Wheel LED Light Kits

Wheel LED Light Kits

Have you ever thought of lighting up your RC for some nighttime driving? Most RC enthusiasts add LED headlights and tails lights to their rig,which is a great way to be visible while lighting up the path for some nighttime enjoyment.

But have you thought about adding more than just headlights and tail lights? What if there is a way you can add some Wheel LED light kits?

These wheel LED light kits give your street/drift car a flashy and unique look. They feature a hex pattern on the back that makes them quick and easy to pop in to place between the wheel and the hub.

They are powered by small button cell batteries that come included with the light kit. These battery operated wheel lights are a snap to install.

With no wires to worry about, your RC’s wheels will light up the night in no time.

The LED’s are motion activated and turns on when the wheel is turning and turns off when the wheel stops.

It is the first choice by most RC car amateurs and enthusiasts alike, because of the easy way to install and operate.

Enjoy nighttime runs while staying visible. You can find these light kits in a variety of colors for a real custom look.


  • Genuine GT Power Products
  • The LED will light ON and OFF automatically when the wheels rotate and stop
  • The battery can last for about 2 hours
  • Battery Size: 7mm 1.5V Button Type


  • Power: 1 x AG1 Button Cell for 1 LED
  • No.of Wheel LED Light: 4pcs
  • LED Light Color: White
  • Width: 34mm
  • Net Weight: 5g each

Price: $20.99

==>Get Your Integy C24044Blue Wheel LEDs<==

The GT Power Wheel LED Light Kits by Integy are available in several color options, Blue, Green, Red, and White.

2 thoughts on “Wheel LED Light Kits

    1. Hey Mark,
      These wheel led light kits fit any RC vehicle that use a 12mm hex. These will fit All Traxxas 1/10 scale vehicles, as well as many other brands.
      Thank you


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