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How To Clean RC Car

Learn how to clean RC car and the importance of keeping them clean. Part of maintaining your RC car is cleaning it regularly. This will help with the RC operating properly and avoid any issues that may be starting to appear.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your RC Car

There are many benefits to keeping you RC car clean. Not only will it keep it looking nice, but “It” will also help to avoid possible issues and breakdowns. As you are cleaning the RC, it gives you the chance to look the vehicle over for any backed out or missing screws, cracks or breaks in any of the suspension and /or chassis parts, and check the wiring for any broken or frayed wires or split wire coverings.

When cleaning your RC Car the benefits are as follows:

  • Provides a chance to see any missing or backed out screws,
  • Find any cracks or breaks in all parts,
  • Check for and find any wiring issues,
  • Keep the RC car running cool,
  • Provides less wear and tear to the vehicle.

When the RC Car Is Clean

When you keep your RC clean, there is less wear and tear on the vehicle while running. I know things wear out no matter what just from normal use, however, a dirty vehicle will wear out quicker then you may think. The dirt and grime will get into the axle bearings, suspension pins, which will start to bind things up causing heat and drag. Then, eventually find its way into the motor bearings, as well as clog up the heat sink or stick to the motor can, this can and will cause a heating issue.

After running your RC’s in the dirt or any wet or muddy conditions, The RC vehicle should be thoroughly cleaned off. To do a thorough cleaning of your vehicle only takes a little bit of time. “It” can be done it about a half hours (30 minutes) worth of time.

How To Clean RC CarRC Car Cleaning Kit

OK, Let’s get into the best and easiest way to clean an RC car. This is the exact way I clean my RC cars and trucks, And I have had great results. My RC’s are still free from rust and no binding or dragging bearings, All are in great condition.

After your done running for the day, You Do Not need to clean the RC car after every run. Unless you are running in mud or wet conditions. Just once after you are done for the day is plenty. “If” you don’t run in dirty, dusty or wet conditions, once a week or every other week would be fine. There is no set schedule, Just use your best judgment and common sense. When your RC is getting dirty, then clean it!

Once you are ready to clean the RC, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Make sure to unplug and remove the battery pack from the vehicle. “I” take the wheels and tires off and clean them separately, that way the foam inside does not get completely soaked and deteriorate.
  2. Then take the garden hose and spray off the outside of the vehicle.
  3. After the outside of the vehicle is clean, remove the body and spry off the inside of the body. Then set it aside.
  4. Now spray down the rest of the vehicle, the chassis, and suspension. Pay attention to all the screws and such while spraying it off.
  5. Use a skewer stick or pipe cleaner to get off any grass, stones and any debris not removed from the water hose.
  6. After the vehicle is completely cleaned off, use an air compressor (if available) or a can of compressed air to dry the RC off. Make sure all metal parts, such as the shock shafts, toe and camber links, and axle/wheel bearings are completely clean and dry.
  7. Take and spray some penetrating oil like wd-40. On the axle bearings, motor bearing, shock shafts, pivot points on suspension, and all metal parts. This will help to keep them moving freely as well as remove moisture. WD-40 is water displacing, as well as a penetrant.
  8. Now put the RC vehicle wherever you normally keep it, just put a towel under it to catch any drips.
  9. For the wheels and tires, I use a spray bottle and hand towel to clean them off. Spray off the dirt, mud or debris, making sure not to get much water inside the tires. Then use the towel to wipe off the rest of the debris and dry them off.
  10. Now you can put the tires back on the RC vehicle. The RC is now nice and clean.

The wheels and tires can be cleaned on the vehicle if you choose to. “I” have done it and it has not worked out well for me. The dirt and water get into the tire and soaks the foam, which then deteriorates the foam. When this happens it throws the wheel balance off and the RC shakes while running higher speeds or any speed on the pavement. “If” you mainly run off-road, then this may not be an issue for you.

Ready For Next RunLST after Cleaning

Now the RC vehicle is all cleaned and ready for the next run. Best of all, it will perform great without the dirt and grime to hold back its performance.

Remember, anytime that the RC vehicle is run in wet conditions, you want to make sure you dry off the metal parts of the RC and spray them with wd-40. “Even if” you are not cleaning the RC. At the very least, dry off the metal parts, like the shock shafts and axle bearings. Then spray them with the wd-40 to keep them from rusting and to keep them lubricated, so they will move freely without binding up.

For information on bashing and mud running, check out my post on radio controlled cars.

How do you clean your RC vehicles? What are your thoughts? Go ahead and leave me a comment below in the comment section at the bottom of the page, “I” would really like to hear from you!

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