TLR 8ight-XE Race Electric Off Road Buggy Kit

The latest electric 1/8 scale off-road buggy kit from TLR is the EIGHT-XE. The EIGHT-XE comes hot on the heels of its nitro “X” series brother, sporting lots of improvements for increased handling, as well as improved durability.

When the original TLR 8IGHT-E came to market, it turned the electric 1/8 Buggy market on its lid with a unique chassis layout and innovative design. The all-new Team Losi Racing 8IGHT X-E 1/8 Electric Buggy takes it to the next level sporting a new from the ground-up design that sets the bar for all 1/8th scale Electric Buggies. It features a more traditional style chassis layout that has a neutral driving feel, improved jumping capabilities, and better bump absorption. It is essentially a brand new platform built from the ground up.

1/8th scale brushless off road buggies are one of the fastest off-road race machines that you can buy, but they are also great for bashing.

Key Features

  • Improved Suspension Geometry
  • Tunable Suspension Arms
  • Wide Style Chassis For Increased Stability
  • Larger Pinion Bearings For Increased Durability
  • Cab Forward Style Body
  • New Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Adjustable 17.5 Degree Caster Blocks
  • Bleeder Shock Caps
  • Improved Chassis Balance
  • Redesigned, Cleaner And More Adjustable Steering Rack
  • Machined Aluminum Shock Towers
  • Better Differential Access
  • Revamped Sway Bar System
  • Equalized Driveline to Reduce Wear On Key Components
  • Optimized Shocks For Greater Precision And Performance
  • Metric Hardware Standard
  • Rear Axle Mud Guards
  • Rear Shock Mounting On The Front Or Back
  • Newly Designed Lightweight Battery Mounting System

The Eight X-E is set to be available in early February.

TLR Eight X-E Race Buggy Kit has a price of $649.00

For full more full details, check out Horizon Hobby

2 thoughts on “TLR 8ight-XE Race Electric Off Road Buggy Kit

  1. This buggy looks really cool. Now the TLR Eight -XE comes as a kit, so that means it does not have a motor? What motor will you need?


    1. Hi Josh,
      Yes the TLR Eight XE is a kit, which does not have any electronics. You add your own electronics. That’s the beauty of it. You can use what ever power system you would like.


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