RC Car Wheel Balancer

RC Car Wheel Balancer

Integy RC Model Hop-ups Magnetic Type RC Car Wheel Balancer. When you notice your RC vehicle shaking while driving or your wheels and tires seem to wobble, that is due to UNbalanced wheels and tires.

Get your wheels and tires spinning straight and true for more stability and faster top speeds by using The Integy Billet Machined Magnetic Wheel and Tire Balancer.

This RC car wheel balancer uses two centering magnets to allow your wheel and tire to spin freely, and the thumbscrews let you break the tool down for easy storage in your toolbox or workbench.

The balancer is available in black, red, blue, green, gunmetal, or orange anodized finishes.

  • Genuine Integy Parts
  • Top-Quality Materials & Superb Craftsmanship
  • Maximum 158mm outer diameter tire size
  • Preferred by Knowledgable Model Hobbists & R/C Enthusiasts

Integy C25925GREEN Wheel Balancer.

Keep your RC vehicle running straight and smooth for top performance!

2 thoughts on “RC Car Wheel Balancer

  1. Thank you for this info. I didnt know there was a tire balancer for rc cars. I always just got rid of my tires when they started shaking and put on new ones. Thank you.


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