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Align Servos Dual Servo Alignment

Today I wanted to write this article on how to adjust the alignment on dual steering servo Vehicles. Any real basher should be aware that with a high speed crash or a hard hit to the front end the steering can become knocked out of alignment. It’s always a good idea to check your servo alignment from time to time, especially with off-road driving.

Tip: If your servos make a constant buzzing sound or get warm without any steering input, that’s a good sign that the alignment is out of wack and you need to check their alignment.

There is not much-needed to make the adjustment. The tools you will need are:

  • 2mm and 2.5mm driver from RC Tool Kit
  • Pliers
  • Vehicle’s Battery

Aligning Dual Steering Servos

RC Dual Servo Alignment

You’ll want to begin with turning the vehicle over. This will give you access to the servos and take the weight off the steering to reduce tension. Make sure the vehicle is been turned off.

Remove both of the servo guards to access the linkages. Both guards are held on by two screws each. If the guards are damaged, be sure to replace them when you are all finish.

Now, Disconnect the linkages from each servo. Hold the servo horn tightly with your fingers to keep it from turning and damaging the servo when you unscrew the linkage.

“After” the linkages are disconnected you’ll need to move the linkages out of the way. If you are having issues with one or both servos and not sure what one is at fault, you may need to do some testing to determine which servo is damaged.

To find out what servo is bad, Turn on your transmitter, followed by the truck, and try to steer in both directions. One servo may not turn at all or it may get stuck and not return to its center position, That is the one that you need to replace. Clicking noises from the servo are another telltale sign of internal damage.

Once you have determined which servo is bad, turn off the vehicle and remove the damaged servo from the truck. You will need to open up the receiver box to unplug the servo from the receiver. Either replace the servo or repair it with a new gear set.

Dual Servo Replacement

Important Tip: You must always use two identical servos with a dual-servo setup.

With the damaged servo replaced and plugged into the receiver, turn on the transmitter and vehicle again, but do not connect the linkages. Check the steering trim knob on your transmitter and make sure it’s pointing to 12 o’clock or zero on the dial.

Straighten out the wheels on the vehicle. The servo horns may not be in the same position on all vehicles are with the wheels straight. Try to align the horn onto the servo gear so that the linkage lines up with the hole in the horn. They may not line up perfectly. You should never have to move the servo horn in order to get them to line up. That’s the reason why you adjust the length of the linkage instead.

Adjust the linkages

To adjust the linkages, Use your pliers or a small wrench to lengthen or shorten the linkage by turning the knob in the middle. Keep turning it until you get the hole in the pillow ball to line up perfectly with the hole in the servo horn. Once you have them both aligned perfectly, turn off the truck again while you tighten down the linkages and horns. Remember to hold the horn tightly with your fingers while you tighten it down onto the servo.

With everything tightened down, turn on the vehicle again and test your steering. With no input on the steering wheel, the servos should be quiet and your wheels straight. If you hear a buzzing sound from the servos, they are not in proper alignment. You will need to realign them again until the buzzing stops. Failure to properly align the servos will cause more stress and can even lead to the servos overheating and becoming damaged. Once everything is aligned properly, it’s time to hit terrain for some fun.

If you are looking for an upgrade for your traxxas 2075 steering servo, you can upgrade to the traxxas 2075x Servo which features all metal gears. you can get it here!

2 thoughts on “Align Servos Dual Servo Alignment

  1. Thank you for the info! I have the Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 and every time I turn the truck on the wheels jump to the right slightly, If I turn the trim knob on my radio I can straighten them out. Will adjusting the servos fix this? Thank you.


    1. Hello Ben,
      It is common for the wheels to move a touch when powering on as a sign of servo powered up. However the movement shouldn’t be a noticeable change, wheels should still be pointing straight. If the wheels are in fact not straight then, I would recommend adjusting the servos for sure. Remember to set the trim knob on radio to zero or center position before attempting any adjustments.
      Thank you,


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