights. There are many different types and options of LED Lighting for you to choose from for your RC vehicles. The LED Lights can be installed and set up in different ways for operation. Let’s go through some of them.

RC LED Lighting – Vehicle LightingTraxxas Slash with RC LED Lights

RC Lighting is a great addition to your RC vehicles that makes it great for nighttime running. No matter what RC vehicle you own, You can find some RC LEDs that will work for you. LED light bar you can mount on top of the roof, single bulb set up that you can mount into the headlight and tail light for your RC body, under chassis lights and even bumper mounted off-road spotlight style light buckets. When looking for lights for your vehicle, the only issue you will face is being able to pick just one set.

LED Light Bar

LED light bars on your RC vehicle is a great option for off-road running, these light bars mount on top of the roof to provide a higher sitting light for more visibility. Let’s take a look at some of the light bars available.

1) Apex RC 3 LED 55mm Aluminum light bar for 1/16 and 1/18 scale cars and buggies.

2) Alex RC Products 7 LED 121mm Aluminum light bar for 1/10 scale rock crawlers and trucks.

3) Apex RC Products 56 LED 138mm Aluminum light bar for 1/10 scale short course trucks.

4) 6 inch super bright LED light bar kit.

5) Multi-function ultra bright LED light bar for 1/10 and 1/8 scale cars and trucks.

There are too many to try and list, but these five give you an idea of some of the light bars available for your RC vehicles.

LED Headlight and Taillight setsSlash Headlights and Taillights

There are many light sets available to fit your needs. These light sets are great for street use as well as off-road. I will list a few of them below. The light sets listed here are sets of professional Led lights for RC cars and trucks, which includes,

1) 4pcs LEDs with 2 white 5mm LEDs and 2 red 3mm LEDs, and suitable for all of your RCs. Made from durable plastic and metal.

2) RC Car LED Light Cup 12mm & 18mm. For 1/10 & 1/8 scale RC Trucks, LED Fog Lamp Light Kit.

3) 4 LED RC car headlight and taillight kit, 2 white and 2 red LEDs 1/10 scale RC cars and trucks.

4) 8 LED RC light kit, for 1/10 scale cars and trucks with 2 white, 4 yellow and 2 red LEDs.

5) RC car flashing light kit, 12 LED 4 operation modes with multicolor flashing light system.

6)RC car Angle Eyes light kit, 2 LEDs white and blue lights for 1/10 scale vehicles.

As you can see there are so many options for RC lights, that you can find almost anything to fit your own needs to give you a more customized look at the same time as helping you see when driving in low light conditions.

RC LED Lights Operation

LED lighting can be set up and operated in a few different ways for your liking and convenience.

1) They can be hooked up directly to your receiver so they come on when you turn your model on. This is the easiest way to install your lighting.

2) RC lights can be hooked up to an on/off toggle switch, this way they can be turned on and off as you please.

3) The most convenient, although the more expensive option is controlling your LED lights from your transmitter. The lights can be turned on and off right from your transmitter without the need to stop driving your RC vehicle to turn on your lights. They can be operated on the fly by the flip of a switch on your transmitter.

Adding LED LightsRustler with custom Lighting

When adding RC LED Lights, Not only does it makes it great for some nighttime driving fun, it also adds a touch of realism to your vehicle. When you run at night it is great to not have to worry about if the parking lot is lit up enough or if the yard has lights. No matter where you are running with RC Lights on your vehicle you will always have light when you need it. No more having to wait until morning to run your RCs, just grab them and go run!

Final Thought – LED Lights

Running RC Lights is a great way to light up the night for some real exciting RC time. I Run LED lights on some of my vehicles and have installed them to turn on with my car, have set them up with an on/off switch as well as set them up to turn them on and off with my transmitter. Using the transmitter to control the LEDs is a really awesome way to set up your RC Lights, don’t need to stop running to turn them on.

How do you feel about RC LED Lights?

Leave a comment, I would like to hear your thoughts!



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