Pro-Line 1956 ford f-100 street truck body

Pro-Line Ford Truck Body 1956 F-100

Check out the new Ford Truck Body from Pro-Line Racing! 1956 Ford F-100 Pro-Touring Street Truck body.

This body is designed to fit the Traxxas Slash 2WD and Slash 4×4, turning your ride into one sick looking, retro-styled street truck! Its shape covers the entire tires of your truck, no partials here. This allows a killer tuck when slammed. An aggressive front end, ribbed bed and molded bed wing all add to the gorgeous look of this short course body! As with all Pro-Line bodies, this one comes with a Peel-N-Paint overspray film, window masks and a full sticker sheet for final detailing.Pro-Line 1956 ford f-100 pro-touring street body

Pro-Line Pro-Touring Street Truck Body (3514-00)

This is a 1956 Ford F-100 Pro-Touring Clear Body for 1:10 Short Course Trucks. Do you have the need for speed? Then check out Pro-Line’s new Ford Truck Body, The Ford F-100 Pro-Touring body designed for slammed retro street truck racing! This old-school F-100 Pro-Touring body features incredible scale details while being proportioned to fully cover the tires of your Short Course truck.

Combine the body with Pro-Line’s 2.8″ Road Rage Tires mounted on F-11 2.8″ Wheels to get the ultimate in scale retro street style and performance. The Ford F-100 Pro-Touring body is a single cab truck with the iconic old-school grill, headlight and taillight detail that you have come to expect from Pro-Line. The body even has a built-in rear spoiler!

Transform your Short Course truck into a true street killer with the new Pro-Line Ford F-100 Pro-Touring body! This body requires extended body mounts for proper body fitment.

Get your 1956 Ford F-100 Pro-Touring Body here!

For more info on the extended body, mounts see my previous post here!


2 thoughts on “Pro-Line Ford Truck Body 1956 F-100

  1. This would be awesome on my slash. Can this body be used for off road? or just for street use? I run my slash on and off road, so just wondering if i got this body how i can continue running on and off road without buying another vehicle.


    1. Hi Travis,
      This Pro-Line Ford Truck Body is designed for street use. If you like racing or just driving fast on-road, this body is meant for that with the use of Pro-Line’s 2.8″ Road Rage tires. With that said, you can use other tires if you so desire.
      This body would not be good for off road because the body covers and hugs the tires. The rough terrain of off-road driving would make the body rubb the tires and end up in premature wear to both the body and tires.
      If you want to run off-road, it is best to have another body to put on and a set of off-road tires. You can just switch the body and tires as you need. This would be a cheaper option than buying a new vehicle just for off-roading, and better than having to replace your body and tires constantly due to burning them up.
      But remember you can never have to many RC vehicles!
      Thank you,


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