RC Wheel Balancing

RC Wheel Balancing Guide

Balancing street car tires help it produce more consistent traction and allows the car to operate more efficiently, which is important when you’re chasing that hundredth of a second.

For your off-road, playing around driving, balancing tires isn’t as important. In any case, it is not hard to do and you’ll find that your car rides smoother after balancing.

You can buy tools specifically designed for this purpose or just use one of your car’s axles as a balancer.

In order to balance your RC wheels, the first thing you need is a tire balancer. There are several balancers available to help with your RC wheel balancing needs.

Maintain Top Performance

Many of you put in countless hours of preparation and maintenance in your off-road and on-road vehicles, but how many of you actually take the time to balance your tires?

Unbalanced tires can cause the corner of the car to bounce off the ground surface, resulting in inconsistent handling and lots of vibration.

When your RC car has Vibration, this can, in turn, lead to screws falling out, overworked shocks and suspension parts or even bent parts.

Use Your Car’s Axle

To balance your wheels with the car’s axle you’ll need to: Remove the driveshaft so that the axle can spin freely, and give the wheel a spin.

As long as the axle turns freely enough, you’ll see the wheel’s heavy spot move like a pendulum until it settles at the bottom.

To balance the wheel, add weight to the opposite side. For that, you can use lead tape,

Gamma Lead Tape

modeling clay or poster putty. Pinch off a pea-size chunk, and stick it onto the rim where the wheel face meets the tire bead.

Modeling clay

Spin the wheel again, and add more weight if needed or take a little away. When the wheel no longer finds a “heavy spot,” it’s balanced.

RC Wheel Balancing With A Balancer

The first step to balance your wheels after acquiring the proper tools is: Make sure the area you are going to balance your tires on is completely flat.

Some balancers come with three adjustable feet to keep things leveled out.

I recommend you get yourself a small bubble level and I found these Darice Mini Level Picture Hanging ones to do the trick.

They’re tiny enough to work on RC wheel balancers and only cost a few dollars.

Mini Level

Install the wheel onto the balancing shaft, then press one of the two remaining adapters onto the front of the shaft, this basically will be ‘pinning’ the wheel into place.

Once you have the wheel on and in place, give it a spin letting it rock back and forth until it comes to a stop. Pay attention to the stopping point.

Install a little tab of the tape or putty (whichever you choose to use) to the high spot on the wheel.

Give the tire another spin, watching to see if it rocks back and forth to a stop.

The idea is that we want the tire to slow to a stop without rocking back and forth. Once this is accomplished, your wheels are now balanced.

Here is everything that you will need:

RC Wheel Balancer

Mini Level

Lead Tape

It may seem like a complicated task, but it really is not hard at all and after you have balanced a few wheels, you will be able to balance them in no time at all.

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