Losi Monster Truck XL

Losi Monster Truck XL

The 1/5 scale beast, Losi Monster Truck XL will demolish anything in its path with its huge monster truck tires with chevron pattern treads. This 1/5-scale beast sports a massive 36″ long wheelbase and 26″ wide track width and comes fully ready to run, and ready to turn heads with speeds up to 30 MPH and dirt slinging 4WD drive train based on the Desert Buggy XL. To help manage the extreme power, the Monster Truck XL is equipped with AVC Technology and twin high voltage large-scale steering servos so you can drive with confidence.

Tear it up off-road at greater magnitudes than ever before behind the wheel of the massive Losi Monster Truck XL. This inspiring 1/5-scale off-road monster will be sure to turn heads with a formidable Dynamite 29cc gasoline engine and an impressive 4WD system. Shredding your signature into the pavement is especially easy thanks to responsive aluminum front spindles, heavy-duty monster truck tires, and viscous torque differentials that consistently deliver maximum power whenever you want to grip and rip the throttle of the included Spektrum DX2E transmitter.

Fully loaded and ready to deliver maximum carnage at 30+ MPH, the Monster Truck XL delivers versatile and vicious driving that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. Leaving a mark wherever you go is easy to do with this beast with heavy-duty monster truck tires, responsive aluminum front spindles, and viscous torque differentials that consistently deliver maximum power whenever you grab a handful of throttle on the included Spektrum DX2E transmitter.

1/5 Scale Monster Truck XL

Whether you are hitting massive air or the competition, the Large bore threaded shocks help to soften the big air landings and smooth out the bumps of uneven terrain, and the extended chassis suspension arms give the Monster Truck XL an advantage over competitors.

The Losi Monster Truck XL is a 1/5 scale off-road truck that has a 29cc 2-stroke gasoline engine, that should be run on 91 or higher octane. This powerful 2-stroke engine is much easier and quicker to maintain than those vehicles with nitro engines. With Monster Truck XL you can show off to your friends and let them know how small their “big” trucks really are.

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Available for*: $1,099.99


  • Aluminum front spindles
  • Powerful Dynamite 2-stroke pull-start 29CC gasoline engine
  • 4WD Drivetrain based on the DBXL
  • Patented AVC Equipped 2.4GHz Receiver with DSMR technology and DX2E transmitter
  • Dual high torque large-scale high voltage steering servos
  • Extended chassis and suspension arms
  • Monster truck tires and wheels
  • Large bore threaded shocks
  • Dual disc brake system
  • Sealed viscous differentials
  • Two body color options
  • Molded engine cage and body support
  • Dynamite LiPo receiver pack
  • Easy access on/off switch and wiring harness

Product Specifications

Type:1/5 Scale 4WD RTR Monster Truck

Length:35.75 in (908mm)

Width:26.25 in (664mm)

Height:16.25 in (412.8mm)

Ground Clearance:3.75 in (95.3mm)

Wheelbase:25.25 in (641.3mm)

Weight:37.1 lb (16.8 kg)

Chassis:4mm Plate, 6061-T6 Aluminum

Suspension: Independent


Tire Type: Losi Monster Claws

Motor or Engine:29cc CY F29 4-bolt Gas 2-Stroke

Radio: DX2E

Servos: Yes

Batteries:7.4V 4000 mAh 2S 15C Lipo Receiver Pack

Wheel Size:4.875/6.875 in. (123.8/174.6 mm)


Shock Type: Oil-Filled, Coil-Over Springs

Body: Monster Truck, silk screened

Ball Bearings: Full Ball Bearing Drivetrain

Fuel Tank Capacity:740cc

Experience Level: Intermediate

Recommended Environment: Outdoor

Is Assembly Required: No

Losi 1/5 Monster Truck XL

What is Included

Losi RTR 1/5 scale Monster Truck XL with Screened Body
Dynamite 29cc Gasoline Engine
Spektrum DX2E 2.4GHz Transmitter
Spektrum 4-ch DSMR AVC Receiver
Dynamite 4000mAh 2S LiPo Receiver Pack
Three Losi Servos
Instruction Manual

Needed to Complete

87-93 Octane Gasoline

2-Cycle Oil

Gas Can

Battery Charger

2 thoughts on “Losi Monster Truck XL

  1. Wow, the Losi monster truck xl is a big truck. I would love to have this big monster but i cant afford it. I have always wanted a 2-stroke RC vehicle but they are all so expensive that it is hard for folks like me to be ablle to afford them. Maybe one day i will get to own the losi monster truck xl.


    1. Hi John,
      This Losi Monster Truck is a bit expensive but it is the newest 2-stroke vehicle from lost. The 2-stroke RC’s are a bit expensive but the cheapest one I have found is about $630 for a redcat rampage.


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