4" LED Light Bar Kit

Off-Road LED Light Bar

Pro-Line has proudly introduced a new 4″ LED Light Bar Kit with real, working LED Lights. The 4″ Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kit from Pro-Line Fits RC Rock Crawlers, Rock Racers, 1:8 Scale Monster Trucks & 1:10 Scale Monster Trucks. The Light Bar comes with 20 LED Light bulbs pre-wired with a 12″ long cable that can plug directly into your receiver for power or install a switch to turn the Light on and off.

My Rating: 4.9 out of 5 star

Price: $45.56

The best place to buy: Amazon.comPro-Line 4" RC LED Light Bar

Complete Light Kit

The Lights are rated for 6V to 12V power, so you have the option to plug them directly into a 3S lipo power source for Super-Bright LED Light! The LED Lights are housed in a durable Black Nylon housing branded with a P-L logo and include the mounts and hardware you need to do a custom install on your RC Rock Crawler, Rock Racer, 1:8 MT and 1:10 MT vehicle. This LED Light Bar has also been designed to mount directly to the 6278-00 Overland Scale Roof Rack for an integrated scale appearance. Night Crawling has become the new cool thing to do with your scale rig, Nighttime driving adds some fun to your RC time, don’t get left in the Dark! Get Pro-Line’s new 4″ Super-Bright LED Light Bar Kit for your RC truck today and have some real fun!


  • Real, working LED Light Bar Kit
  • 20 Super-Bright LED’s that can handle 2S or 3S Lipo Power
  • Can plug directly into your receiver plug for easy install
  • Includes Mounts and Hardware for a custom install on your favorite scale vehicle
  • Fits Today’s Hottest Rock Crawlers, Rock Racers, 1:8 MT’s and 1:10 MT’s
  • Made from Black Nylon plastic for durability and scale appearance
  • 4″ LED Light Bar can integrate into 6278-00 Overland Scale Roof Rack

What’s Included:

  • 4″ Super-Bright LED Light Bar (1 PC)
  • Plastic Mounts (6 PCs)
  • M3 x 15 BHCS (4 PCs)
  • M3 Lockouts (4 PCs)
  • M3 Washers (4 PCs)
  • M2 x 6 SHCS (4 PCs)


RC Lights To Light The Way

Adding some RC Lights to your rig is a great way to have some fun driving at night. Whether you’re in the backyard or on the trail, This LED Light Bar Kit will sure light up the way. They also make it great and safe for street running in low light or nighttime conditions.

Others will be able to see your there with some super-bright LED Light on the front or top of your RC Truck. Putting LED Lights on your RC helps you be able to always have a visual on the vehicle. “If” you get the RC to far away from yourself, No worries! you will still be able to see where the vehicle is at.

Check out some more great RC Lights here.

Check out the video below and see how the RC looks after installing leds.



2 thoughts on “Off-Road LED Light Bar

  1. This light bar is great! I purchased this to put on my Slash and I could not be happier. They are bright, which is exactly what i wanted for night time off-road use. I also run on road once and a while, and these make my Slash look amazing coming down the street. thanks for the info.


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