RC In Snow

Running RC In Snow

I have been itching to get my RC in Snow, this winter we have not had any snow to speak of. So today we finally got some snow here. We have a winter storm warning, it is snowing now and is supposed to for the next couple of days. Normally I do not like the snow, Well, The snow is fine, it is the cold that I don’t like really. However, I was really excited that we had snow this morning.

Got My Losi Trucks Ready

Well, Looks like today I am going to run my RC in Snow. I got to throw my batteries on the charger and get my RC trucks ready to go out. The trucks my son and I are going to run are the Losi Baja Rey desert truck and the Losi LST 3XL-E. I have a set of paddle tires for each truck I need to put on before I take them out in the snow.

Here We Go Ready Or Not

Pro-Line Paddle Tires

After getting the paddle tires on, we set out for a run. We tried to run through the front yard but the snow was too fluffy and deep. The trucks kept getting stuck! “So, after” a few minutes we moved down the road to an empty parking lot. The parking lot was plowed but still had a fresh layer of snow on it. Now we are talking!

The trucks slide around nicely and the paddle tires gave it just enough grip to keep it under control. We started jumping the snow pile that was left from the plow truck. It was a good time watching the snow fly up in the air like a cloud.

Both trucks handled well and were fun running in the snow. I think the Baja Rey actually performed better in snow than the LST did. Although the LST was off in the deeper snow a lot more than the Baja Rey! It seems to me the LST got stuck more than the Baja Rey.

Important Note:

Remember to clean your RC after running in wet and snow conditions! Moisture leads to rust and corrosion which will destroy your RC parts. Before running outdoors in wet winter conditions, it is a great idea to spray all exposed metal parts, even tiny screws, and clips with WD-40. It’s also a good idea to spray the suspension and underside of the chassis if running in really nasty conditions or in the snow. This will help prevent corrosion and make cleanup a whole lot easier.

Another important thing to remember is, The plastic parts get brittle in cold weather. To prevent cold temps from ending your fun, make your outdoor runs short and heat your truck up with a hairdryer before heading out.

Here is a video I shoot while we were running. Which one of this RC in snow do you like or have experience with? Did you like one better than the other? Hope you enjoy the video, Leave a comment below.

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