Baja Rey With Paddle Tires

RC Cars In Snow

The winter can be a fun time to run your RC cars in snow. Don’t let the winter stop you from running your RCs. Despite the cold, The snow brings a new challenge to running RCs. If you ever thought your RC can’t run in the snow, I will tell you that is not so. The Radio Control Vehicles of today come with waterproof electronics, which gives you the ability to run them in wet conditions. Whether you have a 4×4 or a 2wd RC they can run in the snow. A 2wd RC does not do as good as a 4×4 but, 2wd RCs can be run in the snow too.

Running In cold temperatures you must use caution. The cold can have a big impact on your RC performance. Plastic parts become very stiff and brittle. Sometimes the lightest bumps or crash can leave your car broken.

Running In Winter

A great set up that I have used on my own 2wd RCs is to remove the front wheels and put a set of T-Bone Racing (TBR) snow skis on the front and a set of Pro-Line Sand Paw Paddle tires on the rear. You can also put a set of Integy Snow Tracks on the rear for a real snow machine!

You can get the Pro-Line Sand Paw Paddle Tires Here!

The 4wd RCs I use the Pro-Line Sand Paw Paddle tires all the way around and this works great for me. The cheaper option is to use paddle tires, the snow tracks are more expensive, but also work better.

You can buy Integy 1/10 Snow Tracks Here!

RC Cars In Snow Video

Here is a video that I recorded while my son and I were running our RCs in the Snow. My son is running a Losi Baja Rey 4×4 Desert Truck with Pro-Line Sand Paw Paddle tires and I am Running the Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL with stock tires. “As” you can see in the video the Baja Rey Grips really well in the snow. The Pro-Line sand paws are amazing. The Rustler does OK, But deeper snow, it sits too low and the stock tires don’t grip well in the snow so it slides around quite a bit.

Here is my video of Running RC Cars In Snow.

Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed this video!

2 thoughts on “RC Cars In Snow

  1. Nice video, it looks like fun running rcs through the snow. I have never ran mine in the winter, always been kinda afraid to. Maybe I will look into some paddle tires and give it a try. Thank you for the info.


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