Arrma Kraton Review

The ARRMA KRATON 6S is designed to be tough, so you can take your bashing to the next level. It’s engineered to excel on any terrain, thanks to blistering brushless power, waterproof electronics, and dBoots Minokawa tires. Take it out on the roughest off-road terrain can find, The Kraton 6S will take on the challenge and keep coming back for more.Arrma Kraton

Kraton Features:


Tactic TTX300 3-channel radio and TR326 3-channel receiver.

BLX 4074 2050kV brushless motor.

Waterproof BLX185 brushless ESC and ADS-15M metal gear steering servo.

Stiffer servo mount.

Two XT90 battery connectors

Frame and Chassis:

Stronger bulkheads, front/rear chassis stub axles

Heavy-duty drivetrain.

Durable steel driveshafts throughout.

Anodized aluminum chassis.

Adjustable oil-filled shocks with 4 mm shafts boost durability

Black anodized aluminum shock towers.

Strong composite chassis side pods.

All-metal diff out drives and gearbox internals.

Dirt shields and bumpers.

dBoots Minokawa multi-terrain tires on multi split-spoke wheels.


Designed With Protection

Built and designed with bashing durability in mind. The Arrma Kraton is tougher than ever.

Arrma Kraton is Equipped with a durable composite internal roll cage, the Kraton 6S can handle the big hits, as this super-tough structure helps protect your Polycarbonate body from damage.

Also, equipped with Dirt shields for peace of mind protection. Deflects elements away from internal components. Improved front and rear bumper design for heavy impacts and shunts.

Brushless Power System

The fitted BLX 2050kV 4-Pole brushless motor provides speed and torque and is perfectly balanced for use with the included BLX185 ESC unit.Arrma Kraton 6S Brushless System

The included BLX185 150A waterproof ESC with XT90 connector (male) provides consistent power control and is 6S LiPo ready.

The included Tactic TTX300 3-Channel radio features Secure Link Technology, for an unbreakable link between the transmitter and receiver, eliminating any chances for interference.

Kraton Chassis And Suspension

When you want to bash hard, the Kraton 6S is the RC that will get the job done. “It” has a Strong and durable wing mount design, refined to add longevity when hard landings are on the menu. Combined with revised rear hubs for additional strength and reduced wear, the Arrma Kraton 6S is ready for the rough stuff, straight from the box.

The rear suspension of this monster 6S also features red anodized adjustable shocks. Both the front and rear shocks have been refined and include longer springs, 4mm shock shafts, and an updated damper tune.

A new rear bumper adds protection to the rear-end of the truck.

The steering blocks on the KRATON 6S have been revised to add strength in this highly-stressed area.

The gearboxes have been beefed-up; strength has been strategically added in key areas for even more durability.

Heavy-duty 4mm steel shock shafts take big hits in their stride and offer amazing durability.

The material has been added to the servo mount to increase the stiffness in this area, sharpening the steering feel.

Two hook-and-loop straps, fitted perpendicular to each other, provide a secure fit for your batteries. The secure fit means batteries can be safely mounted side-by-side or one on top of the other.

Shock cap protectors keep the shock caps looking good. They also protect the body from coming into contact with the shock caps and shock mounting hardware, prolonging the life of the body shell.

The version of the Arrma Kraton 6S BLX released in October 2017 features the following differences and upgrades.Arrma Kraton Body

Chassis Quick Features:

  • New Larger Battery Tray w/Wire Routing Clip & area for Balance Plug
  • Radio Box w/Rubber Wire Seals & Receiver Plate
  • Aluminum Top & Bottom Shock Caps & Preload Adjusters
  • Larger Diameter 0.16″ (4mm) Shock Shafts & New High Spring Perches
  • Additional Webbing Added to Bulkheads for Greater Strength
  • Stronger Servo Mount for Better Steering Feel
  • Updated Chassis Braces Attach Directly to Chassis
  • Lightweight Plastic Shock and Roll Bar Pivot Balls
  • Added Material Around Front Suspension Arms for Greater Strength**

Arrma Kraton Specs:

