Losi Tenacity MT

I have been thinking of getting a new Losi Tenacity MT for a while now. The other day I had to run to my local Hobby shop to pick up parts for one of my other trucks.

While I was there, I noticed they had the Tenacity sitting on the counter right next to me.

There it was, the Losi Tenacity MT right in front of me, as I was talking to the shop owner. After chatting with the guys for a while, I walked out with the parts I came in for and of course, the Tenacity MT.

What was I to do? I couldn’t leave it there. It was sitting there calling my name begging to go home with me, at least that’s what I told the wife. By the way, she was not amused.

The Losi Tenacity MT can be purchased for a new low price of – $249.99 while supplies last.

The Tenacity Is Home

After I got home, I opened up my new truck and looked it all over. I was happy to finally have this truck. It is such a nice looking truck.

The only thing I noticed upon opening the box is, the esc had come UN stuck.

When I put the esc back on, I could tell the mounting plate was not designed so well.

Instead of being a flat plate, it has grooves running across it. This gives less area for the adhesive foam to stick. It wobbles a little on the mounting plate. Otherwise, everything is intact.

Losi Tenacity MT

First Run With The Tenacity

We have a pretty decent amount of snow so, I pulled the wheels and tires off and installed my Integy snowmobile tracks.

Then, Once I got my battery charged up, I had to take it out and see what it can do.

The Losi Tenacity MT is absolutely amazing with the snowmobile track. It rips through the snow fairly well. I had a really fun time running it in the snow.

The Second Run

It was about a week before I had a chance to run again. Now I have the chance to get a run in, the snow is melted so I took the snowmobile tracks off and put the wheels and tires back on.

My son decided to put a slash body on it, even though it is too wide and to high for the truck with stock mounts. We took the Tenacity MT and the Rustler 4×4 out back to hit some jumps.

the Losi Tenacity MT is balanced pretty well, which makes it jump well. We had a few minutes of running and jumping.

My son was actually running the Tenacity, then he handed me the radio. That’s when it was over!

I took off across the back yards and turned around to head back, the wind was creating a little lift and it would not turn like I wanted it to. Bam! Right straight into the tree!

It was fun while it lasted. Lol. It broke the front lower part of the chassis and the front diff case, as well as the front bumper.

you can see and hear the crash into the tree in the video below.

Sitting On The Shelf For Now

Now that the truck is broken I had to put it on the shelf for a little while. Seeking as I just got the truck, I don’t have any parts for it and funds are a little low.

I did find out the front lower chassis plate that broke, is only available with the chassis and can not be purchased separately. Thankfully the parts for this truck are not that expensive.

you can check out the video of the first run in the snow with the Tenacity on my YouTube channel here.

check out my Losi Tenacity Review

Tenacity broken chassis

Broken chassis Tenacity MT

Tenacity MT Broken

These are pictures of the Tenacity after hitting the tree.

2 thoughts on “Losi Tenacity MT

  1. Wow, that tenacity hit that tree hard. You can hear the thud in the video when it hit the tree. I bash my Tenacity pretty hard and I have yet to break it like that. The front bumper has broke a couple times.


  2. Hi Matt,
    I was fairly easy on the Losi Tenacity compared to the way I normally run my RC
    Vehicles. It just so happened to be a cold day so everything on the RC becomes brittle, so more damage happened than what would have if it was warm out.
    Thank you,


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