An update on my Traxxas Rustler VXL Spare parts build. The Car is together and up and running and is now my FPV RC Car. I built this Rustler completely out of spare parts and built it for high-speed street use only. When I completed this car I clocked it with GPS at 70mph. I was running 31/76 48 pitch gears and stock size street wheels and tires with 17mm adapters.

The spur gear melted on me while running at high speed. Unfortunately, you can not get a smaller spur gear in a 48 pitch. Seeing as I want more speed out of it, I switched over to 32 pitch and am currently running 23/50 32 pitch gearing. Today, while i was running the car, topped out at 61mph. Maybe due to it being so cold outside, but I don’t know for sure. The gear ratio went from 2.42 down to 2.17 so really shouldn’t lose speed, should have gained a little if anything.

This Traxxas Rustler is a really fun car at high-speed driving. I built an FPV system that I put on an old car of mine, So I decided to do the same thing with this car. I could not be happier, Driving an FPV RC Car at high speed is extremely exciting. Here is a video of me running the Rustler with FPV. I was able to catch and video from the cars point of view so you can really see what I am seeing through the FPV goggles.

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6 thoughts on “FPV RC Car

  1. This is amazing! The FPV looks really cool! I have always wanted to know what it would be like to use FPV, I always hear about it but have never used it. When you are wearing he goggles, does it make you dizzy or anything?


    1. Hello Jason,
      FPV is Great. Being able to see from the cars point of view is awesome. When I am using the goggles I do not feel dizzy or anything like that, I feels pretty natural. However, when i first started using them it took a couple times to get used to them. After that it nothing, I can run with them and without them and have no issues of dizziness.

      Thank you,


      1. Well, when I first started using the goggles i was actually using them with my drone. I was trying to learn to fly with FPV. Flying FPV is not very easy and takes a lot of patients. Diving RC cars with FPV is a lot easier to get used to. The first couple times i used the goggles, they did make me a little disoriented and a little dizzy. Every time i put them on it got better and better. By the third or fourth time it was completely fine.
        Thank you,


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