ProTek 130T Servo

ProTek 130T Servo Review

The ProTek 130T servo is a great choice when you’re looking to upgrade or replace your current servo. ProTek Servos are sure to please! The speed and performance this servo will add to your RC for a small price tag when compared to others.

Price: $89.99

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My Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 star

ProTek PTK-130TProTek 130T in Losi Baja Rey

The ProTek Servo PTK-130T is a High Voltage, High Torque, Digital, Servo that offers excellent control. This Servo is designed with the flexibility of high voltage. The 130T is a great option for heavier 1/10 Scale cars and trucks running at 6.0V. When you bump the voltage up to 7.4V, it becomes a great servo for 1/8-scale cars and trucks.

This ProTek Servo has an impressive 288 oz-in of torque with a 0.10 transit speed at 6.0V, and then when you bump up the voltage to 7.4V the torque increases to 355 oz-in and 0.08 transit speed. The 130T Servo includes an internal setup of full metal gears and dual ball bearings, Driving these gears is a coreless motor.

The case features an aluminum middle case that helps to dissipate heat and helps to increase efficiency. ProTek has included a wire lead that is 200mm long and 22awg with gold plated connectors for a great and secure connection. This ProTek servo is an excellent choice for any 1/10 to 1/8 scale vehicle application.

ProTek went the extra mile with this one. Instead of using plastic, they included an aluminum single arm servo horn for some added durability, that will hold up to almost anything you can throw at it.

Features:ProTek 130T Servo PTK-130T

  • Ideal for use in any 1/10 to 1/8 scale vehicle application
  • Uses an Aluminum middle case
  • High voltage circuitry
  • 288 oz-in of torque and 0.10 transit speed, @ 6.0V
  • 355 oz-in of torque and 0.08 transit speed, @ 7.4V
  • Includes Aluminum single arm servo horn
  • Uses Full metal gears and dual ball bearings
  • 200mm long 22awg connector wire w/gold plated connectors
  • Coreless motor

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ProTek 130T Servo On SCT

This ProTek Servo does exceptionally well on 1/0 scale short course trucks. “I” have installed this servo on my Losi Baja Rey 1/10 truck and I could not be happier with that decision. The stock servo on the Losi just seemed to be a little underpowered for the truck. Once I swapped out the stock one for this 130T, “I” was shocked at the difference it made. The power and speed of this servo are twice that of the stock servo.

Even when sitting still with the truck on the ground the wheels have no problem turning full turn in both directions. The stock setup could not do that! When I took the truck out for a run, I was truly amazed at how well it handled and how quickly it responded. The truck can go from full left turn to full right turn in a flash. This is just what I was looking for.

This video is running with the ProTek 130T.

Check out my how to align dual servos page.

“I” will definitely look to ProTek for my next servo needs. The 130T servo is designed well and durable. “I” like the aluminum servo arm over the stock plastic arm. This makes a smoother operation and provides stronger linkage.

2 thoughts on “ProTek 130T Servo Review

  1. I purchased this protek servo for my short course truck and it fit great! The speed and torque this servo provides is just amazing. Thank you for the information on this servo. Very pleased.


    1. Hi Josh,
      I am happy to hear I could help you out! Very glad the servo worked out for your need. I have this servo in my act as well and it preforms great.
      Thank you,


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