Chassis: 0.12″ (3mm) thick aluminum, black in color

Drive: Four wheels with CVD driveshafts

Radio: Tactic TTX300 2.4GHz 2-channel with

Steering Servo: ADS-15M waterproof, 195 oz-in (149 kg-cm) torque @6V,
0.16sec speed @6V, metal gear, 25 tooth spline output

Motor: BLX4074 2050Kv 4-pole brushless (ARAG2000)

ESC: Waterproof BLX185 150A 6S with built-in cooling fan, and male
XT90 connector

Radio Box: New design routes ESC & receiver wires through a rubber
seal to avoid pinching when the lid is replaced, the receiver is attached
to a plate that slots into receiver box base, one-piece rubber
the seal seals out water and dirt

Shocks: 16mm red anodized aluminum body, oil filled, aluminum top
and bottom caps, 0.16″ (4mm) diameter shaft, new high spring perch

Shock Towers: 0.20″ (5mm) thick aluminum, black in color

Suspension: Pivot ball with anti-roll bar

Differentials: Three metal gear

Roll Cage: Composite internal

Body: Trimmed and painted polycarbonate, nylon rear wing

Motor Mount: Aluminum

Battery Tray: From the Outcast 6S, with front to back battery strap,
wire routing clips, balance plug stowage, higher sides for better
fit, and front upper cap that adjusts to battery height when
battery strap is tightened

Tires: dBoots Minokawa, width: 3.3″ (85mm), diameter: 6.2″ (157mm)

Wheels: Five split spoke, black in color 17mm hex, diameter: 3.8″
(97mm), width 2.6″ (66mm)

Camber: Adjustable front and rear, camber refers to the angle of the
tops of the tires from vertical when viewed from front or behind

Caster: Adjustable, caster/toe-in refers to the angle of the front
suspension when viewed from the side of the car in relation to
the chassis

Warranty: Two-year limited warranty beginning at date of purchase

Kraton 6S Dimensions:

Length: 23.39 in (594mm)

Front and Rear Width: 18.11 in (460mm)

Height: 7.68 in (195mm)

Wheelbase: 14.84 (377mm)

Ride Height: 1.85″ (47mm)

Weight: 9.15lb (4.5kg)

Maximum Battery Tray Dimensions: 6.22 x 2.76 x 1.89″
(158 x 70 x 49mm)

Length: 18.6″ (472mm)

Width: 8″ (203mm) behind front wheels, narrowest point

Width: 10.03″ (255mm) at rear wheels, widest point

Height: 6.25″ (159mm)Arrma Kraton 6S Green


What is Included:

RTR Kraton 6S BLX Speed Truck with Painted Body,

2.4GHz Radio,

Waterproof Steering Servo and Receiver Box,

BLX185 ESC, 2050Kv Brushless Motor,

12T Pinion Gear,

Instruction Manual.

two XT90 Battery Connectors and Bridging Wire for single pack use


AA Batteries: Four for the transmitter

LiPo Battery: Two 2-3S 5000mAh 35C minimum LiPo with XT90

connector, Onyx 11.1V 5000mAh 35C batteries recommended, or one

4-6S LiPo battery

Battery Charger: To match selected battery

LiPo charging sack, building & track equipment

Check out the video of the Arrma Kraton in action.

Arrma Kraton 6S Basher

This Kraton 6s is a great, durable RC vehicle. “It” is built extremely tough. The only downside that I can find to this vehicle is, the esc seems to have some issues. Some of them are fine, however others are not so. There are several that come with I don’t know what you would say. Maybe defective! They seem fine and work well, then all of a sudden the esc burns up. That seems to be far and few in between.

Do you self a favor, and get a replacement esc as well. “I” just buy a roller chassis and install my own electronics and everything is great. The Arrma Kraton is an extremely powerful and quick R/C that is great for bashing.

Feel free to leave me your comments!







3 thoughts on “Arrma Kraton Review

  1. Wow! The Arrma Kraton looks like a big RC car. I like the looks of it, it does look tough and fast. It be be awesome to have this rc but the 6s battery along has to be expensive. Great article thanks.


    1. Hi Dean,
      Yes the Arrma Kraton is an 1/8 scale RC Truggy, so it is on the big side. As for the battery, it takes two 2s or 3s batteries. Batteries range in price depending on brand. The Arrma Kraton is designed to bash hard and built tough. Thank you


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