Traxxas Brushless Motor Rebuild

Traxxas Brushless motors like the Traxxas Velineon 3500 provide extreme performance and maximum efficiency. When compared to their brushed counterparts, They are far more superior. Brushless motors can also be rebuilt to keep them running for years of high-performance fun. In this article, I will show you how to rebuild the Traxxas Velineon 3500 brushless motor by replacing the bearings and other common wear items that can fail on you Traxxas RC Motor.

Traxxas Brushless Motor

Most Common Failure

Bearings are the most typical cause of failure for the Traxxas Brushless motor. Failing bearings usually cause the motor to run hot and may reduce performance and run time due to causing extra heat in the motor. They may also cause the motor to feel rough and scratchy when you turn the output shaft by hand.

When Is The Right Time To Rebuild?

Your Brushless motor should be rebuilt when you start experiencing loss in speed and/or performance. Also, if the motor overheats or runs at hotter temperatures frequently. These are some of the signs that your motor is trying to tell you it is tired.

This motor I took out of my Traxxas Rustler. The symptoms the motor had been, lack of performance, I would lose speed and power more and more with each run. “It” also would overheat constantly. Some surface rust is evident on the pinion gear and the motor feels scratchy when you spin the gear by hand. This is typically the sign of a failed bearing.

This motor did not receive the proper attention and maintenance required after being run in water and mud. Be sure to read the wet weather maintenance tips featured in your vehicle’s manual for proper care. With good care, your Traxxas Velineon motor can provide years of high-performance fun and excitement.

What’ve Tools Are Required

Here are is the tools you will need to perform the Traxxas Velineon rebuild.

Velineon 3500 rebuild kit = 3352R

1.5 mm hex driver

2.0 mm hex driver

4 mm nut driver

How To Rebuild Traxxas Velineon

OK, so let’s get to it shall we? We begin by removing everything from the motor.

Use a 2mm hex driver to remove the motor plate screws and a 1.5mm driver for the grub screw on the pinion gear.

Pop the plastic cover off the back end of the motor. Use the 1.5mm hex to remove all four screws securing the end bell.

Gently pry the end bell out of the end of the motor. It is not necessary to remove the bearing since the rebuild kit includes a new end bell. Do not lose any thin shims which may be on the motor shaft. They will be reused.

The rotor is held in place by a strong magnetic field. Press the motor shaft down onto a hard surface like a table. This will push the rotor through the can. Grip the rotor tightly and pull it out of the can. Be careful when removing the rotor! The magnetic force can cause the rotor to snap back and pinch your fingers.

With the rotor out, it’s time to remove the front bearing from the aluminum can. This bearing can be difficult to remove. The 4mm nut driver from the Traxxas Tool Kit is the perfect size to tap the bearing out without breaking it.

A closer inspection of the bearings reveals the problem. These bearings have almost rusted solid, causing the motor to work harder and overheat. After bearings get wet, it is important to spray them with WD-40 to expel any water. This will keep them healthy and running smoothly. Fortunately, this motor can be rebuilt to restore its full performance.

The Velineon 3500 rebuild kit contains all the parts required to rebuild this motor. Spray out the motor can with an electric motor cleaner spray if you have it or compressed air. Be sure to wear eye protection while cleaning out the can. Replace the two bearings and install the new brass bushing on the rear of the motor shaft. Reuse the thin washers on the motor shaft. They should be closest to the center.

Carefully reinsert the rotor into the can to avoid pinching your fingers. Reinstall the rear end bell and attach it with the included screws. Finally, clean the outside of the can and reinstall the cap. Your motor is now rebuilt and ready for action!rebuilt traxxas velineon

Important Reminder!

Remember that with proper care and maintenance of your brushless motors, they can deliver maximum performance and high efficiency for years to come. “If” the motors are run hard and not properly maintained, they can fail prematurely as this one did. Believe it or not, this motor is only 7 months old and was worn out because I did not properly care for it.

Don’t let the lack of care and maintenance take the fun and enjoyment away from your RC time. As always check your vehicle’s manual for specialized care instructions. “I” really hope this article has helped you to keep on enjoying the RC Hobby!

What are your thoughts or questions? Has this article helped you in any way?

Leave me a comment, I like to hear your thoughts.

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