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Axial SCX10 II Upgrades

Introducing the new center drive kit for the Axial SCX10 II from MIP! Replace those plastic stock drive shafts with a high-quality, durable drive shaft. The MIP center drive kit is Made out of high quality, heat treated Alloy Steel and black oxide coated.

MIP X-Duty Center Drive 12.3″ W.B. SCX10 II Kit

MIP has introduced the new X-Duty center drive kit for Axial SCX10 II with a wheelbase of 12.3″. The best part about the center drive kit is that it is completely rebuildable and is designed to last. MIP has Designed this kit for competition crawling and backyard bashing, it features the durability proven X-Duty design allowing you to run high power and big tires without having to worry about twisting and breaking axles when hung or snagged up on obstacles. you can drive your SCX10 II with confidence knowing you have a brand you can trust, MIP!MIP 18325 Center Drive Kit For Axial SCX100 II

  • Durability Proven X-Duty Design
  • Able to run higher power and bigger tires without worrying about twisting and breaking axles when hung on obstacles
  • Heavy Design keeps the center of gravity lower, This is something that is needed when crawling over steep rocks, and hills.

My Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

 Price: $72.00

What’s Included:

2 – MIP Confetti Sticker, 2.185 x .65 Black1 – MIP Lube & Thread Gel Cup
1 – MIP Thread Gel Safety Sheet
1 – MIP Inst. Sheet, X-Duty Nose Spacers
1 – MIP Inst. Sheet, X-duty SCX10 Kit, Axial (MIP#18325)
4 – SHSS, 8-32 x 1/8″ Flat Point
4 – 3/32 x 5/8″ Cross Pin
4 – 1/4″ x 3/8″ Coupling
8 – Washer, .200 x .281 x .010 (#5710-499-10)
4 – MIP Bearing Spacer Front, HPI Blitz
8 – MIP M4 Pin Screw, Slash Diff Outdrive
1 – Support Parts Insert Sheet, Extra Kit Parts
1 – SHSS, 8-32 x 1/8″ Flat Point
1 – 3/32 x 5/8″ Cross Pin
1 – 1/4″ x 3/8″ Coupling
2 –  Female Bone, CVD, C-Drive, Scorpion, Axial
1 – Bone, Spline CVD, Summit, Traxxas
1 – Male Bone, CVD C-Drive, Thunder Tech
4 – MIP X-Duty, Drive Hub, 13mm w/ 5mm Bore


Click here for Assembly instructions

Get Crawling and Bashing

with this center drive kit from MIP, you will be amazed at the durability and design. This kit truly adds to the overall durability of your RC SCX10. Don’t get left on the trail with broken axles, Replace those plastic stock ones and you will be so thankful you did. This X-Duty style kit that may also replace the drives on the Traxxas line of vehicles including, Traxxas Stampede 4×4, Slash 4×4, & Rally 4×4.



3 thoughts on “Axial SCX10 II Upgrades

  1. Great information on MIP upgrade for the Axial SCX10 II. I have used MIP Axles in some of my other RC’s, and they are awesome. MIP axles are very durable and easy to install. Thank you.


    1. Hello JR,
      Thank you for sharing you thought with me! I agree, MIP makes some really durable parts. I use them myself. They hold up really well and can take quite a beating.
      Thank you,


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