RC Tool Stand

The RC Tool Stand for your FPV tools. “If you are looking for a Tool Stand/Holder for Screw Drivers /Hex Drivers/Phillips Head/Flat Head/Star Head/Precision/Tools, This tool stand is Really unique and is very useful for organizing and storing tools providing easy access when needed.

RC Tool Stand

Features & details

  • Unique and useful Screwdriver Rack for organizing and storing tools that are just lying around.
  • Suitable for most inner six corners suits, round hole diameter 23mm. Also, you could lay nuts, standoffs and other small RC parts in this screwdriver stand.
  • Lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Material: 2mm acrylic organic plastic board
  • Package included:1 X Screwdriver Rack

==>Get your RC Tool Stand Here<==


2 thoughts on “RC Tool Stand

  1. This rc tool stand looks like it is amazing! A tool stand like this one should help to keep my tools and small parts organized and in one place. Thank you for the Information


    1. Hello John,
      This RC Tool Stand will surely keep your tools organized and help to have your small parts right there ready to use when needed.
      Thank you,


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