Traxxas Telemetry Setup

This Traxxas Telemetry Setup is the basic setup, using just the temperature and voltage sensor combo. This is a great way to monitor your motor temperature and battery voltage of your RC vehicle. A very important part of bashing is monitoring the motor temps at minimum. I will get into the more advanced installation and setup at a later date.

Traxxas Telemetry Installation

Traxxas Telemetry Setup and installation

In order to install and use Telemetry on your traxxas model, there are a few parts you will need to purchase. What parts you need will depend on what setup you want to run. For now I am going to give you the basic setup.

Parts you will need:

Traxxas TQi vehicle,

Bluetooth wireless module – #6511

Temperature/voltage sensor – #6521

Power tap – #6541 (if vehicle did not come equipped with it already)

mobile device mount – #6532

smartphone – Android

Once you have these parts, you can now install and setup telemetry on your RC vehicle. Let’s begin the installation.

First, Remove the receiver box cover. Will need access to the receiver ports.

Disconnect the 3 motor wires and route them through the shock tower.

Traxxas Telemetry Setup

Take the temp sensor and slide over the motor wires and motor can. Snug down the sensor with the plastic collar on the sensor. Route the other end of sensor and motor wires back through the shock tower. Re-connect the motor wires to the motor.

Route the temp/volt sensor around and to the receiver, through the receiver box and connect the grey plug into the V/T port on the receiver. Reinstall the receiver cover, leaving the red plug on the sensor sticking out of the box.

Telemetry TQi

Now, take the power tap and plug the small red end into the red plug that you left sticking out of the receiver box. The black plug connects to the Esc battery plug. It May be necessary to cut the esc connector in order to get the power tap connector to fit.

Ok, now the sensors are installed. It is time to install the wireless module.

Take the cover off the back side of the transmitter and place the wireless module into the transmitter and secure with the same screw.

Open the mobile device mount and install it on to the top bar of the transmitter. 

Traxxas mobile device mount

on your mobile device you need to download the Traxxas Link app. You can get it free from the play store. Once the app is downloaded, attach the mobile device to the transmitter. Open the app and turn on the transmitter. 

In the app tap on garage, then wireless link module. It will propt you to tap blue botton on the bottom of the screen. Once you tap the blue button, you have to press the button on the wifi module right after. This will pair the module and transmitter together. The app will then need to do an update proceedure and you need to follow the on screen instructions to complete the proceedure.

After the transmitter has been successfully updated, the vehicle needs to be updated as well. Connect a fully charged battery and turn on the transmitter and the vehicle. Again, follow the on screen instructions. When this completes successfully you will now be able to read motor temp and battery volts.

Setup your vehicle, In the app go to vehicle or model setup. Select your vehicle and the motor, esc, and battery you are running.

Traxxas Link app

In the app go to home screen and tap dashboard. This is where you will see your vehicle gauges. You can change the guages and the scheme of the dashboard at anytime.

Now, you can enjoy running and bashing your RC with the conference that you always know what your motor temp is at. This will also allow you to recognize if and when a problem is starting to arise. Stay on top of things with the Traxxas Telemetry Setup.

2 thoughts on “Traxxas Telemetry Setup

  1. Thank you for this information. I want to use telemetry but don’t know the first thing about what I need or how to install it. After reading this article I can now get the parts I need and have confidence to install it myself. I will bookmark this page to use as a reference if I get stuck.


    1. Hi Jeff,
      I am glad to hear that my article was able to help your out with your RC telemetry setup. If you have any trouble or question during the process feel free to reach out. My email is at the top of the page.


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