DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer

DX2E Active Speedometer Installation

How to install and set up the speedometer module On the DX2E Active. Here is my step by step guide, I will be using the Losi Tenacity MT for this install. First, I want to tell you a little about the DX2E Active speedometer module.

Beginners and experienced bashers who want to upgrade to a more capable RC transmitter without spending a fortune will love the DX2E ACTIVE Spektrum radio system. It is affordable and has an unbeatable combination of standard features and exciting options that give it many of the same capabilities found in other radios costing a whole lot more.

DX2E Active Speedometer Module

The DX2E Active Speedometer Module from Spektrum is an optional upgrade that actively displays real-time vehicle speed. Speeds can be displayed in MPH or KPH and will allow you to instantly see the effects of chassis tuning or motor and battery changes. Of course, you can also use the speedometer to prove to your buddies how fast your ride is.

If you don’t need all the full capabilities of the Spektrum Dashboard app and are just looking to know how fast you can go, there is the optional DX2E Active Speedometer. Installation and setup is a breeze. Once installed, the system will use motor RPM to calculate your speed and send it to a bright, easy-to-read LED display that attaches to the top of the transmitter.

Required For Speedometer Use

Here is what is needed to use your DX2E Active Transmitter with the Speedometer module:

  • Spektrum TM1500 telemetry module (SPM6742) or a Spektrum telemetry-enabled DSMR receiver (SPMSR4000T or SPMSR6000T)
  • Spektrum RPM sensor (SPMA9560)
  • Spektrum DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer (SPM6740)

All these required parts are available separately or in a bundle pack. The speedometer bundle includes all the necessary components needed to install the optional speedometer. Some installations may require an extension cable to allow enough slack to mount the telemetry module in a good place.

the Spektrum DX2E ACTIVE Speedometer Bundle

Installing DX2E Active Speedometer

DX2E Active Speedometer Installation

The installation and set up is quick and easy. The only tools you will need are, a 2.0mm Allen driver, a pair of wire cutters and a wire tie. Let’s get started.

Remove the plug on top of the transmitter, using a small flat blade screwdriver to carefully pry up.

Using the 2.0mm Allen driver, remove the long screw on the side of the transmitter.

Set the speedometer on to the transmitter, making sure it plugs into the terminals. Install the screw through the speedometer and into the side of the transmitter.

Now, set the transmitter aside.

Remove the body and then remove the receiver box cover by removing the 2.0mm screw.

Take and disconnect the yellow and orange motor wires, using the corresponding billet connectors attach them to the motor wires and reconnect. These billet connectors attach between the wires (Yellow goes to yellow and orange goes to orange)

Find a good place to mount the module, you want a flat spot away from moving parts. Using a piece of double-sided adhesive tape, peel the paper from one side and apply to the bottom of the module. Peel the paper from the other side and set the module in place. Be sure to press down to firmly secure the module.

Connect the Receiver cable into the module input port. (It may be necessary to use an extension cable) route the other end of the cable into the receiver box and plug the cable into the BATT port.

Take the sensor and connect it to the module rpm port and the other end two wires connect to the motor wire billet connectors. It does not matter which one goes to which wire.

Reinstall the receiver cover securing it with the 2.0mm screw previously removed.

Installation is complete.

DX2E Active Speedometer Setup

DX2E Active Speedometer Setup


Once everything is installed, the system needs to be properly set up for the speedometer to work. Setup is simple to complete. Let’s go through the process, Ready?

Press and hold the speedometer button while turning on the transmitter. The speedometer display will show the UN, release the button. Press button one time to change to US = MPH and once more for EU = KPH. Once set, press and hold to go to the next menu item.

The display will show, PC for pole count. This vehicle uses a 4 pole motor so, I need to set it to 4. Press once to change the number, repeat until you get to your desired pole count.

Again, press and hold button to change to roll out, the display will show too. This needs to be set to the rollout for your vehicle. I am using the Losi Tenacity MT, therefore, I need to set it to 1.6 rollouts.

To change number press and release button one time, repeat until the desired number is reached. To change number position, press and hold the button until next number flashes. One press changes number, once set press and hold to go to the next number position. Once your rollout has been set, press and hold to exit setup menu. The display will show 3 lines.

Setup is now complete.

You will now be able to enjoy driving your RC and always know how fast you are driving. Now go have some fun.

4 thoughts on “DX2E Active Speedometer Installation

    1. Hi Paul, yes this should be able to be used on a boat as well. It hooks to the motor wires and the receiver to give rpm output. As long as it is an electric boat you should be good to use.


  1. I bought the speedometer module for my losi, but i have not yet installed it. reading your article i feel confident that i will be able to install it with no problem.
    before i install it i wanted to ask is there a reprogram procedure that is supposed to be done after installing the telemetry module in a losi?
    I have heard from a couple people that losi vehicles have to be reprogrammed. I am not sure if that is true or not. I have been running the vehicle so the transmitter is already programmed.

    thank you.


    1. Hi Matt,
      Yes, there is an initialization process that needs to be done once the telemetry module is installed. This is very simple to do and needs to be done prior to setting up the speedometer module.
      To initialize: press and hold the button on the telemetry module while turning on the vehicle.
      Then, press and hold the bind button on transmitter while turning it on.
      Then, briefly hold full reverse, hold full forward, full left and then full right. Turn everything off and back on. The vehicle should now be ready to run. Now proceed with the speedometer setup.


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