Rustler Magnum 272 gearbox

Traxxas Rustler Transmission

The Traxxas Rustler Transmission in newer Traxxas Rustler’s feature all metal gears with sealed ball bearings. The sealed gearbox case protects the Magnum 272 Transmission from the elements, Keeping out water and debris. The Magnum 272 includes the Traxxas Planetary gear differential that features, hardened steel internal gears and steel ring with a nylon housing combined with 48 pitch ring and pinions provides extra long life capability and durability with virtually maintenance free operation.

This guide will walk you through the process of removing the transmission from the Traxxas Rustler RC vehicle. This can also be used for the Traxxas Slash 2wd, as it uses the same transmission and installed similarly to the Rustler. In fact, this Magnum 272 Transmission gearbox is found on both newer model brushed and brushless Traxxas Rustler, 2wd Slash, Bandit and 2wd Stampede.

How To Remove Rustler TransmissionTraxxas 2wd magnum transmission

Whenever you have the need to remove or replace the transmission (gearbox) on your Traxxas Rustler, Follow this guide to learn how to easily remove it from the vehicle.

Remove the body clips and then take the body off and set it aside.

Take the gear cover off by removing the 2 screws,

Unplug the 3 motor wires from the ESC, Route the wires through the rear shock tower.

Remove the set screw for the pinion gear and slide the pinion off the motor shaft. Now, remove the 2 motor mounting screws and remove the motor.

Take out the pins or screws that are holding the rear suspension arms to the case.

Pull the rear suspension arms outward and slide the axles out of yokes on the transmission.

Remove the 6 screws on the bottom of chassis holding the gearbox.

Now remove the 4 screws holding the shock tower to the chassis.

The Magnum 272 can now be lifted up and out. You might have two wriggles it around some or use a small flat blade screwdriver to pry up off the chassis carefully.

Taking The Transmission ApartTraxxas Rustler Gearbox case

OK, Now that the transmission is off the vehicle, you can now take the case apart. Before taking the case apart, you want to make sure it is clean and free of debris to avoid any unwanted particles from getting into the differential and gears.

First, Remove the set screw holding each axle yoke to transmission and slide the yokes off the output shaft.

Next, Take all 7 screws out of the transmission case and carefully separate the case halves.

Check the differential and idler gears real good to make sure there are no missing teeth. Make sure the nylon differential case is in good condition, with no cracks.

Replace any worn or broken parts.

Re-Assemble The Gearbox

Once you have replaced all and any broken parts, you can re-assemble the gearbox. Lay one of the cases halves down flat on the bench/table, Make sure the differential and idler gears are seated into the case half the same as they were before they were removed. Check the tape that was on the bottom of the gearbox to see if it can be reused. “If” you need to replace it, waterproof Gorilla tape works really well. You want this to seal real good so the diff fluid doesn’t leak out.

After making sure everything is in place, fill the case half with Traxxas 500 diff fluid or comparable diff fluid. Then, Take the other case half and set it in place, on top of the half you just filled with fluid. With the gearbox still laying down install all the screws to hold the case halves together and snug them down.

Slide the axle yokes onto the output shafts and tighten the set screws. The Transmission gearbox can now be installed back into the Rustler.

Re-Install The TransmissionTraxxas Rustler Transmission

We now are ready to install the Traxxas Rustler Transmission. Set the transmission on the chassis and makes sure to get it seated properly in place. You may have to wriggles it and kind of snap it down in place.

Now that it is in place set the rear shock tower on and install the 4 screws, snug them up.

Turn the vehicle over and put the 6 screws through the chassis and tighten them down.

Take the rear suspension arms and set them in place on the transmission case, slide the axle into the yoke, then, install and tighten the suspension pin/screw. Do the exact same with the suspension arm and axle on the other side.

Set the motor in place and install the 2 mounting screws, leaving them a little loose. Slide the pinion gear onto the motor shaft, align the pinion with the spur gear and tighten the set screw securing the pinion to the shaft. Adjust the gear mesh and tighten the motor mounting screws to secure the motor and maintain the gear mesh. A piece of paper folded in half works well for setting gear mesh.

Install gear cover and snug the 2 holding screws.

Route the motor wires through the rear shock tower, and connect them into the ESC. The wires should be colored coded for easy installation. Blue/Blue, White/White, and Yellow to Yellow.

Set the body on the vehicle and install the body clips. The RC vehicle is now ready to go.

The Final Step

The Traxxas Rustler now has a freshened up transmission and is ready for some action. Grab your radio and a fresh battery pack and take it for a rip! Give yourself a pat on the back, you just fixed or replaced the transmission on your RC Vehicle and are now back up and running. Now go have some fun! You deserve it!

Click here For more info on the Traxxas Rustler.

Watch the video below of the Brushed Rustler XL-5 on 2s LiPo battery.


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  1. Very easy to follow guide to remove my Traxxas Rustler Transmission. I just replaced my Transmission following this guide and I was finished fairly quickly. Thank you for this great article.


    1. Hi Jack,
      I am very glad to hear that this article was able to help you with your RC. Please, let me know if I can help with anything else.
      Thank you,


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